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we are not your kind
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Favourites (more):
The Circle 2019: Georgina
Love Island 5: Maura
BB19: Tomasz
CBB22: Natalie Nunn

Default Favourite album and song of 2019?

Album for me is

Will think about song

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Favourites (more):
X Factor Celebrity: Megan McKenna
Apprentice 2019: Jemelin
The Circle 2019: Brooke
Strictly 2019: Kelvin Fletcher



Strictly Come Dancing 17: Chris • Michelle • Dev • Catherine • Karim • Will • Kelvin
Drag Race UK: Sum Ting Wong • Blu Hydrangea • Crystal • Vinegar Strokes • Cheryl Hole • Divina De Campo
The Challenge 34: Big T • Kam • Tori • Zach • Rogan

Celebrity X Factor: Megan McKenna • No Love Lost • Jenny Ryan • Jonny Labey • Max and Harvey • Victoria Ekanoye • V5
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Favourites (more):
BB19: Kay
IAC2018: Anne Hegerty
Strictly 2018: Danny John
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli


i still have like 35 to listen to before i can make up my list

Season 11 Faves: Nina, A'Keria, Shuga & Mercedes
DRUK Faves: The Vivienne, Divina, Baga, Blu, Vinegar & Sum Ting Wong (but basically all of them???)
Bake-Off Faves: axe this series
Strictly Faves: Michelle, Anneka, Mike, Dev & Kelvin


Originally Posted by T* View Post
Christopher Maloney is the new judge of the voice 2019! my cat is the producer
Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Him to throw up every time he spins round?
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A great thief
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The Circle 2019: Georgina
Strictly 2019: Emma Weymouth
BBUSA21: Analyse
The Circle 2018: Aiden



Youtube video
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User banned
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CBB17: Tiffany Pollard
CBB14: Frenchy
BB10: Noirin

Now thats what i call music 114, so many good song, I just dont know how they do it?
-Working towards a friendlier TIBB
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literally a nightmare
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Great gowns beautiful gowns
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Iconic Symbolic Historic
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Favourites (more):
CBB21: Jess Impiazzi
Strictly 2017: Davood Ghadami
Strictly 2016: Robert Rinder
X Factor 2016: Honey G


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If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you. - Don Marquis
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Big Evil
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Favourites (more):
The Circle 2019: Tim
Love Island 5: Maura
CBB22: Ryan Thomas
Love Island 4: Georgia

Youtube video
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Favourites (more):
X Factor Celebrity: Hayley Hasselhoff
The Circle 2019: Woody
Strictly 2019: Michelle Visage
Love Island 5: Maura


Tulisa - Sippin


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Sullen Girl
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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Oh I bet it was Vicky who infracted me because I disagreed with her on climate change
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Week 7 Icon
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Favourites (more):
X Factor Celebrity: Vinnie Jones
Apprentice 2019: Lottie
Strictly 2019: Emma Weymouth
Strictly 2018: Lauren Steadman


Album: TIM by Avicii

Song: Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran/Khalid (not a fan of sheeran but it's quite boppy and i hear on our local radio a lot too)
Strictly2019: Michelle & Giovanni
Kelvin & Oti, EmmaW&Aljaz

DancingOnIceDE5: Nadine Angerer/Peer Kusmagk
Lina Larissa Strahl/Jens Hilbert

Hyped for Aussie decides with Miss Vanessa Amorosi

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