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Daily Update: Day 51 Thursday 2nd July Highlights preview

2 Jul, 2015 - 4:46 PM by James
Shown tonight, Thursday 2nd July at 9pm on Channel 5.

More pictures from this show are HERE

Tonight [Spoilers]: Dexter Koh leaves Hotel BB while Jasmine Lennard extends her stay. James Jordan arrives as a guest. He makes Marc a guest and Aisleyne a staff member. He gives advice to some of the Housemates. Jasmine and Cristian get steamy. Harry and Nick end their relationship.

Big Brother's Bit on the Side Preview:

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5, guests include; TV personality, Rustie Lee, comedian Matt Richardson will be joining the panel and hosting “Big Brother’s Big Buzz”, former Housemate Sara McLean and James Joyce will be checking out Hotel BB and giving the rundown on the house.

Key highlights and quotes from yesterday's highlights shown during tonight’s show include:

· It’s day three of the Hotel BB task. Staff Housemates are talking about Jasmine and Cristian’s kiss the previous night. Jack says, “It was steamy!” Marc says, “What Cristian wants, Cristian gets... Hero.”

· Jasmine is in the bedroom talking about Cristian. “I don’t think he’s shy.”

· Jasmine goes to the Diary Room. “I really just wanna die right now. I’m so embarrassed. If I was watching it on television, I’d probably be screaming at the TV set saying what is that old bitch doing with him. Typically, Cristian would be the exact opposite of what I find attractive but there’s something special about him. I’m a pretty intimidating girl but he held his own. I’m starting to understand the novelty of a younger man.”

· Some of the staff are in the smoking area. Jasmine goes over to Cristian and cuddles up beside him. Marc arrives and tells Cristian to be more professional and get up. Jasmine straddles Cristian to stop him from getting up. She kisses him. The other Housemates look on. Chloe says, “Jasmine, you’re a bad girl.”

· Jack and Nick are talking about the potential winner. Jack says, “If I was betting right now, I’d say Danny.” Nick says, “If I was going for the solid vote, I’d go for Joel.” He adds, “I’m done in here. I’m burnt out.”

· Cristian and Jack are talking about the eviction. Jack says, “I know I’m gone this week. I’m mentally ready for it.” Cristian responds, “Stop telling yourself that. Don’t accept defeat. Liven up a bit mate.” Jack gets annoyed saying, “Why do people keep saying that? I have livened up during this task. I’m not stressed. I’m fine. Now I look like a dick again.”

· Dexter and Jasmine are swapping opinions on the Housemates. Dexter thinks that because of his kiss with Jasmine, Cristian will now make it to the final. They start talking about Nick. They both think Harry has affected Nick’s behaviour and subdued him. Nick arrives and the two advise him. Dexter says, “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” Nick responds, “I probably look pathetic.” Jasmine concludes, “You do. It’s kind of endearing but at some point, people turn around and say this kid needs to get some balls now.”

· Marc is talking to Harry. He says, “You guys have as much chance of winning as I do.” Harry says, “People are grating on me because of the two-faced-ness.”

· Big Brother has given lunch to the staff. Harry is annoyed and says, “Everyone just seems to be out for themselves.” Nick tells her to calm down. She gets more annoyed. Nick says, “Stop trying to intimidate me. Stop telling me what to do.” Harry walks away annoyed. Harry is slamming doors and is called to the Diary Room. Marc goes to talk to Nick. He says, “I like Harry but that’s mad.” Nick says, “It’s not going to happen anymore. There’s going to be no, ‘You’re in the wrong all the time.’ I’m not a hostile person. She’s very hostile.” In the Diary Room, Harry refuses to talk to Big Brother.

· Dexter is about to leave and must give feedback of the best and worst employees. Dexter names Marc as the best for his standard of service and that, “He stayed very happy and jovial.” He names Jack as the worst saying, “He seems like a very disgruntled employee.”

· Jack approaches Nick and Cristian saying, “I can’t complete this task. I’m done.”

· Sam and Marc are talking. Marc says, “If I survive this Friday I’m going to wreck havoc.” Big Brother tells Marc to prepare for another guest. Marc and Sam are unhappy.

· Former Housemate James Jordan arrives as a Hotel BB guest. Danny is excited. James is given a tour a demands the house be cleaned. Chloe says, “The Brad Pitt of the dance world needs a clean bathroom!” James advises Marc to keep being himself saying, “You’re like marmite. You’ve got massive banter.”

· Marc is shouting for the staff to do some jobs for James. Jasmine expresses her dislike for James.

· Big Brother gathers all the Housemates in the living area. James must choose one staff housemate to become a V.I.P. guest. He chooses Marc saying, “I feel he deserves to be on this side more than anyone else.” He is then asked to choose a current guest to become a staff member. He chooses Aisleyne saying that he would like to split the Aisleyne / Danny team up. Marc is delighted. Aisleyne is not happy. Marc tells James that he has been arguing with Aisleyne. Jasmine jumps to her defence and tells Marc that he crossed the line with his insults towards Aisleyne. Marc defends himself. James agrees with Marc.

· Nick, Harry and Jack are cleaning the bathroom. Nick encourages her to make peace. Harry says, “I said I’m not doing this task no more. No one listens to me.”

· Harry and Nick are talking in the bathroom. Harry says, “I think we need to put a stop to this. We’re obviously very different.” Nick agrees to end their relationship as it stands. Harry says, “You are intimidated by me.” Nick disagrees. Nick tries to continue a conversation. Harry refuses to keep speaking to him.

· Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom. Nick and Harry are talking. Harry says, “If I’m not gone on Friday I’m walking. We’re very different people. I’m the bitch that sees the bad [in people].” Nick says, “It’s hard to be around you when you’re like this. It’s just toxic. I don’t know how you can be that angry.” Harry dismisses Nick and says, “I don’t want to be here with these type of people.” Marc apologises to Aisleyne and they make peace.

· Marc and Aisleyne are in garden. Marc says, “I’m you glad now we’ve made up. I was making up **** just to annoy.” Aisleyne agrees and says, “You’re really hard to figure out.”

· James is advising Jack. “Don’t worry too much. You just panic too much and it comes across as moaning.”

· Jasmine and Cristian are in the kitchen talking about Jasmine’s departure. She tells Cristian, “This is me on my best behaviour. You’d be in trouble [in the outside world].”

· Joel is trying to coax Harry into explaining why she’s upset. Harry says no one listens to her. A debate ensues. Nick says, “I’m just trying to tell you that people care in this house.” He tells her she’s keeps contradicting herself. Harry responds, “Well, I’m a big fat contradiction. I don’t care.”

· Jack is in the Diary Room talking about Cristian and Jasmine. “Personally, I think she’s a very nice lady but I worry for Cristian. I’m a little but worried that Cristian is smitten and getting slightly played by Jasmine.”

· Jasmine and Cristian is in the bedroom. Jasmine and Cristian get in to bed together. They kiss. Jasmine stops it saying, “This could get out of control.”

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Good ol' James levelling the playing field.
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Shown tonight, Thursday 2nd July at 10pm on Channel 5.

More pictures from this show are HERE

Tonight [Spoilers]: Dexter Koh leaves Hotel BB while Jasmine Lennard extends her stay. James Jordan arrives as a guest. He makes Marc a guest and Aisleyne a staff member. He gives advice.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
Published on: 2 Jul, 2015 - 4:46 PM Comment with Quote

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