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Default The Masked Singer UK Series 2 rankings.

Going into the performances tonight, who is your favourite and least favourite out of the top 8 on this year's The Masked Singer?

Obviously it can all change after tonight's performances, but here's my rankings of the top 8 so far.

1. Badger - I've really enjoyed his performances in both weeks, his clearly not really a Rock singer imo, but he has a strong R&B sounding voice which is bizarrely working quite well with the Rock songs that he is picking imo.

2. Harlequin - She has such an unusual voice (which fits either Gabrielle or Macy Gray in tone) that is quite nice to listen to. Imo she's quite underrated in the competition so far.

3. Viking - Again another unusual voice, he did stutter a little bit last week imo, but his first performance is one of the best performances of the series imo so I feel that he deserves his high placing on my list.

4. Blob - Blob is clearly not the most talented contestant in the competition, but his performances are so much fun to listen to.

5. Robin - He has been decent so far tbf.

6. Sausage - I can appreciate that Sausage can sing, but her voice is just not my kinda voice at all. Plus her second performance has to be my least favourite performance of the whole series so far, it was really overdone for my taste.

7. Dragon - Him/her has done very well at hiding who they are imo, but their performances so far just don't stick in my mind very much.

8. Bushbaby - Tbh without meaning to be hateful (because this Show is only meant to be lighthearted fun in fairness) but I am truly dumbfounded at Bushbaby's popularity as I personally find him to be one of the least talented in the competition, and if he is Matt Lucas like everyone thinks it is then it has to be the worst effort at trying to cover up who the Celeb is out of everyone that's been on the Show throughout the two series.

Anyway I'm looking forward to other people's rankings of the contestants.
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1. Robin - always knew this man could sing in such a unique, spectacular way, and those moves are just that divine disco style, can still move so well for his age i recognize him more based upon his falsetto and ability to switch instantly to lower notes

2. Harlequin - been a fan of her since childhood, that voice well i recognize now ''sweet sweet baby'' that song my mom has played for me since i was a kid, still listen to her now so, i was first onto Gabrielle but i am sure now i am on correct trail

3. Viking - another one whom i am fan of for a very long time, he can literally sing anything, he's also a fab mentor for new talent on the voice, and his daughter can sing quite nice too

4. Blob - a controversial choice for me not to go along with rest of crowd, i mean i know Lenny Henry, he does sound a bit like that, however when he said i recently worked with very famous recording artists, and i do know Idris has gone back to his music roots too recently, collabs with some current/famous names, and i know he is a musician at heart too, besides what his fantastic acting what people know him more for, also he said ''i look nothing like this blob'' a hint towards Idris having gotten sexiest man alive title?

5. Sausage - she can sing, she has a very lovely personality, very unique voice, another one whom i am convinced since week 1 i am on correct trail

6. Badger - this is a passionate rock performer, he got a better voice than his career tells you, he deserves a comeback too if you ask me, and to be more recognized since he's quite anonymous (that was a funny moment on celeb antigues road trip when debbie mcgee didn't know who he was)

7. Bushbaby - always the entertainer at heart, such a warm lovely personality, loved him on strictly, and i love him again, mr brian conley (he does sing a bit in theatre, had a recent coronaproof christmas carol theatre show as scrooge)

8. Dragon - done very well to show she does have some talent (even though rude people back in her time on DWTS told her she got no talent) comes across like who she really is, a cozy adorable person, and she is, always been a fan of her cooking shows, such a lovely sort of adorable mom like personality, miss Paula Deen we love you, your hint ''big belly'' kinda gave it away for me too
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