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Default Ben: \'I don\'t come out of my shell\'

Ben told Ulrika that he cannot relate to many of the conversations in the house and that his "mind just wanders" last night.

The ex-boyband star listed babies, football and makeup as some of the topics that he cannot engage with. He also said he has not got "that link" with the other males because they are "so much older".

As the pair chatted in the luxury bedroom, Ben described Tommy and Coolio as always "shouting" and admitted that he "canít be bothered to shout".

"If I did I'd just look uncomfortable," he added.

He explained that he needs to take "little snippets of time" on his own where he can take a "deep breath", going on to tell Ulrika how much he likes living by himself at home.
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Cheapskate with his 'date' too, by the sound of it. Fish and chips for facebook dates from now on, ok Ben?
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He's not used to mixing with these sort of people and they are quite older them him.
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