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Posted 11-09-2018 at 03:09 PM by DemolitionRed

Amber Guyger is just another victim of a system of fear. She now has to live the remainder of her life with the realization that she tragically took the life of Botham Shem Jean.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to accidently take someone’s life. All I know is, life is precious and unique. When a life is lost, so is that one off personality. We all have the gift of individualism, a thing that can never be replaced. When a murder or accidental death happens it leaves many victims. Jeans family have lost a precious family member and they may never come to terms with that. Jean himself had everything in this world snatched from him because of someone else’s fatal mistake and Guyger will have to live with that mistake for the rest of her days knowing she is one of many who pulled a trigger at the wrong moment and took an innocent life.

When Guyger got up that morning, showered, dressed and tied up her hair, she was a free woman who’s only worries were trivial and inconsequential. By the following morning she was a killer on everyone’s lips.
When Jean got up that morning, just like Guyer he had nothing to seriously concern himself about. When he tied up those laces on his trainers he didn’t know it would be a mortician that would untie them. He didn’t know that by the following morning his family would be grieving his death or neighbors putting flowers outside his apartment door.
Thank god, none of us know what tomorrow holds. We can’t though, live our lives on perhaps and maybe’s. Whilst we can predict dangers, we can’t possibly predict the sort of thing that happened here.

When I look at those pictures of Jean I see a handsome young guy with his whole life ahead of him. An ambitious and well respected do-gooder who’s kindness gained him much popularity.
When I look at pictures of Guyger before the incident, I see a care free, happy young woman. No matter how hard I look, I don’t see a monster behind those sparkling eyes.

When off duty cops have to continually look over their shoulder because they are in imminent fear of their life and when civilians feel they have to carry a loaded gun or keep a loaded gun in their apartment, what happened here should be no surprise to any of us. Put a loaded gun in the hand of a fearful person and someone is likely going to die, innocent or not.

Regardless of the circumstances it was fear that killed Jean. Pieces of lead fired at 2000 km/h by a single index finger. Jean could just as easily been the killer. In fact, if Jean could of reached for a loaded gun because he believed someone was breaking into his apartment It could just as easily of been Guyger laying dead on the floor and that’s why this tragedy happened…fear. A country that was built on liberty and the belief that tomorrow will be better than today has turned into a nation of exceptionalism, distrust, paranoia and fragmentation.

It has a president that was voted in by the masses desperate for change. A majority sick to death of being fcuked over by a long line of mediocre leaders. A president who has dismantled the title, “Leader of the Free Word”. It seems this once great country is going to hell in a handbasket.
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