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Default The Mystical Realms Sagas - Season Three - Love, War, Big Brother and the Mystical Realms


From encarta
The collective unconscious
The collective unconscious, according to Jung, is made up of what he called "archetypes," or primordial images. These correspond to such experiences as confronting death or choosing a mate and manifest themselves symbolically in religions, myths, fairy tales, and fantasies.

In myth, depth psychologists found material to delineate the structure, order, and dynamics of both the psychic life of individuals and the collective unconscious of society. Sigmund Freud utilized themes from older mythological structures to exemplify the conflicts and dynamics of the unconscious psychic life (in, for example, his Oedipus and Electra complexes). Carl Jung, in his psychological interpretations of the large body of myths that have been collected from cultures throughout the world, saw evidence for the existence of a collective unconscious shared by all. He developed a theory of archetypes - patterns of great impact, at once emotions and ideas - that are expressed in behavior and images.

The creation of the Mystical Realms
Suppose, gentile reader that our collective unconscious was able to give form to a world where magical creatures actually exist. Every fantasy genre, such as that from Tolkien, or the Brothers Grimm feeds through into the collective psyche, so somewhere, even they come into being. Beings discounted as fictional become self aware, and are able to exist in their own realm. They manage to become independent of humans, so much so, that their magical powers given by fiction, fantasy and myths and archetypes, could allow them, if they so wished, to cross into our world and exist here with their magical powers.

However, just as fantasy beings form part of our collective unconscious, so too does order. With all these mystical entities having to co-exist, there must be laws. To protect the world of mortals and the collective unconscious, which once gave form to these mystical realms, a special law must be required, to prohibit the deliberate interference by these entities in the affairs of mortals. However some of the entities were once worshiped as gods by mortals and were revered by mortals. They would find it hard to follow this rule. Where they once were given form by followers exclusively, they must now rub shoulders with entities created for fairy tales, oh the come down and humiliation. But they must be subject to the same strict laws, as they now have to inhabit the Mystical Realms, since man has moved on to science and reason.

Suppose also that these beings in the mystical realms, look upon us, and would like to have the plush goodies we have. So they get such things as courts of law, TV, the tabloid newspapers. Who keeps them in line

For many years, this was the job of the trolls, lead by the most evil intelligent and fiercest of them all

The Lord Low Troll

No body dared challenge his authority, but then in the summer of what the mortals called 2001, a Greek goddess, originally called Aphrodite visited the land of mortals. Going by the new name of The Spirit of True Love, she helped engineer the falling in love of two contestants on a new reality TV show called Big Brother.

These contestants were called Helen Adams and Paul clarke.

But the Lord Low troll would not take this lying down and so dispatched his trolls to arrest her, and a mortal Cyber Warrior whom she had enlisted. Along with the pair, Lachesis, the youngest of the Greek fates was also arrested, after one of the mortals in the new relationship said Fate had brought them together.

The charge was the most heinous one on the statute book, interference in the affairs of mortals. By quirk of the law, the Lord Low Troll saw one of his potential victims slip from his grasp, the mortal cyber warrior, as mortals may interfere with mortals.

The remaining two were placed on trial, but halfway through the trial, The spirit of True Love mysteriously died in her cell, after apparently hanging herself.

Lachesis was released on a technicality, which irritated the lord Low Troll, but what could he do, apart from get his minions to make sure the three fates were driven from the Mystical Realms.

In the world of Mortals, without the Spirit of True love's help, the romance of Helen and Paul failed after five years.

The Lord low Troll had finally won

The Mystical Realms were his to keep

Or so he thought...
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2007 - The final day of the mortal month of August

The battle had been lost

The forces of Brian had come in and overwhelmed us, and the twins were taking their seats with the other contestants as Brian was emerging victorious.

It was time to go

It was over

Now there is something about the smell of salt peter and sulphur that makes you wonder what it is doing in a downtown bar.

Out of the mists, came a man with pointy ears, and he was kind of tall. With him in a robe was a young broad, who looked kind of nervous.

I recognised the dud with the pointy ears, he was an elf by the name of Yagel Swift Pen

"Are you Graeme" he asked

"I have not gone by that ID for years" I replied "And by the way, aren't you not supposed to be here, I would not want the Lord Low Troll's goons to come and drag me away again"

"That won't happen" responded Yagel

"Why not I asked"

"He 's dead" Yagel replied blunt as ever.

"He was assasinated by Orcs" the young girl chipped in. (She looked kind of familiar, but I could not place her)

Yagel looked around nervously, "Can we leave this tavern please, we can not keep this spell up much longer"
"What spell"
"The one where only you can see or hear us. For one you look idiotic talking to yourself, and two it may attract the Orcs"

The three of us left the bar and made our way to my apartment.

"If the Lord Low Troll is dead, that's good isn't it" I asked naively

Yagel looked glum, "It was the start of the Mystical Realms Civil war. At least with the trolls they tolerated other races, but in recent times , orc nationalists were claiming that the fairer races made the Mystical Realms soft. They have waged war on the orcs, elves gnomes and dwarfs"

"Some of the trolls have fallen in to line" he explained further, we have been driven from our lands"

"Where did you go?" I asked, still trying to figure out who the girl was, as she had barely spoken since the we left the bar

"We have been living in a word you call the World of Warcraft, as non player characters"


The young girl now took up the story, "When the humans developed this virtual realm, and something called second life, it created a bridge from the collective unconsciousness."

Yagel shushed her and then added "This bridge is only known to a few, and we have been using it bring refugees in from the Mystical realms, away from the blood bath brought on by the Troll, Goblin and Orc Axis"

"So where do I come in" I asked

Yagel told the girl to remove her hood and then explained "We kept from the Lord Low Troll that the Spirit of True Love had a daughter, The Spirit of fancying. The only way we can save the Mystical Realms, would be if there was a collective warm feeling about love"

I was shocked, here was the daughter of the dame who hired me six years ago.

"But how I stuttered"

"We have been covertly working on the recent Big Brother show"

"Chiggy, Lamey " I asked

"No" said the Spirit of Fancying, "What you call Brimanda" The others just happened - we do not know why"

"So Brimanda has to succeed in order to solve your little civil war"

"There is more at Stake" intoned Yagel sternly "If the Orcs take complete control, they will march on the world of Mortals and take humans for food"

I was stunned, could this be true?

Could the only way to save our world and theirs lie in a possible romance, that was considered to have a slim chance to succeed.

This would be a toughie.

"We have to go now or the orcs will find us" said Yagel, and with a smell of Sulphur and Saltpeter, they were gone...

