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Default Some Vignettes- Precursors to Mystical Realms Sagas - Season Four

The saga prior....

Somewhere in Washington

It is mid October

It is night, at the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. A figure sits on a bench looking out over the reflecting pool. He is sipping orange juice from a carton through a straw.

Another, younger man comes to the seat and sits down next to him

"Do you remember Nam" the older man asked

"Not really sir, that was ancient history" replied the younger man

The older man sucked on the straw of his oranges juice. It gave a gurgling sound, as the orange juice ran out, and he started to suck on air.

The older man then explained his reference "During the Vietnam campaign, one of the threats came from the Viet Com. South Vietnamese who sympathised with the communists. It was hard to tell who was foe and who was friend."

"A bit like the insurgents today in Iraq" the younger man replied.

"Precisely" replied the older man and got up and started to walk toward the Vietnam war memorial.

The old man paused as he looked at the names of those who had died in that conflict.

The younger man waited and coughed


"Sir, it is confirmed, Sky Guard traced the gateway to London, England"

"And Second life and the World of Warcraft?"

"Yes sir, they confirmed multiple avatars with no corresponding IP addresses"

The older man turned round to face the younger man.

"I hate overseas operations, can the Brits be trusted"

"Well sir" started the younger man, "they are our closest allies"

The older man sniffed and placed the empty carton in a trash can. "We need to send one of our guys" he then said

"I can be on a flight tomorrow" the younger man replied

"No son, not you"

"But who, the terms of the agreement means that we get to have an observer since the intrusion was in the Brits territory"

"I know, but I want to send someone, so they are out of the way of other projects we have here in DC"

"Is it who I think you are thinking of" The younger man asked

"Yes, and perhaps his partner, he got too close to other operations last time. And besides, I trust the Brit in charge of their end, to take any appropriate action, should he be a further problem"

The younger man then handed the elder man a file. The older man took it and leafed through it. If he was shocked by any of the contents, he never showed it.

"It's all there, the British police reports, the GCHQ logs. Everything" said the younger man.

"In deed it is" said the elder man, and took from his coat pocket another carton of orange juice. He took the straw from the side and poked it through the hole at the top and begun drinking from it.

"I think" he started, "We need to take some people in for questioning"...

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It is the end of October

It is late in the evening on the Isle of Dogs in London...

Three Blacked out vans made their way in convoy along the A1206, Preston's Road, as they headed up to the roundabout. They pulled to a stop on Trafalgar Road

Quietly a small team of armed men got out of the vans. and looked down towards the marina of small boats. All of them were dressed in black body armour, carrying semi automatic weapons, and wearing the helmets of a special branch assault team.

A man in brown rain mac got out of the passenger seat of the van in front. He was holding what looked like a radar speed gun. He was in his early fifties and had a military style hair cut.

One of the officers came over to him. "Sir the suspects are down in one of the boats in the marina", then he looked at the device the man in the brown mac was holding. "What is that sir"

"Sorry commander, that is classified" he replied bluntly, "All you and your men need to know is that it will detect the target"

"You mean the terror suspects"

"Yes of course"

The commander started to wave directions at the rest of the officers to move out in their well trained manner.

"Commander" said the man in the brown rain mac


"We need them alive"

"But I thought this was a Cratos mission, we were told that the terrorists were likely detonate a remote device if they were challenged"

"I said Alive"

"If possible SIR"

"Yes of course, but if we loose both of them, then we will not know where the others in this cell group are located"

The commander turned back to his men and signalled to them to use the tasers

He turned back to the man in the brown jacket "Sir even if we do score a direct hit with a taser, he could still.."

"Just do it" the man in the brown rain mac interrupted, "I was told we would get full co-operation from Special Branch"

"Yes Sir"

The man in the Brown rain mac walked to the top of the steps down and pointed his device at the boats and scanned them. He was hoping that this was not another false lead.

The device registered a positive signal, the targets were there. That boat there, he told the commander pointing at the boat that had registered positive.

The officers, moved quietly and quickly down to the boats, ran across the bridge to the main part where the boats we moored.

