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Default Pakistan: Killing of Sri Lankan accused of blasphemy sparks protests

A brutal mob killing of a Sri Lankan man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan has sparked protests in both countries, with Pakistan's leader condemning the vigilante violence.

Priyantha Diyawadanage, 48, a factory manager in the city of Sialkot, was beaten to death on Friday and his body set alight.

More than 100 people have been arrested so far, said Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

He has described the incident as a "day of shame" for his country.

The victim's family in Sri Lanka have told the BBC they are in despair.

His wife, Nilushi Dissanayaka, called on both Pakistan and Sri Lanka's governments to conduct a full investigation to "bring justice to my husband and my two children".

"I saw that he was being attacked on the internet... it was so inhumane," she said.

Videos of the lynching proliferated across social media over the weekend, and showed scenes of the incensed crowd dragging Mr Diyawadanage from his workplace and beating him to death.

They then burnt his body, and several people in the crowd were seen taking selfies with his corpse.

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Yes on WION HD
today they are having a shocking report on this.

Pakistan thinks its normal to do this.
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Originally Posted by Toy Soldier View Post
I'll tell you what's tiring. Having to listen to little mini-rants from someone who I'm convinced simply downloaded their entire personality in PDF format.
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On India's WION HD SkyHD Ch. 523 Top Gravitas show

The Pakistan Minister said they were behaving like children

What a Stupid way of Calling this Evil Murder

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Horrific. His poor wife and children.
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How can anyone do that to another human being ? savages sounds about right, Awful things going on in the world.

RIP Pyramid, Andyman ,Kerry and Lex xx

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