To be continued...
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Default Part 2 - Mythological beings, media and murder

I was troubled deeply by the unexpected turn of events. It had been a few days since I herd from Yagel Swift Pen and the Spirit of Fancying.

Back in 2001 I was hired by the Spirit of True Love who had helped the relationship of two contestants on a cheesy reality tv show to develop. My task was to help show that this was real, it was meant to create a genuine sense of well being.

But the Trolls did not think much of it, and they made their feelings known, but that was ancient history

So much had happened since then, like 9/11

The rise of Web 2.0

I thought I had seen the last of those from the Mythical Realms.

The question remained, how could I do what they wanted me to do, make sure that Brimanda succeeded. It was not like the old days, things had moved on.

We had Bebo, MySpace, FaceBook

Nothing like that when I practised as a Devil's Advocate and Cynic in Residence. Heck I was no longer a Cyber Devil's Advocate no more. In 2002 with work thin on the ground I had been drafted to act as a Cyber Devils Advocate, but now budget cuts meant I was back out of work.

I had picked up a part time job as a Cyber Guardian, but that had come to an end.

But still my mind was racing, The Spirit of Fancying was kind of like an embryo love, but love from afar, love unrequited. It could seldom cross the boundary into true love. It was the Spirit of True Love who could do that, but now she was gone. They said she committed suicide, but I never bought that. We had every reason to believe we were going to win at the trial, but then the judge got sick, and we had a postponement, just before the verdict. It all seemed fishy to me, especially when I was escorted back to the world of Mortals and the portal was shut.

I never even got the chance to say goodbye to the Guardian of Mortal Struggle, (Formally Ares God of War)

As I wandered down to the coffee shop, I glanced in the press, maybe there was something I could use, to help generate this warm fuzzy feeling I needed.

I would have thought Chiggy would have done that, but a lot of people were cynical about that one, even their fellow housemates. I had liked Brimanda, it was kind of like a slow burn, and a more gentle affair. I could see how the Spirit of Fancying would be involved, and also the way, Brimanda could never quite get of the ground revealed that this Spirit still had a lot to learn, before she could take over as a new spirit of love.

The trashy tabloids all had how Brian wanted Amanda and How Amanda had wanted Brian. Even how Davina had been playing Cupid. Could it be that I was not needed after all. It would be great if they could get together in the real world, all by themselves, exactly as it is meant to be. If Brimanda were to fail, then gloom and cynicism would further infest the collective unconsciousness, making a further bridge to our world. The Orcs would have a field day as humans would not have a defence against a dimension doorway.

As I read the tabloids further, even the guys I backed, the twins, before this all blew up were pursuing a media and recording career that kind of preserved their innocent image. A warm fuzzy feeling surely now must be being generated to protect our world. As for the civil war, that was out of my hands, like so many civil wars we see in our world on the tube every night.

I thought I would go out for a stroll to the lake near my apartment, and feed a few ducks.

Suddenly, there was that smell of salt peter, but this was different somehow, and more intense.

In horror I saw a dimension door open.

Out struggled a man in his early forties, I could not believe it, it was the Guardian of Mortal struggle. He stumbled and then sank to his knees in the grass and fell forward. In his back was an arrow. From it I could smell the whiff of Hind's blood, the only thing that could kill one of these spirits. As the guardian lay dying he whispered, "sister, my middle sister" and then died.

I stood back, as his body started to glow red and then fade away, the grass underneath blackened.

There was crack of thunder behind me. I turned around, and in the air, another dimension door was opening. I dived for the nearest tree, as I saw the ugly head of an orc fired an arrow in my direction. It hit the ground, where it promptly incinerated. From my hiding place behind a tree, I could just see through the dimension door. Behind the orc, was another robed figure. I could not hear what they were saying, but the orc was clearly under the command of the hooded figure.

As the dimension door closed, I sank to the ground. This time arguing in cyber space like last time, would not be enough. If these guys could take out the Guardian of Mortal Struggle, then they were playing Hard ball.

Who was next for an incinerating Arrow?

The Spirit of fancying?



This middle sister that the Guardian of Mortal Struggle had mentioned before he died

Or could it even be Brimanda...

The race was now on...

To be continued....
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Have you ever wished people would leave you alone?

In Big Brother Eight, I felt for Amanda when she was dragged into an argument between two other housemates, Gerry and Tracy. Ultimately both those two were evicted. The Marchant twins were criticised because they were never seen to argue with anyone and thus being fence sitters were considered the lowest of the low.

But have these detractors ever known what it was like to be piggy in the middle, not afforded the luxury of picking a side. What do you do when people you work with and live with fall out and both ask you to to side with them against the other.

I had been there too, but that was another decade and another millennium and another lifetime.

Now that familiar feeling was returning. The Mystical Realms was in civil war, Trolls versus Trolls and orcs, fairy folk being ethnically cleansed and crossing dimension doorways from the human generated collective consciousness into virtual worlds in cyber space and this world.

Since the death of the Spirit of True Love, I could not have cared one hoot, let alone two what they did. But now they were breaking into our world, and trying to commit murder. Things must be really bad if they had resorted to killing higher spirits, those beings who in ancient times had been worshipped as gods.

I had seen, what used to be the Greek God of war, felled by a treacherous arrow from an orc. If the Guardian of Mortal Struggle was trying to escape into our world, how bad must it be?

The only thing that could save us, was some kind of warm feeling, generated by two people falling for each other on a TV show, and being together for ever. How it would save us from dimension breaches, I had no idea, ut that is what the Spirit of True Love's daughter, The Spirit of Fancying had said.

I packed my backpack and laptop and headed down to the bus station to catch one of those mega buses to London. It was cheaper than the train. I had also packed a small orb, I had found in the blackened grass where the Guardian of Mortal struggle had died.

I was not sure what I was doing, if that orc arrow had been meant for me, who knows what the orcs and the troll collaborators would do. Would they try and kill either of Brimanda, creating a misery that would weaken the boarders between the Mystical Relam and ours. Were they after this other sister of the Spirit of True Love and the Guardian of Mortal Struggle. I had never heard of this sister, so maybe she was living in our world and also the next possible target.

The trip down to London, was surprisingly uneventful, apart from the occasional traffic jam, nothing unexpected in our mortal realm.

My first objective was to find a wifi point, at a coffee shop. Cafe Nero, just outside Parliament I found the perfect spot.