Suddenly, what looked to be man poked his head out from the boat.

The officers were under strict orders, this was to be a surprise, just in case they detonated a remote device or alerted their fellow members of the terror cell.

The officer in front, fired the taser at the figure, it was a direct hit, and the man fell on the deck.

The second man emerged from the boat and ran at the team.

One of them fired a taser, but he deflected it, and grabbed the officer who had fired the first taser. He lifted the officer in the air as if he was as light as a feather and threw him in to the water.

A sound of automatic gunfire erupted into the night. The commander had shot the suspect, he had had no choice.

Unexpectedly, as the second men dropped to his knees, he changed his appearance from a man, to a tall, elfin, gray-skinned creature


Suddenly, the creature burst into flames, and in 5 seconds, was just ash blowing in the wind.

The commander directed some of the other men to rescue the officer who had been thrown into the water, and then went towards the boat to try and see the first "suspect"

The man in the brown rain mac interrupted him. "Thank you for your assistance, our team will take it from here"

"Our Team?" questioned the commander, then he noticed a military truck had pulled up behind their vans, and a number of other officers in non de script black body armour were getting out with a gurney.

"But sir, the suspect needs to be"

The man in the brown rain mac cut him off yet again "Do you like being in the Special branch"

"Yes sir"

"Then get your men out of here and go home, we will handle the prisoner from here. Remember this is a case of national security"

"But the second suspect, he just"

"Very clever what these terrorists can do, I told you we needed them alive, but I suppose we will have to do with one. I will be going back with my team to the facility"

The other men had by this time arrived, and the man in the brown mac directed them to collect the first suspect, who too was looking tall, elfin, grey-skinned.

As the special branch unit regrouped the man in the brown rain mac went with his lot and got into the military truck, which backed up and then drove off.

The man in the brown mac took out his mobile phone and dialled a number. When he was answered he replied "We only have one of them, which we are bring them in. By the way, there is a certain Special Branch commander I want you to deal with. Make sure an example is made of him."

With that the military truck drove off into the night to the north part of London.
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Great stuff Sticks. Liking it alot.
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It is the 14 July 2006

A person from Italy uploads a BBC Horizon programme to Google video. It is about Parallel Universes

By mid November 2007 it has been viewed 369,874 times

(A short clip)
Youtube video
Click to view this video on Youtube

Tim Zachary is a junior technician, at "The Facility" in England and has been watching this video.

The head of the section, known as Mr Blue only for security reasons drops by. He is in his early fifties and has a military style hair cut

Tim looks up at him and points to the screen. "Do you think we should have that pulled?" he asks Mr Blue, "It is quite close to our operations"

Mr Blue grunts in a disdainful manner, "and what would that achieve, its been on national TV for crying out loud. All that would do would draw attention to it. Besides, those talking egg heads will all admit that they do not have one shred of actual physical evidence"

"Oh" replies Tim meekly

"It's all theoretical and a product of mathematics" Mr Blue continues.

"As far as they know" Tim chips in

"Exactly" Mr Blue Grinned, "now shut that down, interesting as it is and go and help Miss Ochre in interrogation 3, we need someone to operated the NMR"

At this Tim logs off and heads down the corridor

Mr Blue mutters to himself, "we will make an intelligence operator of you yet"

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The year is 1967

It is the height of the cold war, and the US has launched a series of satellites, designed by Mr Stirling Colgate, that will look for the tell tale gamma ray bursts that accompany the Soviet testing of nuclear weapons.

On 02 July of that year, it detects gamma ray bursts coming from all over the sky.

It is realised that these gamma ray bursts came from deep space, in fact, from outside the Milky Way Galaxy, to the edge of the known universe.

Over the decades, more satellites are commissioned to observe this phenomena. They are thought to come from extra large stars in stellar nurseries that collapse to black holes after a million years

A BBC Horizon science programme discusses this in 2002

The satellites for detecting alleged nuclear test bans, fall into apparent disuse.

