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Default Promi Big Brother 2022, likely to be in winter, not summer, for 10th anniversary

The first summer without "Celebrity Big Brother": The reality show will go into the next round in 2022 – but not as usual.

For years, late summer was always "Celebrity Big Brother" time — until now. Obviously, SAT.1 has rethought. The broadcast of the 10th season is to be moved significantly backwards.

"Celebrity Big Brother": Details of the new airtime
The container format (which has been moderated by Jürgen Schropp since season 2, for several seasons in a duo with Marlene Lufen) is to be seen "with a new programming at the end of the year", the industry site quotes the station managers. An exact broadcast date of the tenth season has not yet been mentioned – so it remains to be seen what is actually meant by the end of the year.

There were no reasons why fans of the show now have to wait until winter for the new season. There is a lot to be said for a broadcast in the summer — more on that later.

Declining quota due to bringing forward?
But not only the exact month is not yet known – even at what time "Celebrity Big Brother" will flicker across the screens in the future is still unclear. This is also a very important question for the future of the format. Actually, the reality show was always programmed for the late evening, the 9th season had been broadcast by the station at prime time. And that was obviously crowned with success.

Around 1.4 million viewers were there from 8 p.m. on average in 2021. A year earlier, however, an average of 1.72 million viewers watched. The show never started before 10:15 p.m.

"Celebrity Big Brother": Why the shift could become a problem
Whether those responsible have done "Celebrity Big Brother" a favor with this remains to be seen. Because the broadcast in late summer always had an advantage: There was not as much competition as it would be in December, for example.

Especially at Christmas time, the stations finally try to roll over with program highlights and outdo each other. Normally. But from 21 November to 18 December, the World Cup will take place in Qatar! The sheer horror for the evening competition. In detail: Magenta TV will broadcast all 64 matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, while ARD and ZDF will broadcast a total of 48 matches.

Most formats of other channels are evading, starting much earlier with their current seasons of show highlights, such as "The Voice of Germany", which is scheduled to start in August.

Whether "Celebrity Big Brother" can score points and attract the undecided viewers – perhaps even with a deliberately staged winter backdrop – remains to be seen?
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