I finally took the plunge and signed up to World of Warcraft and logged on. Maybe Yagel Swift Pen or the Spirit of Fancying would know about this other sister, who may be on the hit list. I could hear the orb pulsate, and suddenly, I was no longer at the coffee shop, but in a medieval world. I was now in the game, somehow I had crossed a dimension gate into cyber space.

I looked kind of odd in my civvies in this world, and a number of players commented about my "lame avatar"

I asked at the nearest tavern if they had seen an elf with a young teenager, and got funny looks. Obviously some players thought that World of Warcraft had been penetrated by the kind of monster only humans could create.

Suddenly I felt a presence

"Why are you hear, you could ruin everything"

It was Yagel Pen Swift

With him was the Spirit of Fancying

"It's the Guardian of Mortal Struggle" I replied, "They have killed him"

Yagel shook his head and put his face in his hands "This is grave news"

The young spirt looked pale, "Uncle" was all she could whisper and looked for a stool to sit on.

"I'm sorry, there was nothing I could do" I mumbled to her, not being much of a comforter. I could tell she was crying quietly. Not only was this a civil war, it was also a family tragedy

I turned back to Yagel, "before he died, he mentioned something about a middle sister."

Yagel looked straight at the Spirit of Fancying, "I know nothing of her, or her modern or ancient name. They say she chose to stay with your world. Apart from that I can say nothing.

"Would you be any safer in our world" I ventured

"I fear not, if we did, we may loose our powers to those who would not use them to your best interests."

"But how could this middle sister so survive" I asked, curious at this contradiction in Yagel's positions about this sister and hiding in our world.

"Fancy a good time lovey" came a gruff voice behind. A large knight was trying to proposition the Spirit of Fancying. She looked up at him in horror. This was a mere player trying it on.

Yagel addressed him, "She is with me"

"How much do you want for her" the knight asked

Suddenly I remembered I had not generated a weapon. I visualised a loaded crossbow. Suddenly I had one in my hand. I levelled it at the knight.

"Back off, unless you want to have to buy a new subscription"

The knight took out his large sword and lifted it up.

Then in the distance I hard the cry "Tarquin, dinner time"
The knight groaned and suddenly disolved, as the user logged out.

"Thank you" the Spirit of Fancying Whispered, eyes streaming with tears, "What now"

I thought for a moment and then told the two, "I have come to our capital, possibly to look for the middle sister, and possibly to find Brian or Amanda from our world. If Brimanda is the key to saving both our worlds, then one of them may be in danger"

"Oh" she muttered "I never thought that I could put anyone i danger, I just wanted a nice low key romance to make people happy" At this she dissolved into tears, and Yagel came to comfort her.

"Fancying, we need to go from here, it is too crowded"

I noticed that even in the World of Warcraft I had the orb, and now it was pulsating again.

I was back looking at my laptop, it had gone on to powersave.

"Oh your back" commented the female barista.
"Sorry, I had to pay a visit"
"That guy over there wanted to see you" she replied

I looked at the guy in a large raincoat, he looked disturbingly familiar.

He got up and sat down in front of me. I closed the laptop down.

He pulled down his hood

Sitting in front of me was a troll from the Mystical Realms

"The Lord Low Troll was my father" he growled, "and now I finally get to see you, the one he always said, got away"

To be continued
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Trolls don't get a good press

Kind of obvious

Remember the Three Billy Goats Gruff?

Trolls are not just mystical creatures of utter evil, there are human trolls out there, usually stalking these very forums, heaping vitriol, leaving obscene posts and trying to pick arguments and then running.

Trolls do not have much good PR.

Compared to the human type, some trolls in the mystical and magic sense can be refined, as they dine on babies and bunny's or what ever.

But Trolls are mean, Trolls are tough, Trolls are full of hatred, and were seen as perfect for keeping the law in the Mystical Realms, that dimension, generated by the collective unconscious of all humans, bring form to the creatures that would normally exist in our worst nightmares.

That was until their leader, the Lord Low Troll was assassinated at the start of a civil war. He was the nasty evil Troll that had me dragged to stand trial along with Lachisis and the Spirit of True Love on the charge of interfering in the lives of Mortals, to wit, the 2001 romance of Paul Clarke and Helen Adams on Big Brother 2. This was the evil nasty troll, that got upset, when the judge threw that charge against me out, because as a mortal, I can do what I like with other mortals.

This was the nasty evil, dead troll, whose son, The Prince Low Troll had tracked me down to a coffee shop in London, and he does not look like he is going to treat me to a Late


The Troll and I stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

"Even in your world of Mortals, you are a long way from your home in Noo Cast lee" He drawled

"How did you" I started

"Find you" he growled "With this" he answered and produced what looked like half a stone, with a flat side of polished ebony

I blinked at it, it was some kind of artefact from the Mystecal Realms

"It is a locator of dimension jump orbs" The Troll growled on "Like the one you stole"

"Stole??? I recovered it" I retorted "From the Guardian of Mortal Struggle after he was murdered"

The troll looked pained, "The only regret, I have, is that it was not at my hand he died"

"So are you going to kill me too" I asked, "Here in public"

The Prince Low Troll got angry at this, "Not that such an idea is without appeal, but no"


"Because, for a season, we have a common foe"

I started to pack my laptop away, "Can we discuss this outside"

The troll nodded and pulled his hood back on. I finished putting my laptop away and picked up my back pack.

Coming down to London was madness, I had nowhere to stay, and had no idea how to find and warn Brian and Amanda that they might be in danger from mystical beings - That would really go down well, or to find this middle sister, the Guardian of Mortal Struggle mentioned. I thought I would keep her from the Prince Low Troll.

He was his father's son after all

We left the coffee shop and I suggested we head for the embankment along the Thames, the troll agreed. With the state of the traffic, it took us twenty minutes to get there.

I decided to start this conversation "I assume you want to kill the supreme orc and reclaim your father's position"

"Among other things"

"Other things"

"Yes" replied the troll, "It was fortunate that I was here when the traitors moved against our clan"

I stared at him

"Yes" continued the troll, "I was here to undo the damage that one of those spirits had done, and I was successful"

"So you broke up Brimanda" I accused

The troll was puzzled, "Who?"

"Er Brian and Amanda"

The troll shook his head, "I missed that one, the mirror of Spirit activity detection lead me to Chiggy and Lamey"

"You're kidding" I askewd him incredulously "You actually know the names that BBLB gave the pairings"

"For a human, that Dermot is quite something"

I nodded in agreement, with a troll, that was the safest course.

