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Daily Update - Day 10 - Friday 22nd May 2015 Highlights and LIVE Eviction Show

22 May, 2015 - 2:27 PM by Josy
Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 10
Shown Tonight, Friday 22nd May at 9pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show will appear here -

In tonight’s live programme, the housemates will discover who the public has been voting all week to EVICT. The three housemate facing the second eviction of the series are ADJOA, EILEEN and SARAH.

In addition, tonight’s programme will provide highlights from day ten in the Big Brother house.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

* The housemates wake up to another day of basic rations, no hot water and no use of appliances. Kieran comments, “Everyone in there is starting to feel it now!”
* Sarah is in the Diary Room talking about tomorrow’s eviction. “I’ll be gutted if I go…” she says. “This is like a funhouse. It’s like a playgroup for adults.”
* Jade, Nick and Chloe are chatting in the bedroom about what would make them lose their tempers. Jade plans to talk to Eileen about tension between them. Jade says, “I think it will be beneficial.”
* All the housemates are gathered for today’s task. The task is a debate. The housemates are split into two teams and must decide which Housemate from the opposition falls into categories set by Big Brother. The categories are ‘Most Inconsiderate,’ ‘Most Boring,’ ‘Most Annoying’ and ‘Most Fake.’ The accused housemate must then defend themselves. Team A members are; Danny, Chloe, Eileen, Amy, Sally, Joel, Adjoa and Nick. Team B members are; Kieran, Jack, Jade, Cristian, Sarah, Aaron and Harriet
* Amy represents Team A who has picked Cristian as ‘Most Inconsiderate’ as he recently ate a pancake from her plate. Cristian defends himself. Amy maintains her position. Jade represents Team B and picks Nick. She accuses him of drinking more than his fair share of alcohol and states he only got into bed with her for the task for his own reasons. Nick responds, “I don’t fancy you!”
* Eileen represents Team A and picks Jade as the ‘Most Boring’ housemate. She says that Jade doesn’t socialise and also says that, “She doesn’t understand how hungry the rest of the group is. She looks bland about the delicious food.” Jade defends herself saying, “I do appreciate the food. I do feel awkward guilty.” Harriet also leaps to her defence. Danny, joins the conversation but when he begins to speak, Harriet talks over him. Danny tells Harriet to “shut up” which causes an argument between the pair. She goes into the bedroom with Aaron to try to calm down. She is very upset. After a few minutes, she rejoins the group. Jack represents Team B who has picked Adjoa as ‘Most Boring’ stating that she doesn’t join in with the group and “She has a negative attitude.” Adjoa disagrees.
* Adjoa then represents Team A who pick Kieran as the ‘Most Annoying’ saying that he is very loud and interrupts people’s private conversation. She says that he, “Always has to be better than everyone else.” Sarah says that the points are getting personal, which causes the twins to start arguing with her. Cristian represents Team B who has decided Joel is ‘Most Annoying’. They say that he needs to stop pestering Sally as she’s clearly disinterested. Sally starts to defend Joel but Amy shouts over the top of her and is very upset about the subject saying, “She’s got a boyfriend! Are you all *********g stupid!” Joel responds to the category by saying that, “It’s just a bit of banter.”
* Joel represents Team A who has decided that Aaron is the ‘Most Fake’ saying that he “called Amy a two-faced bitch but you’ve been very nice to her,” and that he is using Jack’s popularity with the public to gain airtime. Sarah is surprised at how personal the task has become, adding “people are saying such nasty things for a hot meal.” The housemates start talking over each other again. Harriet shouts, “everyone shut up! Look what it’s doing to us all.” Sarah represents Team B saying that they have picked Danny for ‘Most Fake’ based on appearance saying he spends a long time grooming himself. Danny laughs saying it is all true.
* Team B wins the task
* Jade wants to chat to Eileen about the points she raised in the task. Eileen refuses, which causes them to argue.
* Harriet and Danny apologise to one another.
* Jade approaches Eileen to discuss their argument. Although they apologise to one another, it does not seem resolved.
* Eileen goes to the Diary Room to talk about Jade. She is angry with her behaviour and says the task revealed the real reasons for Jade nominating her.
* Jade and Kieran are in the kitchen discussing the best way for Jade to communicate with Eileen. Jade says “It seems fake that she’s speaking about me behind my back… She can’t take criticism. She’s slightly childish.”
* Sally and Amy are misbehaving. They are throwing household items and jumping on other housemates' beds, which annoys Jack.

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 10
Shown Tonight, Friday 22nd May at 9pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show will appear here -

In tonight’s live programme, the housemates will discover who the public has been voting all week to EVICT. The three housemate facing the second eviction of.....
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