BB11 Channel 4's last Big Brother series started June 2010. Josie Gibson was the winner. All the gossip about the Big Brother 11 house, series and housemates here!

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Red face Rachael was the housemate that was done the most dirtiest

I honestly feel so bad for Rachael and how she was treated on Big Brother. I just think it was very unfair how:

-She never should've been nominated for eviction, but was replaced because of the 'save and replace twist', and the thing is dave didn't really give a clear genuine reason why he chose her, it was really confusing (probably jealousy)
-She was also bullied by the man who she fancied the most in the house, it was very distressing watching how horrible he was to her, she was crying in the diary room because she didnt know what she did to him- she did nothing !
-She was then first evicted with the closest three-way vote in history ... against the two most annoying people who everyone wanted out.

I still don't and will probably never really fully understand on why the public would vote to evict her, as she didn't do anything wrong in the house and was actually a victim. People liked her at the launch, and fans would vote her very high on the polls, even when she was nominated she'd always have the fewest votes to evict over sunshine and shabby, and even during her eviction people were shouting 'get sunshine out'. Then when she was evicted, she was one of the few evictees that actually got cheers and the audience was rlly confused and didnt expect her to go

She was 100% done the worst on big brother, and it's so sad because she was so beautiful and didn't deserve that. I also will never get why John James preferred JOSIE over rachael ?? that made no sense to me, but anyways.

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John James fans voted her out and he had probably the biggest fanbase of the series, especially in week 1.

RIP Queen Elizabeth.
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