"So you broke up Chiggy and Lamey" I asked

"Well Lamey, Chiggy imploded by itself, I like it when that happens"

"Why, why revel in that misery"

"I was not revelling in misery, I just dislike interfering in the affairs of morals"

"So you broke up Lamey"

"Yes, undoing the work of that little girl, spirit of fancying. Then the traitors moved"

I was perplexed, the troll knew of the Spirit of Fancying. Dare I mention that Brimanda was her work, I chose to bide my tongue

"So why do you need my help, how can I help defeat the Supreme Orc, why would I want to"

The troll growled, "The orcs have had a taste of human flesh, they have been promised free access to your land when they have cleard the land of all but trolls and orcs and goblins"

This was worrying, this was what Yagel Pen Swift had said.

"You do realise that you are also on the same side as Fancying and her lawyer"

The troll looked out at the Thames, "Ironic isn't it, I spent ages trying to defeat him, and now I am on the same side"

"But why do you care, if the orcs eat us, I would have thought that would make things ideal for trolls as well"

At this the Prince Low Troll grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket, "Just because I am a troll do you think I have no honour? That slime ball, and his hooded lackey killed my father and he must be avenged"

"Sorry, sir" I apologised, "I forgot that this was a family tragedy"

The troll released me

"Sorry Human, if the Orcs get their way then the Mystical Realms will dissipate. The hooded lackey has told them that they have a way that the orcs and the goblins can cross to this world and live amongst you permanently."


"But this is a lie, we can only live in this world for a short time, unless"

"Unless what?"

"You have a talisman on Permanence" the troll said producing a disc like object .

"But what can I do?"

"I am not sure Human" The troll replied "All I know is that you and the Spirit of True Love worked together before, and you are the only one available"

"Why not the Spirit of Fancying, or Yagel Pen Swift"

"Yagel" Shouted the Troll, "Yagel"

The troll was getting angry, not a good sign, especially as I could see the opening of another dimension door just behind him

I do not know why I did this, but I found myself shouting "The Orcs!"

The Prince Low Troll, turned around and looked at the opening door, if a troll could look pale, that was the look.

The Prince Low Troll, dived into the Thames, the water fizzing as he went under, I decided to leg it, as an arrow whizzed past. I did not notice if the same people were there when the Guardian of Mortal Struggle was killed.

It was getting dark, irrespective of mystical creatures trying to kill each other with me in the cross fire, I needed a place to stay.

I still had questions

What could I a mere mortal do to help
Why was the troll agitated about Yagel Pen Swift
Why did the Troll pick up on Chiggy and Lamey and Not Brimanda
Who was next to be in the Orc's firing line, Middle Sister, Brian or Amanda

It was time for action, what, I had no idea

Don't you just hate it when the fate of two worlds hangs on what you do!!!

To be dragged on - sorry continued
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Don't you just hate it when things get confused, and sometimes people lay things on you expecting results. Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations as to what is possible and what is not.

Take for instance, saving the world from a bunch of warring mystical creatures, trying to track down a sister of two former Greek gods, and trying to protect possibly two reality stars, all on a shoestring budget.

What is even more impossible, is tracking a cheap B&B in London.

It had been an eventful day previous

Meeting up with the Prince Low Troll, son of the assassinated Lord Low Troll, dodging orc arrows again, visiting in person the World of War Craft and traipsing through the streets on London in a fruitless search for an old YHA hostel, which was now an office block.

A ride on the Northern line down to Brixton lead me to a small guest house, from where I had to try and work out what to do.

The Spirit of True Love, supposedly committed suicide, yet none of us bought that. The Guardian of Mortal Struggle had been shot in the back by an orc assassin. The Spirit of Fancying was in hiding in cyberspace.

There was a middle sister out there, here in the world of mortals. But how could she survive if the Prince Low Troll had the talisman on Permanence. Or was there more than one talisman on Permanence.

The Prince Low Troll had definitely used the indefinite article.

So if two members of the family had been murdered, that must mean that this middle sister was the next target, but how do you look for an unnamed Greek deity, who appears human.

As for Yagel, it bothered me about the reaction of the troll, was it just the fact that during the trial of the Spirit of True Love, he was defence counsel and so on the other side. From what I remember his defence was pretty lacklustre and he did make some knd of foul up on jury selection. The Guardian of Mortal Struggle threatened to replace him at one point, but that was never made public..

The female spirits, well at least two of them were concerned with affairs of the heart, so to speak, so maybe, the only way to try and find her, to warn her of the danger, was to find Brimanda, or Brian and Amanda. Maybe she would be near by.

Brimanda was what the Spirit of Fancying had set up, but it was very odd that the Prince Low Troll completely missed that one, with the mirror of Spirit activity detection. It had picked up activity by Chiggy and Lamey, but not Brimanda.

The troll had broken up Lamey, successfully, as in the real world Amy had gone back to her glamour modelling and Liam was supposedly going back to the north and his tree surgery. To fix the rift, and stop the Mystical Realms Civil war, they needed a flush of well being, caused by a successful romance. Lamey falling apart on the actions of the troll, would never produce that.

This left Chiggy. Chiggy, true, in the house had imploded, but post Big Brother it had restarted and was as high octane as ever. Chiggy was getting quite a high profile, even Chanelle in one of the glossy rags had allegedly said she wanted to marry Ziggy and have his children. (Heavy)

If anything, Chiggy should be the one to give that warm feeling, but the Spirit of Fancying had been insistent that her's was Brimanda. Things were not adding up. All I could reason was that, being low key, and the twins being popular, this could be one of those sleeper hits.

So my resolution was to find either the twins or Brian, which was also another good reason to be in Brixton.

I finished breakfast and gathered my stuff. Finding Brian could be difficult, as being the winner of Big Brother 2007, there would be a lot of gate keepers. Even if you could get through, what could you say?

"Excuse me but some magical creatures from another plane of existence , that bear a striking resemblance to creatures off of Lord of the Rings, are out to hunt you down"

Even I would not believe that one!!!

Also how would you spot the real target, this middle sister, these spirits tend to be invisible when they are working at their match making.

In short I had no idea how I was going to proceed on this one.

I took what information I could gleam from the net and headed down to the appropriate part of Brixton, still unsure what I could do.

I found another coffee shop, and with a copy of a glossy I sat down to read of how Brimanda was happening, if keeping that going was all I was to do, then I certainly was not needed.

"A penny for your thoughts?"

"huh", I looked up, there was some kind of Romany, trying to sell me some service like reading my palm or telling my fortune. She broke my concentration.

"Fancying eh" she grimaced

"What?" I asked

"I can read minds and fortunes" She pressed, "And I can see interesting times ahead"

I looked to see if there were any staff were around, but I was alone in the coffee shop with this woman, trying to peddle who knows what.

