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Default Do you prefer when they get a job or investment?

I've been watching old series of the show, and I forgot that in the early days there was a job on offer!

I know functionally it makes no real difference when watching the show , but it can still affect things. Like, if someone in the boardroom has a business which Lord Sugar has no interest in, he probably wouldn't keep them over someone with a techy business.

On the other hand, tasks can be made especially to test the candidates' acumen in their chosen area, like last year the dude who wanted to make an icecream company flopped hard on an icecream task So of course he'd be fired, no brainer.

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Investment I think as their future is in their own hands rather than at the mercy of the HR dept
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I prefer the job offer moreso because usually the best candidate throughout the process won the show. Whereas now the weaker candidates can win if they have the best business plan, all they need to do is flook their way to the final 6.

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