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  1. Aaliyah
    16-11-2020 11:43 PM
    my love i'm back
  2. caprimint
    17-08-2020 09:21 PM
    OOF we love a new and exciting idea
  3. Aaliyah
    17-08-2020 06:35 PM
    It's going to be more iconic because it's gonna be done by PM so by the time anything can be done everyone will have seen (it's not warn/ban worthy at all, but it would get locked for the drama aspect)
  4. caprimint
    17-08-2020 05:07 PM
    Gahhh Well I for one am most definitely PERCHED for this outing!
  5. Aaliyah
    17-08-2020 03:05 PM
    I have one of the biggest expose threads (that will be done via PM so it can't be taken down) of 2020 planned, going to strike while the irons hot though so I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to launch my attack
  6. caprimint
    17-08-2020 02:29 PM

    How do you plan on that
  7. Aaliyah
    17-08-2020 01:41 PM
    Oh realy, time to change that then I think hun
  8. caprimint
    16-08-2020 08:31 PM
    That's good to hear!!! I'm okay, nothing new or any tea tho really. Been pretty chilled lately
  9. Aaliyah
    16-08-2020 08:19 PM
    i've been good sis just been chilling & working on myself etc! how have you been, what's new? is there any tea
  10. caprimint
    16-08-2020 05:08 PM
    That AIN'T good enough naaaahhh jk tho, hope you've been good!!! I'm fine ty!!! What have you been up to???

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