"I'm sorry, I do not go in for that kind of thing" I told her.

"But I can you are far from your Newcastle home"

"So you can see the Newcastle label on my back pack" I countered, I was aware that many so called psychics were excellent at cold reading.

"I have a warning, from the Atropos"

I suddenly froze, how could another mortal know of what was going on, assuming the Romany was another mortal like me. How could they know of Atropos, the eldest of the three fates. Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Lachesis had stood trial with The Spirit of True Love, but somehow got off on a technicality. Not long after the trial, all three dropped out of sight from the Mystical Realms.

"Who?" I said

"All I know, is that this Atropos, asked me to find you and pass on a message"

"And what might that message be?"

She looked furtively around, "Someone you have met, is not who they seem to be"

"And who might that be" I asked

Before she could answer, she sank to the ground, clutching her throat, and spluttering as she was choked. One of the waitresses came round to try and help, but to no avail.

The Romany women was dead.

It took about 15 minutes for the police to arrive, and they were very interested in the fact she had been speaking to me, but what could I tell them. A detective looked at her eyes.

"It looks like she was strangled"


"Would you mind coming down to the station to answer a few questions" requested on of the police officers

"I don't understand, I never touched her"

At that point one of the officers started reading the police caution, while the other got out some hand cuffs.

This was not happening.

I was bundled into the police car, but for some reason the police officers did not get in. Suddenly it was driving itself along the road, right in the direction of a dimension door that was opening up...

to drag on further
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Part Six - Into the Mystical Realms

A number of things can seriously ruin a day

like a headache

A soar throat

The bus late for work

How about being accosted by someone when trying to sip a coffee

Or how about said person insisting they have a message, that someone is not who they say they are and dropping dead.

Even worse, when the police show up, you are arrested for murder, when you never touched the person.

Could it get any worse?

Wait, how about being handcuffed in the back of a police car as it drives itself through a dimension door...

Now that could ruin your day!!!

As I looked back at the two police officers, I noticed them change shape, into troll like creatures, who then vanished into thin air - They were doppelgängers, the original police officers must have been murdered by them. That was how they worked.

How were these creatures finding me, then I remembered, the dimension jump orb, in my pack pack, thoughtfully placed in the back of the police car with me.

As the car drove itself through the dimension door, the car filled with light and white noise. I remembered this from six years previous, when the trolls dragged me to the Mystical Realms to stand trial on charges of conspiracy to interfere in the affairs of mortals. Being a mortal I had to be let go, as charging a mortal with that crime was seen as a nonsense in law. Even the Mystical Realms and the Lord Low troll in those days had to play by the rules, or at least be seen to.

Now was a different matter.

There had been a coup by the orcs and the goblins, The Lord Low Troll had been assassinated and their version of ethnic cleansing was being carried out.

Why did they want me? I did not think I was of use to anyone?

Even the Spirit of Fancying did not really need me, as her set up of Brian and Amanda from Big Brother 8 was happening with out my interference. The latest news that they were taking things slow and not getting physical like Chiggy seemed to be doing, was already creating a awwe factor.

The noise stopped, and so did the police car.

Two Orcs ripped open the car door and dragged me out, along with my back pack.

One of the orcs wanted to steal my gear, but the other told him not to, as the advisor to the Arch Orc had wanted to see it.

As I looked around at the citadel where I had landed, it was just like six years previous, except this time the court yard was quiet, save for the drill practice of orcs and Goblins.

There were no dwarfs, halflings, fairies or elves.

The marks of battle were around, as some of the buildings had been destroyed by fire, most likely fire balls or lightning bolts.

This was odd as Orcs, Goblins and trolls did not use such magic, they could not. Only magician, ex-gods, and elves could weild magic. Oh yes, so could Griffins.

Dragons were too difficult to tame, plus they were difficult to house break, as they would break houses.

"MOVE HOOMAN" Shouted the chief orc, as he shoved me towards the steps of the justice building. Not my first time here, and still as unpleasant.

As I entered the lobby, I saw what I thought was an elf, but with a slightly dark complexion.

"I thought you were killing all the elves" I said

"SILENCE HOOMAN", yelled the Orc as he gave me a painful poke in the back

The elf looked at me, sneered and left the building.

As we marched down the hall to the holding cells, I could see Orc writing, on the doors, evidence of the coup. Some doors had been blasted open, and were blackened. What ever happened it was fast and must have had magical support.

Just before the cells, I looked out window and could see pikes with heads on. Hobbits, elves, Griffins, and in the centre, the head of the Lord Low Troll.

"IN" yelled the orc as he shoved me through the open cell door.

"Captain" came a voice from behind, it sounded like elvish, but different, "I think we do not need these"

The elf touched the handcuffs, and instantly they fell off. "Take this back pack and computer device to the advisor"

"WHAT ABOUT THE HOOMAN" Queried the orc in his loud voice

"He waits here for the moment" said the elf. I managed to get a look of him, like the other elf, he was of the same dark complexion.

The orc closed the cell door and locked it.

I looked around the cell, it was dark, damp and smelly, at least under the troll, things were clean, but without the dimension jump orb, I was stuck here.

I found a cell window to look into the next door cell, in there I could make out what looked like a hobgoblin, lying on the floor and chained to the wall by a chain and collar around his neck.

"Hello" I shouted

"I will not talk - so go away" the Hobgoblin replied in a rude manner

"I am not an orc, I am a mortal"

"A mortal?"
"Yes, a mortal"

The Hobgoblin, turned his head
"YOU!!!" he shouted

"Yes I am back" I replied, I recognised this Hobgoblin, six years ago he had the password to the Mystical Realms Treasury. He was a loyal lieutenant to the Lord Low Troll.

"So you have thrown your lot in with the Orcs, I won't talk" He sneered.

"Gruewold" I called, "I am not in the pay of the orcs. I am a prisoner as well" I added"

"So which spirit are you working for this time?" He asked "Oh sorry, I forgot, she topped herself"

I thought it best to keep quiet about the Spirit of Fancying and her mentor Yagel Pen Swift.

"Gruewold, who are these elves. I thought they were being wiped out"

Gruewold went back to staring at the cell door. "They aren't elves, they are Drow.

I was stunned to silence, Drow were dark elves. Elves with the same power, same magical ability, if not more powerful in that catagory, but purely evil. No wonder the Arch Orc had taken over. Maybe the advisor was a Drow, that would make sene, but why were they interfering with our world?.

