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laura carter stan
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Default C4 to air Nikki Grahame documentary

really glad they’re commemorating her life and raising awareness of EDs

(apologies if there’s already a thread, couldn’t see one)

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Originally Posted by Greg! View Post

brilliant that they’re commemorating her life and raising awareness of EDs

(apologies if there’s already a thread, couldn’t see one)
Good i'm pleased she should be commerorated and if it helps just one person its worthwhile. People should see her battle over many many years, the support she had and still it kept destroying her. Very sad but very relevant story to be told. So sad, so young.

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Mystic Mock
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I was wondering if they would do something like this.

Hopefully Ch4 will cover her story with respect.

Tony Harrington you seriously need to go to Specsavers.
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