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Why donít refugees go home ?

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Posted 14-09-2018 at 08:38 PM by DemolitionRed
Updated 14-09-2018 at 08:50 PM by DemolitionRed

and help re-build the countries they ruined.

Letís just put that in its correct contextÖ. Re-build the countries we destroyed. We destroyed Iraq and killed the leader under the lie of ďweapons of mass destructionĒ We turned a very civilized country into a dustbowl full of radical extremists. Its never recovered, people are still to this day trying to flee. They werenít trying to flee before our involvement. We then invaded Afghanistan over 9/11 even though Bin Laden and 15 of the hijackers were Saudi. That really was a carry on up the khyber. Afghans are still trying to flee. They werenít trying to flee before western involvement.

And then we invaded LibyaÖ and Libyans are still fleeing.

Gaddafi was trying to change from the dollar to the gold dinar. Most countries in Africa were keen, the West wasnít because this meant oil would be sold across the world, not for dollars but for gold dinars. It would literally shift the economic balance of the world. A countryís wealth would no longer be measured in paper money but in how much gold they had and Libya had 144 tons of it. (Something the U.S stole when it invaded Libya) The US and its Nato allies couldnít afford to let that happen.

One of the first thing the West did when it took Libya was fck its leader with a bearnet, remove the gold and then create a new central bank where the West could control the money.

People are still trying to flee that country. They were not trying to flee before we invaded.

So when all these people try to escape whatís left of their country; countryís that have been destroyed by the U.S, Israel and western governments to be overtaken by despots and mafia organizations, we shouldnít act all surprised when they come over here and we certainly shouldn't be putting the blame back on them by suggesting it was them that ruined their countries.

The U.S and Israel are the most corrupt terrorist organizations in the world and we, the West hold their hand. We have been complaint to war crimes on such a grand scale that if thereís such a thing as karma, we are in one hell of a lot of trouble.

Why is it that some people can look beyond Western/Israeli truth and see what they are being fed for the nonsense that it is, whilst others canít see beyond the end of their noses. There are so many real facts out there and at least two sides to every story. Are people just not curious enough? is it something too frightening to contemplate and so they'd rather not know or do they just believe, like loyal sheep, everything the government and media tell them?

Next we invade Iran and that will be the war of all wars. Iran, along with Russia and China will be a formidable force that could bring about an abrupt end to our empire building. We won't stop until we are stopped.
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