It was well into the evening, before an orc came to the cell door, opened it.

I was ordered out, and escorted by two orcs and a drow to the central court room. The seating had all been removed and was now a sort of throne room. On it was seated the Arch Orc and a a hooded figure.

"So Human" The Arch Orc growled, "I come face to face with my vanquished's enemy"
"Why am I here" I asked.
"I thought your head would look good on a pike, after my advisor has finished with you. But maybe I will just eat you now, as I love the taste of humans"

At this the hooded advisor looked at the orc in shock. The hooded figure and the Arch Orc seemed to be in an argument about something.

Then the hooded figure spoke, in a shrill female voice "You are an oaf and a fool"
"How dare you speak to me, the Arch Orc like that" he yelled
"Arch Orc" she laughed "Orcs only go after strength, and you are weak"

At this the hooded figure pointed a hand at the Arch Orc. He clutched his throat, as if he was being strangled. Suddenly, he erupted into flames. Within seconds, he was ash. The hooded figure waved her arm and a wind blew the ash away. Then she sat down and removed her hood.

Her face was almost familiar

It reminded me of both the Spirit of True Love and the Spirit of Fancying.

"Middle Sister?" I asked

She lifted her head back

"Yes it is me, the true air to the affairs of human hearts"

Then she stood up, and just for effect, threw two lightning bolts, which incinerated two orc guards.

I looked on, frozen to the spot, "Who are you I whispered"

"I am the Spirit of Lust", before me all shall yield

"Now I have disposed of my brother and sister"

tune in next time for the next (yawn) exciting instalment
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Default Part Seven - Betrayals

It is an old truism that you can choose your friends, but not your relatives.

Since being visited by the Spirit of Fancying and Yagel Pen Swift, and running into the murdered Guardian of Mortal Struggle, I had been searching for a middle sister of the long dead Spirit of True Love.

I need not have bothered

Back in the Justice building of the Mystical Realms, in the grand hall of the now diseased Arch Orc, here she was, and clearly in charge.

She was the Spirit of Lust

As I looked at her, the family resemblance was clear, I could see elements of The Spirit of True Love and the Guardian of Mortal Struggle.

"Why" I asked

The Spirit of Lust looked down at me, her eyes were pools of pure evil and cruelty.

"When we reigned the world of mortals, I looked after their privative indulgences. Every time they denied themselves nothing I felt so good. They only have one life so grab everything at once" She started

"they all built alters to me, for success in sexual conquests, for maximum carnage in battle, for copious amounts of food"

"So" I interjected, "You were the Lust of the Flesh"

She was startled that anyone had dared to interrupt her, and then she grinned.

"And the Lust of the Eye as well"

"So who was the Pride of life" I asked, remembering this threesome as by tradition were involved in the corruption of man in the Garden of Eden

"My other brother" she replied, then tilting her head, "not that he is still around"

"Did you kill him too"

At this the Spirit of Lust rose up into the air in a rage "he was murdered in battle, by my other so called brother"

"So you killed the Guardian of Mortal Struggle for revenge" I responded"

"No - he did not slay my brother in lust, it was the Spirit of Contentment who slew him, he convinced the world of men to be content with their lot, showed them that they could be happy with their lot and even got a mortal to tell them"

"Which mortal would that be?" I was confused, as far as I was concerned I was the first mortal to come into contact with this mystical realm, formed by the collective unconsciousness of humanity"

"It was that infidel Howard McMillan" she screeched

"What him of you've never..." I started

"Silence" She screamed, "I never want to hear that phrase again. "After that, The Pride of Life fell ill and died, murdered by a spirit, and on his deathbed I promised to avenge him against the virtuous spirits, and so I bided my time"

"So why am I here" I asked changing the subject rapidly

"To tie up a few loose ends"

"I have no intention of revealing where your niece is" I told her as defiantly as I could

"Oh yes, the so called Spirit of Fancying"

"So called?"

"Yes, so called, it is rather tragic really"

"I don't understand" I said, until this point things had almost been making sense. Maybe this was what the message from Atropos, the Greek fate had meant, the message given by a human Romany which had cost her her life.

"The Spirit of Fancying is an imposter?" I asked

The Spirit of Lust gave another cruel Smile, "When my kid Sister, the Spirit of True Love gave birth to twins, one would be the Spirit of Fancying and the other the Spirit of Fidelity, the elements of true love, except I arranged for my servant to switch their name bands in the maternity ward, so neither would realise their true powers."

So that explained why the Prince Low Troll had not detected the Spirit of Fancying, sorry Spirit of Fidelity's attempts to get Amanda and Brian together on Big Brother 8, her power did not work that way. This meant that even though she was not who she thought she was, she was still genuine, if that made any sense, it also meant that Amanda and Brian were genuine without any interference from former Greek deities, which hopefully would mean they would have a better chance than Helen and Paul, brought together by enchantment, but only time would tell on that. It also explained why Sam was so upset a Carol's crass comments about the Camera's her and Liam. Sam had shown the utmost faithfulness to her Richard, maybe that was the role of the Spirit of Fidelity.

"But enough of this mortal" The Spirit of Lust said as she snapped her fingers. At this an orc came forward to grab me, in his other hand he had a rather nasty and blood battle axe.

"Take this mortal out and decapitate him" She ordered the Orc.

I looked at this excuse for a spirit, "Spirit of Lust" I shouted, "Were you responsible for Chiggy and Lamey"

She chuckled "Why of course, Chiggy was my special creation, a relationship based entirely on sexual lust, as was Lamey, when that Chanelle daned to throw a hissy fit"

"But now they are out in the real world" She added, "They seem to be making my job a lot easier "

At this the Orc dragged me towards the door.

Suddenly, the main door exploded, as the Hobgoblin Gruewold blasted it open with a large mace.

Behind him, carrying my bags was the Prince Low Troll with a crossbow


The Troll fired the crossbow at the orc, who dropped instantly, I ran past the Hobgoblin and grabbed at my bags. Sadly for Gruewold, he erupted into a fireball that had been thrown by the Spirit of Lust.

The Troll handed me the Dimension Jump Orb, and yelled, "we need to go now"

The only place I could think of was where the lass who thought she was the Spirit of Fancying was, the virtual world of the World of Warcraft, a sort of home from home for folks from the Mystical Realms.

Instantly we had crossed over, into this pseudo medieval world.

"I'm sorry about Gruewold" I told the Prince Low Troll

The Troll looked down at a babbling stream, and then looked up, with a tear in his eye. "He was my mentor and friend" he said quietly.

