ThisisBigBrother.com was founded in 2001 by Mark Rayson, as a small fan site for Big Brother fans. Nearly eight years later at this point in time, the website is pulling in just under 1.3 million visitors a year, and boasts the most active Big Brother forum in the UK.  We are the largest Big Brother fan site in the world traffic wise and membership wise.

After many years of being hosted by other companies, in 2008 ThisisBigBrother.com (or TiBB as it's known amongst regulars) decided to invest in a dedicated server to cater for our traffic. This new server offers us much for room for expansion, and faster loading times for our visitors. We also decided to branch out from focusing 100% on Big Brother, and into other Reality TV shows.

The main area of TiBB is our forum. With over 13,000 members and 1.8 million posts (as of 2008) there's something for everyone, whether you like to discuss Big Brother, X Factor or I'm a Celebrity. We discuss all reality shows in the UK, as well as having offtopic General Chat forums.

Another popular feature is our Picture Gallery. Inside you will find just under 15,000 images of everything that is Big Brother... from contestants photos, to the Big Brother house itself, to screen caps of various other shows, there's plenty to be found for an avid TV fan.

ThisisBigBrother.com has a team of people working around the clock to make sure the website runs as smoothly as possible. Without the people below, this website wouldn't be where it is today - and its success is down to them.


Website Founder
Content Administrator and Developer
Forum Administrator


Content Administrator and Developer
Forum and Gallery Administrator


Content Administrator
Forum and Gallery Administrator - Josy became an Admin in January 2014.

Our forum has a team of moderators that keep the board running, making sure that all posts are in the correct area and making amendments where necessary. In no particular order, they are:

Updated 2014.


ThisisBigBrother.com was founded after Big Brother 2 finished screening in the UK

The website is owned by Mark Rayson.  When the website first started it was just a few random pages linked together, but ThisisBigBrother.com started to prove so popular that it was decided to add a forum. Rick joined Mark on a temporary basis and helped develop and setup the forum, and once his work was done, he moved on to other projects.

Since then the website has experienced year-on-year growth and is currently one of the most popular UK Reality TV websites in the UK traffic wise. There is a very active forum which has over 13,000 members, a figure that is growing daily. The site is known for being one of the friendliest Big Brother sites on the web.

After Rick moved on, Mark looked for a new management team to help run the forum. "LEE" joined up as a Forum Administrator and "Wildchild" took on the role of Moderator. Fairly soon after "Kaz" was added to the team making a third Administrator. All of the team worked very hard at running the forum and everyone put a lot of time and effort in.

As the site grew, it began to have problems with its original hosts so ThisisBigBrother.com looked around for a new deal. Through the XMB site (XMB is the software used for the forum) Mark met Richard who runs a hosting company called Aventure Media and it was decided to move over to him. Richards company helped expand the site and TiBB moved over to their US Server known as AventureDNS which gave the site enough space for future expansion.

For some time, the main site was offline for redevelopment and ran with just the forum. Even without a main site it became one of the busiest Big Brother forums on the web.

TiBB was mentioned by Channel4 on the official Big Brother Website as "the second best" Big Brother site around. The site was really happy about this at the time, and it gave us a lot of new members.  The site which was awarded first place is no longer around, so we TiBB unofficially claims the title!

Shortly after, WebUser Magazine featured TiBB. They mentioned ThisisBigBrother.com saying it was a "good site, with an active forum". The site was really pleased with this, as when TiBB started no-one thought it would be as popular as it has shown.

During the time between BB3 and BB4 the team focused on the forum, and tried to make it more busy. They succeeded, and made around 10,000+ posts during this time.

While Big Brother 4 was running, it was decided to make some changes to the way ThisisBigBrother.com was run. James joined Mark in helping to run the main site, as well as becoming an Administrator on the forum and gallery. Amy joined the team as a forum moderator, and helped to update the news on the main page. 

Big Brother 5 was a another success, with the site growing in content and new members joining every day.

In the time between Big Brother 5 and 6, TiBB had a lot of hosting problems. After some downtime, and chasing up loose ends, they moved to another host, LMHosting. They offered the site a good deal at a competitive rate.

Big Brother 6 and 7 were far busier years for, to the point where the site was so busy on some days that it crashed the server.

After Big Brother 8 finished, TiBB reorganised the management team of the forum. There were 12 people running the forum, and everyone put in hard work and long hours into keeping TiBB the success it is.

Big Brother 9 was the point at which it was decided to expand out and focus on other Reality TV programs, not just Big Brother.

This year for Big Brother 10 TiBB is hoping to smash all records and make the site more popular than ever.


Thanks for reading.  In the meantime, why not introduce yourself over at our forum


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