Big Brother 2023 Big Brother UK confirmed to return in 2023 on ITV2 and ITVX.

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Default BBUK - ideal formats and changes

I know this has been discussed on various threads, but in the event the eventual Creative Director for the next season happens to be searching online for ideas, I figured perhaps a format thread might be a good reference for them.

Personally, I didn't hate the original format, or the original Australian format, so my ideas come mainly from those:

1) Live Friday night evictions. Perhaps if popular enough, Friday evictions would air on terrestrial ITV?

2) Return of live feeds, perhaps over red button. The cost and legal challenges aside, it would be a great addition to the new series.

3) Back to basic house design - no inside <> outside swaps. No aggressively over the top diary room designs (after about BB7 they just got progressively more obnoxious).

4) No "evil" Big Brother, but a more stern one. BBUK was always very polite "please..." this, "would..." that. BBAU always had a stern tone with at most 2 different voices. "Jamie, to the diary room" "that is all" "all housemates to the lounge, immediately".

5) All cameras, manned and robo, should be behind the mirrors. Australia started this I think around season 3 or 4. Housemates aren't aware of cameras tracking their movements. One C5 series had them EVERYWHERE. On the kitchen counters. Eye-level at doors. A robo camera was in just about every shot.

6) The "six week" timeline is extended depending on the popularity of the new series. I see multiple evictions a week in order to make this 6-week timeframe even doable, which would create very saturated episodes.

7) Omitting background music from episodes. The US version always seems to have background music playing and it's just cheesy.

8) Return of BBLB. While BBBOTS was basically the same concept, the name just sucks.

9) While not my favorite part of the show, Friday Night Games in the arena was always an entertaining addition each week.

10) Larger garden and perhaps re-introduction of tending to farm animals.

11) Of course, keeping the brightly colored diary room button - if only for nostalgic purposes.
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