Big Brother 7 Discuss what winner Pete Bennett, Glyn, Aisleyne, Nikki and the other BB7 housemates are doing now, and all that happened in Big Brother 7.

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King Judd
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BBUSA15: Judd

Default BB7 Marmite... Jayne Kitt- Love her or Hate her?

So I’m rewatching BB7 for like the zillionth time. This season never gets old but still gets stale after Nikki’s eviction. On this rewatch I am LOVING Jayne. Easily the best of the HND housemates. She is so entertaining and funny. The burping when speaking to Suzie is just classic BB for me. What are your thoughts on Jayne? I know she’s decisive but I do think she was outspoken and injected a bit of fun into the latter half of BB7. Discuss...
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BB7: Jayne


OMG! she’s my favourite of ALL TIME! absolute queen

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BB7: Jayne


one of my favourite moments was when she was bitching about aislyene in the kitchen while aisleyne was right by the DR, and aisleyne turned around and addressed her because she heard jayne but jayne was like “no I didn’t say that?
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Mean McLean
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Loved our Jayne, should have been in it from day 1

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Omg annoying, overrated ****ing MONSTER, get off of my screen NOW!!!! Jayne was so overbearing and one-note, her constant rule breaks bordered on infuriatingly brainless to me watching, her constant burps and farts had nothing witty about them besides "LMAO LOOK AT ME I JUST FARTED AGAIN OOPS!!!!!", and she was a huge part of ruining BB7 by breaking enough rules to the point of things being manufactured for its star to get evicted in a week where the house were clearly set to target those new housemates that nobody needed. If people are going to always be like "BB7 became less good after Nikki left", then this beast is the huge factor behind it.

The Nikki/Aisleyne love-hate dynamic was just getting really interesting and then Jayne came along, basically brought out the worst in Nikki by encouraging her to slate off Aisleyne for hours on end in the most juvenile of ways, she was just a beyond irritating loudmouth really. I do not need to see footage every five minutes of her screaming about how the presence of Aisleyne drives her to breakdowns or whatever other pathetic garbage came out of Jayne's mouth, and then more footage of her making weird faces or body gestures about things, gross!

She was really obsessed with Aisleyne too, it was quite disturbing actually! All because Aisleyne evicted her when, bitch, her evicting you was how you got in the house you bloody MORON! Aisleyne would actually avoid confrontation with her too and she'd just mock her; it was pathetic of a woman of Jayne's age to be picking on someone in the petty and toxic way she did. In my opinion, the second worst HND housemate behind Spiral!

I did actually like her in her last week after Nikki left though, when she stopped being so disgusting about everything . But those first two weeks she has are some of the most irritated I've ever felt sitting through someone's nauseating, pointless antics.
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weird ass british language

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Amy Jade
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Jayne is so underrated, she was a scream and should have lasted so much longer
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Wrecked my poor head
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Iconic, was one of the few interesting things about post HND bb7 (which is when it goes downhil, not with nikki)

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BB6: Makosi


One of my favourites from BB7
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Brilliant housemate and far better than most of the deadwood of latter-BB7.
Why on earth producers pulled that stunt of putting the whole house up in a VTE because of her rule-breaking is beyond me, losing Nikki and Jayne consecutively pretty much killed
the series.
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BB7: Aisleyne
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I have mixed feelings on her, leaning towards positive. While she did do my head in a lot of the time, it's undeniable that the weeks she was there for would've been so much duller had she not been present, and I can appreciate her shaking up and bringing life to the house which really needed it, even with some of my grievances towards ha.

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