"How did you find me" I asked

"When they opened the dimension door to send through the two doppelgängers, my locator of dimension jump orbs went mad, plus those creatures emit the same field so tracking them was easy. When the human's horseless carriage was sent through, there was so much mystical energy, that it was easy to piggy back a ride"

"Why come back for me I asked"

"Because I owed you a life debt for warning of that assassin's arrow"

I remembered back to that other day at the Thames Embankment"

"So what now?" I asked

"We need to get allies to fight the Arch Orc"

"He's dead" I told the troll

"What???" He yelled "I wanted that honour"

"Who dispatched him" he asked, looking me in a menacing manner, thinking I had robbed him of the chance for revenge"

"It was his advisor, the Spirit of Lust, she was pulling the strings all along"

The Troll was visibly shocked, he had been expecting another Orcs V Trolls war, like so many in the past. A Spirit of anything, threw this whole affair wide open"

My mind went back to the world of Mortals, and this was a troll after all, so I needed to make sure that Ziggy and Chanelle were never bothered by the troll or his friends ever again, like they hgad tried so many years ago with Helen and Paul.

"This Spirit of Lust" I told him, "She was coughed up to Lamey"

The Troll grinned, "And Chiggy I bet"

I said nothing.

"Never mind, Chiggy will implode once we defeat her"

"I need to find the Spirit of True Love's Niece" I ventured, "She is hiding out here

"Why, another meddling Spirit"

"She may be the only one to help defeat the Spirit of Lust"

"OK" agreed the troll

We walked for what seemed like miles before we came across the settlement. We had to hide anumber of times from the players, who might want to attack the troll for experience points, not realising that greater things were at risk than a monthly subscription and player rankings.

We made our way to the tavern and went in.

Sure enough, there was the Spirit of Fidelity (Although she did not know her true name) with Yagel Pen Swift.

"You!" Exclaimed the Troll

Suddenly a missile of force hurled at the troll from Yagel

I looked at him, but now his complexion had changed

Yagel was not really an elven lawyer

Yagel Pen Swift was a Drow

"I had heard you were coming from my queen" he sneered

"Yagel?" Asked the young Spirit

"Silence" he yelled at her and using his mind pushed her to the floor

"Now my queen and I shall rule, not only the Mystical Realms, but the realms of Mortals" he laughed

To be concluded...
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Default Revelations

Sometimes you can live with someone all your life, and never really know them at all.

They can show sudden unexpected generosity and sacrifice, but sometimes they will betray you in a heart beat.

Also sometimes, this other person you live with, can be you, and you are not the person you thought you were, which I suppose the daughter of the late Spirit of True Love must be feeling, since her mentor since her mother's death, Yagel Pen Swift is not an elven lawyer, but a drow, a dark elf, a sort of anti-elf. (No wonder he sucked when he was defending her at the trial)

Even worse, the daughter was not who she thought she was.

The Spirit of True Love's daughter was clearly confused, "Yagel, What is going on" she asked clearly terrified, "did I do something wrong"

"I said Silence" he shouted at her, then he turned to look at me, "Now you are here along with that troll" he added pointing at the Prince Low Troll, groaning in the doorway of the tavern after taking a magic missile to the chest, "My queen will be most pleased"

The tavern had fallen silent, as most of the people there were player characters. Who knew what they had all seen on their computer screens in the real world.

It was kind of obvious, that it looked like it would be ending here, where I lived vicariously in cyber space, so what had I to loose.

"So Yagel" I asked, "What happened to the real Spirit of Fancying"

The drow chuckled to himself, "So, I see you have met the queen already" Yagel pulled from his cloak what appeared to be a mobile phone. "Wonderful gadgets these" he sneered, "And since everyone in the realm of mortals just have to have them, they became available to us"

The drow, thumbed a few buttons, as if texting, "Mind you, the cost to text between dimensions is just ridiculous"

"I'm sure you could get a better call plan from phones-for-u" I nervously quipped.

I could see that the spirit child was very distressed, and confused. She was mouthing the words "But I am the spirit of fancying"

I reiterated my question, "What happened to the real Spirit of Fancying"

The Drow grinned again, "She was taken away by the fairies, they say she was sent to the world of mortals. Maybe that was why her mother kept travelling there so often. Shame though, the young spirit will most likely be dead by now, or even turned into a mortal, which almost amounts to the same thing."

The young spirit before me was clearly distressed, "So who am I ?" she was mouthing, not wanting Yagel to shout at her again.

Yagel noticed I was looking at her, and turned round and pointed at her, "you, you snivelling brat, are the Spirit of Fidelity, you always were. Fancying was your most probably dead twin sister"

I could see that the Spirit of Fidelity, as she truly was, was trying to curl into a ball. She was terrified and confused. Everything about her life was a lie and the reason why her efforts to bring people together had failed suddenly made sense"

"But Brimanda" she wept

"Brian and Amanda" I told her as softly as I could, "were completely natural, sometimes that happens" I told her how her mother once told me that she had found that out before and so would leave such a couple unenchanted.

Suddenly behind me I felt the rush of wind, I looked round and saw a dimension gateway opening up in the wall of the tavern

Through the gateway, I saw the figure of the Spirit of Lust with two drow body guards approaching the virtual world of the World of Warcraft. As she stepped out of the gateway, it closed behind her leaving the tavern wall untouched, except for what seemed to look like a computerised wire drawing. Suddenly the wall was completely solid.

"So" I thought" the servers in the real world are having problems coping with a major spirit.

The Spirit of Fidelity looked at her aunt in total fear, she had heard stories when she was growing up about this vice spirit. Fidelity remained silent.

"My queen you give me this great honour" Yagel started.

Suddenly he collapsed on the floor, a crossbow bolt in his chest. The Prince Low troll had obviously recovered from the magic missile attack. The Drow body Guards, drew their flaming swords and stood ready to protect the Spirit of Lust.

The Spirit of lust looked unconcerned

"Thank the titans for that" she quipped, "his obsequiousness was nausiating.

"Aunty" Whispered the Spirit of Fidelity, "I'm sorry" the whimpered

The Spirit of Lust gave her a mere contemptuous glance and turned round to look at me. I glanced around, but there was no sign of the troll. But I did notice that some of the furniture, would occasionally turn into a blue line drawing, and then back to "normal" The Servers in the real world were definitely being taxed by this entity.

The Spirit of Lust, spoke to the drow on her right. "Find that Troll and kill it will you please"

"By your command, my Queen" he replied and headed out into the main body of the tavern.