35 years after the first gamma ray bursts were detected, a number of CIA satellite are requisitioned by the NSA, for a top secret project.

They are looking at the Earth, and detecting low level X-ray bursts of a certain frequency, these are labelled as gateways, or doorways from a parallel universe. A number of them are in Israel, Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq.

A number of them have been traced to London England, and a city in the North of England.

In light of the multinational element, secret agreements with the US, British and Israeli security services are formed.


It is early November at "The Facility"

In a monitoring room, an alarm sounds on a monitor. It is a direct line to the Skyguard satellite system, and it has just detected an intrusion.

The man on duty is referred to as Mr Sepia, for security reasons. He looks at the screen and dials in to the location.

He picks up the telephone and presses a speed dial button.

The phone is answered.

"Mr Blue here"

"Intrusion in Northern England, co-ordinates being sent to your blackberry right now" Mr Sepia says in a cold business like manner.

"Got it Mr Sepia" Mr Blue replies, "I will use the ring artefact and handle it"

"Do you want me to sign it out sir for you"

"No need Mr Sepia, I signed it out this afternoon"

"Acknowledged Mr Blue, will get a holding cell ready"

"Oh, Mr Sepia, these intrusion locations are sometimes indicative of others, get a sweep squad out there ASAP. Call the local special branch, give them the usual spiel about Al-Qaeda terror cells".

"Yes Mr Blue, on it right now, By the way, the Americans will be with us by the end of the week"

"Typical, we get the goods and they want to muscle in." Mr Blue replied, with clear irritation in his voice.

"It is in the agreement sir" replied Mr Sepia with an air of resignation

"I know,it does not mean I have to like it though. Mr Blue out" With that, Mr Blue hung up.


It is early November 2007

Shamus McTuckle is a leprechaun, he has been living among mortals in the Irish republic for a long time. He passes himself off as someone with dwarfism when he has to mingle with unsuspecting humans. He has had to do this a lot more lately, as using his power to remain unseen, has become dangerous.

It is 23:30, and a mobile phone rings in his flat in Cork.

"Hello, who can be ringing me at this forsaken hour" he shouts into his telephone.

Over the telephone, comes a familiar voice, but the mear fact that he is ringing, fills him with dread.

"Shamus" the voice calls, "It's me your cousin Drack"

"Drack, I though you were still in the Mystical realms"

"Yes I was cousin, but I found this orb that let me travel, so I thought I would get away from the civil war, and drop by"

Shamus broke into a cold swear.

"Shamus, are you still there?" Drack asked down the telephone line.

"Drack where did you arrive" Shamus asked, trying hard to mask his terror.

"I arrived in some town in what the mortals call Northern England, there were the last co-ordinates on the orb"

Shamus, for a moment was relieved, then a thought occurred to him.


"Yes Shamus"

"Run, get out of there now"

"Why Shamus, what is the problem"

"Drack, they are tracking you right now"

"Shamus, chill out, as these mortals say, the Orcs never saw me. I found the orb in the old court building, no one saw me"

Shamus was by now in disbelief at his cousin's stupidity. He could ruin it all, but then Drak was never the sharpest tool in the box.

"Drax, you idiot, it is not the orcs tracking you, it is the humans, somehow they have twigged about us. Just by coming through, they can somehow find us. Just by using magic they can sense us"

"Should I come and see you Shamus"

"NO!" Shamus shouted into the phone, "Run, get out of that town and use the orb to return"

"Shamus, there is some mortal, that has just turned up here"

Shamus, listened horrified as he heard his cousin scream in pain, and then fall silent. He heard someone walk across and pick the phone up.

Shamus hung the phone up, and grabbed a prepared overnight bag he had done for just such an emergency, and left his flat. He switches off his mobile phone. He knew of only one place to hide, as soon as he got rid of his mobile and the sim card. Cousin Drack had fouled up big time. But how did they find him so fast.

The adventure is about to restart
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Can anyone add to it, because its a Interactive One?
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Originally posted by Magic-Shoes
Can anyone add to it, because its a Interactive One?
I may have used a misnomer

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The adventure restarts

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