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Katie Price is the winner!

6 Feb, 2015 - 10:57 PM by Josy
Katie Price won Celebrity Big Brother 2015 and left the house to cheers from the live audience.

Katie started the interview with Emma by saying, "I don't understand...I went in with a medical problem...I think I've been boring, so don't know why I'm here!" Emma reassured her that she kept her cool and maintained her dignity throughout.

Emma then asked if she was aware that some people were unhappy she entered the House late to which Katie Price replied, "It was a crazy House and I can't believe I've been in there three weeks...it's not my fault I went in late...I'm still me, but if there's arguments and stuff...normally I'd be 'don't take the piss out of fat kids'...i just didn't have the energy to argue with it."

Despite having a history with a few people in the House, Katie Price maintained, "I went in the House to find new friends who are loyal..." When asked who she trusted, Katie Price said "I definitely trusted Keith...he's so lovely. I just followed him around like a sheep. Cami...I just hope she hasn't been bitchy about me. And Michelle..."

On Perez, Katie Price said, "Perez doesn't bother me...I've met Perez before and he's always been a nice guy..."

The conversation moved onto Katie Hopkins. Katie Price said "I like Katie...I've seen she has a real soft side, a loving side...maybe she did try to push my buttons a few times...I spoke up when I needed to."

Katie Hopkins came second place and left the house to a mixed crowd.

Emma congratulated Katie Hopkins as the start of the interview and mentioned her launch night boos, Katie Hopkins said: “I was the most hated housemate in history going in…I’m a tough old bird”. On her mixed reaction with quite a few cheers on exit: “Its kind and great”.

Emma asked Katie Hopkins if she was planning to be controversial: “No, being consistent and true to myself. I’m the right, and not a loony left winger…Big Brother put a complete and utter Twat in the house”.

On starring in ‘The Perez Show’: "I like to call it ‘Perez making t*t of himself’. It was good to be his adversary and to pick up his bunny and smack it against a wall. If Perez wasn’t in there I would have been everybody’s least favourite person and a complete cow. If he wasn’t the biggest tw*t I could have been the second biggest tw*t. I was the knight in shining armour and then you gave him the power of information and I blame you”.

Calum came third and left the house to cheers from the audience.

On his experience, Calum said "I'm thrilled to bits with that, but I'm absolutely exhausted...it's such a cool thing I'll never forget!"

Emma asked Calum about why he wanted to change people's perceptions of him in the House and he admitted that "perceptions weren't the best" but he's happy with where he is in life now.

Having never lived with housemates before, Calum admitted that "It has been so full on" and “There's not a chance in there to have alone time" The conversation moved onto Perez and Calum admitted that "he gave me reason" to lose his temper.

Emma asked why he got away with "sitting on the fence" and Calum said he was "flattered" that the Housemates would come to him to ask for his opinion, adding "I'm happy to be calm"

Calum admitted that he "was excited" by the arrival of Katie Price but "some others weren't". However, he questioned whether her nomination of him was "an easy way out”.

Keith came fourth in the Celebrity Big Brother Final and left the house to cheers and met Emma in tears.

When interviewed by Emma in the Orb she asked him about his experience in the house: “I’ve always thought it would be great to be on Big Brother and that I would have loved to be on…It has been a nightmare, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed it… 70 per cent hell and 30 per cent brilliant…I kept myself busy”.

Emma asked Keith how he coped emotionally in the house: “There were points in the house when I thought it was hard, but I’m one of those people who goes away and thinks about quite a lot. I was accused of being Mr Switzerland, but I’m happy talking to everybody. I sat on the fence until it was right not to. It annoys me when people take the pee out of me, it annoyed me and there was a lot of acting going on.”

On his incident with Kavana: “When you have somebody who is drunk all the time, you try and protect people and look after them. I wanted to look after him with kid gloves and I didn’t like him getting into that sort of state. It affected me that he swore but it was his drunken moment and I got over it”

On Hopkins Vs Hilton: “It was like watching ping pong…It really was crazy…Perez I could not believe. He disappointed me and I don’t want to know him. His rudeness and cruelty towards other people…I’ve washed my hands of him.”

Michelle came fifth in the Celebrity Big Brother Final, leaving to cheers from the audience.

She told Emma that it's a "huge coo" to make it to the final and added," I feel very blessed, honoured and humbled."

Emma then asked if the experience lived up to her expectations and Michelle admitted, "This was hell compared to all the others...Leo Sayer, Gary Busey...they ain't got nothing on this series!"

When asked if she had a strategy, she maintained that she wanted to be herself and support her cause.

The conversation moved on to Perez, who Michelle described as "Lord Voldermort" and observed, "he has been completely in Katie Price's you know what...he was just in there to make a name of notoriety for himself"

On her "best mate in the House", Katie Hopkins, Michelle admitted "what she tries to do is good, her execution is horrendous...she's right, I'm left and there's love in the middle" She added "I do believe the friendship is real", and that they bonded over their love of the gay community.

Michelle then discussed the time she had to leave the room when Katie Hopkins and Perez were being friendly and says, "I could not sit there and watch it...she knew what she did was not right...she got it"

Michelle ended her interview by saying that she is "Team Katie all the way!"

Big Brother will be back this summer on Channel 5.

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Katie Price won Celebrity Big Brother 2015 and left the house to cheers from the live audience.

Katie started the interview with Emma by saying, "I don't understand...I went in with a medical problem...I think I've been boring, so don't know why I'm here!" Emma reassured her that she kept her.....
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