"So, Graeme, We meet again" The Spirit of Lust addressed me, still as contemptuous as ever, "Why my deluded sister thought you were a cyber warrior eludes me, you are but a fragile pathetic mortal"

Then she turned her head and glared at the Spirit of Fidelity, "almost as pathetic as my daughter's grubby little brats" she said with anger in her voice.

Cyber Warrior????

That was it. I was a cyber warrior, and this was effectively my realm. I let my mind concentrate, and suddenly I could feel the information flows of the servers flowing through me. I could feel a power, that would only exist here. The Spirit of Lust had made her first mistake, but she was still more powerful.

"How could you kill your own sister" I challenged her, my voice suddenly changing.

For a moment she was taken aback, as indeed was I.

"Actually, it was Yagel, I merely watched as he throttled the life out of her with his bare hands, coated of course with hind's blood"

The Spirit of Fidelity watched on, still curled up on the floor, with tears in her eyes.

"So why all this civil war, why get Yagel to track down Brimanda"

"Simple darling", the civil war will make a collective unconscious feedback loop to facilitate my entry back into the world of mortals, in such a way as I can remain as long as I need, and when Brimanda were located, a sudden fireball, and Chiggy would be the prime couple, feeding the desires of lust"

Suddenly, the remaining drow dropped as a crossbow bolt hit him. I turned around and saw the Prince Low Troll with a cross bow, grinning from ear to ear. Behind the Troll was the other drow, with flaming sword raised.

"Behind you" I yelled and went to point at the Drow. Suddnely a bolt of lightning flew from my hand and turned the Drow into a grease stain on the wall.

"How dare you" Screamed the Spirit of Lust

Fidelity continued to cower

The troll ran to the young spirit and thrust into her hand his talisman of permanence and whispered something into her ear. I could see a shocked expression on her face.

The Spirit of Lust was more interested in me than what the troll was doing. She hurled a fire ball at me, I held up my hands, and suddenly it dissipated on some kind of invisible shield. Even so it felt pretty hot. In my head I could here -5 hit points.

The servers were trying to treat this as just another fight, but they were not able to cope as momentarily the whole tavern was just a blue line drawing.

Suddenly I had an idea, although I had no idea if it would work. In her staff I noticed another orb of dimension jumping.

"The Orb" I screamed pointing to it. Suddenly a magic missile hurled from my hand at the orb, only to dissipate harmlessly at one foot from the target.

"Your not the only one who can cast a shield spell" the Spirit of Lust Grinned.

Suddenly the orb shattered as the troll used her distraction whilst talking with me to take it out.

She span round to glare at the troll. This was my only chance, even if this was a suicidal manoeuvre which would really annoy the heck out of all the gamers logged in.

I let my mind plug into the servers and sent the command, Alt Def 4

Suddenly everything started to fade and any characters left in the tavern were vanishing. The Spirit of Lust put her hands to her head and screamed "What have you done"

I ran across to the Spirit of Fidelity

"Take her to your world" Screamed the Troll as he activated a dimension jump orb.

"What about you" I asked, "and the other non orcs"

"I'm off to join them in Second Life" he winked as he left through what appeared to be a wire frame drawing of a pipe.

As the dimension jump orb warmed up , the Spirit of Lust stood up, parts of her turning into blue line drawings. "I will kill the pair of you" she screamed and hurled a huge fire ball at us. Instinctively the Spirit of Fidelity held up her hand, and the fireball was turned back, on the Spirit of Lust.

The orb was ready, and I grabbed the Spirit of Fidelity's hand and dragged her through to the world of mortals, just as the World of Warcraft shut down, with the Spirit of Lust, still inside.

For the moment, it was over and we were back in London, in Hyde Park near the Serpentine.

The Spirit of Fidelity looked across the water at a setting sun.

I was suddenly curious

"Fidelity, what did the Prince Low Troll tell you"

"Fidelity? Oh I forgot that is my real name. I is going to take some getting used to." she started, still a little confused that she was not who she had always she believed she was. Then after staring at the ducks on the Serpentine continued. "He said I have a twin sister, and she has the only other talisman of permanence, and she is here in the world of mortals"

"Just like Yagel had said" I replied, "removed by the fairies"

Fidelity nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I have to find her"

Together we watched the sun set, then I had an idea.



"Allow me to introduce you to McDonalds, I believe there is a branch near by at Marble Arch"...

The End - For now

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It had been a month, since the Spirit of Fidelity and I had escaped from the World of Warcraft. It's shutting down had merited a few columns in the national papers, as disgruntled gamers complained, but eventually after a week it was back up. There was no sign of the Spirit of Lust, somehow she must have been trapped as a stream of electrons.

For the most part the papers were still trying to solve the double murder of two police officers, and the double murder of a Romany lady and the female barista at the coffee shop the two doppelgänger s had visited. The case was going nowhere as there were no leads, but what could I tell them?

I had no further visitors from the Mystical Realms, there would still be some kind of civil war I summarised, but without their leaders it most likely would be a standard trolls v orcs affair, with the elves drafted in to tackle the drow remnants.

I dropped into a coffee shop where I had found Fidelity a job, under the name of Faith

"How's it going" I asked her
"Hard, I keep thinking of them every day, mother and sister"
"Sorry Fidelity, all my investigations have drawn a blank so far"

She looked down at the floor, "me too, I have been trying this google thing, but it keeps returning something called Samanda"

This caused me to think, and then I glanced at an old copy of the News of the World, which had the story that Sam and Amanda had been seen at a hotel with their respective fellows. This was why things happened this year.

Sam and Amanda were human analogues of the spirit twins Sam was Fidelity, Amanda was Fancying. Their presence on Big Brother must have caused ripples in the collective Unconsciousness and forced the Spirit of Lust's hand.

Fidelity could see I had phased out, "Graeme"


"Do you think she is dead?"

"The Spirit of Lust"

Fidelity nodded

"I don't know" I replied, "I would like to think so" I told her.

"I have to get back to work now" Fidelity told me, as she went to serve an unexpected queue of customers.

I left the coffee shop

I could not tell if the Spirit of Lust would arise again, as she had not been dispatched with hind's blood , and whilst people gave into lusts and animal desires, there was still a chance that one day she might return, but for now we had gained a kind of victory, but the Spirit of Fancying was out there in the world, possibly thinking she was the Spirit of Fidelity, and maybe not even knowing she was a virtuous spirit at all.

Only time would tell.
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I have just been reading bits, and I like it!

It links to the closing of my Cafe! And the twins! And lord of the rings! Keep it coming!
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This saga continues - but first some vignettes in the run up to the continuation

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