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Daily Update [Day 10]

28 Aug, 2014 - 9:02 PM by Josy
Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Thursday 27th August) highlights show.

Here are the details of what happened in the house yesterday...

* It’s eviction day and the first time the celebrities will face the public vote.

* Claire and Dee talk about George and Dee says he is lairy when he’s had a drink and she needs it toning down a bit.

* James says: ‘I’m going tonight, so let’s all row.’ Frenchy and Edele reassure him and Edele says: ‘I’d be surprised if you go.’

* Gary tells Big Brother that he is learning how to behave in a better way and is controlling his spitting and belching. He says that one of his dreams is to stay in the house and learn more about himself.

* Audley and Dee talk about how human waste is disposed of in caravans and aeroplanes.

* James gives David and Ricci a dancing lesson in the garden. David says they are like the Chippendales.

* The rest of the Housemates watch them from the garden and Lauren comments that James said he wasn’t going to dance in the house. George says that he wouldn’t want be as big as David as it would be ‘too much effort.’ Stephanie calls him her ‘gummy bear.’

* David tells Big Brother about his possible eviction and he says: ‘I’m good, I’m ready for either outcome.’

* Gary tells Leslie: ‘It could be anyone going.’

* Kellie says that leaving the house could be worse than coming in and Claire says: ‘I’m not used to this malarkey.’ Claire further comments that even the winner gets booed.

* Emma speaks to the house and James get very loud boos. Emma announces that David is the first Housemates to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. He seems pleased and leaves to cheers from the crowd.

* Audley says that no one should take the next nomination personally and that the gloves are off.

* George says that Gary won’t go as he has a massive fan base.

* Edele comforts Ricci as he is genuinely upset by David’s eviction as he ‘clicked with him.’

* James says that he said he wouldn’t let boos get to him but they have. He wonders about why he got that reaction from the crowd and says that he is not bothered if it’s because he winds people up. He speculates that it might be because he spends a lot of time with the girls and the public might not like that in a married man. Leslie tells him that James has been mean to him and that might be the reason. James says ‘as long as it’s not the other thing’ and that if it is he will be ‘******ed off.’ Gary asks him what the other thing is and James says he can’t talk about it. Leslie asks James if he was the bad boy on Strictly and James says yes.

* The face to face nominations are:

• James – Leslie and Gary
• Dee – Gary and George
• Kellie - Leslie and Gary
• Audley – Leslie and Kellie
• Frenchy – Leslie and Audley
• Claire – George and Stephanie
• George – Frenchy and Gary
• Leslie – Frenchy and Gary
• Lauren – Gary and Frenchy
• Edele – Gary and Frenchy
• Gary – Leslie and Stephanie
• Ricci – Gary and Frenchy
• Stephanie – Frenchy and Gary – Stephanie’s nominations are discounted as she broke the rules, discussing nominations with James in her conversation about Audley. The conversation is replayed for the group.

* The Housemates facing eviction this week are everyone with a nomination – Gary, Frenchy, Leslie, Stephanie, Audley, Kellie and George.

* Frenchy tells Lauren she understands why she has received so many nominations and that after what she did it’s fair.

* Audley talks to Kellie to discuss his reasons for nominating her, which were that he thought she should leave as the world was ready for her as Kellie, he wants her to set up a fight for him and that he sometimes feels uncomfortable around her and that he didn’t want to share a bath with her. Kellie is upset by what Audley said and tells him to pi** off when he is trying to explain. Audley says he is working through his discomfort.

* Dee asks Stephanie if she wants a hug. Stephanie says no and that she wants to go to sleep. Dee tells her not to feel bad about anything.

* Audley talks to Stephanie about what he heard during the replay of her conversation with James and asks her how she could have thrown him under the bus like that. Stephanie says that on her list of things she dislikes in a person is bad manners and that he never says please. Audley says he will make an effort to say please. James tries to explain what he said but Audley doesn’t want to listen.

* Kellie talks to Big Brother about Audley and says his reasons were stupid. Kellie says: ‘I don’t feel annoyed, I feel cheated.’

* James says to Gary that he is used to being treated like a superstar.

* Stephanie tells James to not believe Gary’s ‘bull****’. James says: ‘I’ve tried to be his friend and he still sh**s on me.’

* Dee says that the nominations were too brutal for her liking.

* Edele tells Kellie that she feels for her and understands why she is upset. Kellie says she doesn’t want to be used as a ‘circus clown.’

* Audley is given a warning about his reasons for nominating Kellie. Audley further explains his thinking and says that he has known Kellie as Frank for 20-30 years and that the change has shocked him and all the boxing fraternity. He says: ‘I think anyone would be crazy to suggest that you just switch and make the adjustment, it’s going to take time.’

* James says to Ricci: ‘I would have preferred to have gone tonight to cheers than stay to boos, the house is now going to be divided for the first time, people are going to stay away, people are going to be isolated, it’s all going to kick off tomorrow.’

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Article contains spoilers from tonight's (Wednesday 27th August) highlights show.


Here are the details of what happened in the house yesterday...

* It’s eviction day and the first time the celebrities will face the public vote.

* Claire and Dee talk about George and Dee says he is lairy when he’s had a.....
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