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Daily Update: Day 32 Saturday 13th June (9pm) Highlights

13 Jun, 2015 - 3:08 PM by James
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 32

Shown Tonight, Saturday 13th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show are here -


Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· The Housemates are waking up to the antics caused by night ninjas Simon and Jack

· Simon comes into wake the House up by telling them “guys they have wrecked the joint!” Chloe goes to investigate “We’ve been burgled.” Danny questions, “Is Joel’s dressing gown meant to be in the pool?”

· Big Brother gathers Housemates in the living room to inform them that the House is in disarray due to the antics of two night ninjas and then ask the group to guess who the two responsible are. Jack whispers to Marc, “listen to me, say Cristian and Joel” he then desperately goes on to tell Marc, “I swear it wasn’t me!” Jack then tries to convince Danny, “Say Joel and Cristian you will thank me!”

Big Brother asks a Housemate to stand up and say the two they think are responsible. Jack stands up and declares “Joel and Cristian.” Big Brother informs the group that Simon and Jack successfully kept their anonymity but because Jack whispered to Marc they have failed the task.

· Marc is feeling mischief and once again dons the tin foil outfit. “I have been sent from the future to kick Joel’s arse!” he then proceeds to chase Joel. “You will never be Prime Minister!”

· Marc is in this tin foil outfit talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room “I think I am gone. I sat there and assessed it, if everyone in the House dislikes me then the public have to dislike me.”

· The House are gathered on the sofa to hear who has been evicted out of Simon, Marc and Sam. The Housemates are shocked when it is revealed Marc is leaving with Jack commenting “No way! No!” and Simon crying shouting “I love you!”

· Marc enters the bunker and after ten minutes is joined by Brian and Helen. Helen tells Marc, “I guarantee this is what they will be saying, that it is a good thing that you have left.”

· The Housemates are discussing Marc’s departure Sam remarks “Maybe that is why I was booed as well for putting up with his s***”

Nikki then joins the bunker with the 3 legends and Marc. Marc picks her up and looks disbelieving. The phone rings and Marc runs to pick it up “hello this is the man off the telly” Marc is told the four housemates in the bunker will have complete control over who faces the public vote.

· Sam says to Harry “you must be over the moon!” Harry disagrees “I don’t want to slag him off before his bed is cold.”

· Big Brother switches the TV on in the bunker for Marc, Helen, Brian and Nikki to begin listening to the other Housemates. Harry undresses and Helen remarks “Ughhh get your burgers away!” Nikki agrees “she thinks she is so desirable”

· Jade comments to Chloe “I am going to be straight I think the wrong person went, Simon knows this.” Chloe agreed. Jack says “I completely disagree; the public decide, you can’t be the wrong person to leave.” Chloe said “but the public might not have seen Marc’s good side”

· Nikki is watching and says “he really thinks he is king of the House and he really grates on me” Helen comments “It is because he is fat”

· Harry is naked in the outside shower; Brian is watching in the bunker and cannot believe it.

· Nikki is demanding a few questions from Marc, he says can we talk in a few minutes, she says “no as Helen will be back and I won’t be able to fit a word in!”

· Helen is in the diary room “I am absolutely over the moon that Marc is in the room with us, he is going to watch everything they are saying. He is like a rolo, soft chocolate on the inside and hard chocolate on the outside, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him but I don’t think I ever would as I get where he is at”

· The housemates are in the bunker, Nikki complains “Why do we have to have this offensive light on!” They watch as Sam comments to Harry that she is glad Marc has gone. Nikki remarks “She is now trying to make her nest” Brian says she has no place in this group so she is trying to find a way in”

· Simon is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room. “I am stunned to be here still. I am shocked about Marc. He is like the brother I never had he is my soul mate.”

· Marc asks for more alcohol from Big Brother “If you want to see me and Helen have sex you will give us some more booze” Helen agrees “I will second what Marc is saying.” Marc says “I love Helen.” Brian and Nikki speculate that Helen and Marc will end up having sex.

· Marc goes to the Diary Room. “I can’t believe I am here I feel so happy! I can’t believe the UK public like me, the reception I got was unbelievable.”

· Helen is watching the monitor and says “He has been gone over an hour and they are still chatting s**t, that is how much power he has.”

· Nikki is making herself at home in the diary room “I just want to be in the main house. I am bored in there all Helen and Marc want to do is dissect each other’s bodies they aren’t interested in me and Brian, Helen talks over everyone. I am exhausted”. She whines “I want to go in the main house now Jack is really grating on me and I need to tell him he hasn’t got a chance of winning, I am desperate to tell him he is so cock sure of himself he thinks he rules the roost and all he does is moan and bitch and sloth around. Nick sloths around an awful lot but there is something about him, I have some strange crush on Nick.”

· Marc and Helen are wide awake in the bunker. Nikki is in bed and cries “turn of the lights” Helen responds “Nikki you better not be some dried up fart, **** off home” Helen and Marc go to brush their teeth. Nikki sits up in bed and says to Brian “I ****ing hate her, who the **** does she think she is, what is her ****ing problem! I am totally Beyonce and she is the backing dancer”

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 32

Shown Tonight, Saturday 13th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show are here -


Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· The Housemates are waking up to the antics caused by night ninjas Simon and Jack

· Simon comes.....
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