Big Brother 2 Brian Dowling, Helen and Paul, Dean and the rest of the BB2 housemates from 2001.

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Default The BB2 DVD

Is available from for about £5. For anyone who has never seen this series, which I and many other fans who've followed the show from the first series consider it the best of them all, is well worth having a look. What you see here are normal people being themselves and it's just great TV.

I enjoyed some of the extras which features the BB Soap task in full which is very funny (especially Helen doing an impression of Paul!) and some not bad acting performances either. There's also a bit of Stu and Amma's argument in the jakusi.

It's such a contrast to BB now which I am afraid has turned into a freak show of celeb wannabes desperate for fame and stardom and to get their knockers out in Nuts mag. BB2 for me will always be the ultimate BB experience.

BB 1 is also worth a look too.
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