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  1. JerseyWins
    Today 12:33 AM
    5/7 is SOLID for not living here, that was actually tougher than I thought it would be. I got 6/7 but I had to think about a few of them & glad there was multiple choice lol. And I hope you got NJ? NJ totally has one of the best shapes too, Colorado just being a big block I thought that was Pennsylvania at first as it's also basically a block like that (couple states are) but wasn't one of the options so I got lucky there & realized it's Colorado. I'd be absolutely awful @ getting shapes for other countries.

    Oh I know that Luke Combs song and I have it saved in my country playlist already. I like Luke Combs too! I have a few songs of his, one of the few country artists that I liked/knew of without you recommending Will give the other song a listen later!
  2. JerseyWins
    Today 12:33 AM
    Lol me finally beating you when I didn't even drink that much anyway, you giving me an easy win. & damn @ your skin, what do you mean, like breaking out from it or something else? A break is good for sure tho like you've been going HAM with the drinking over the past many months! Gonna be good next time you drink again

    Lol the Browns played last night (first team with the Bengals to play 2 games atm) and are 1-1 now. I totally get that, there are a LOT of different teams to get used to.

    Ah damn, that was pretty rude to not even say anything and stay on the phone for mins with you there. Lol @ ignoring most calls, I usually do that as well when I don't recognize the number tho or if it's like an aunt/uncle/etc. that I don't feel like talking to at that moment
  3. JerseyWins
    Today 12:32 AM
    Yeah idk I feel like that Bears game is too tough to predict this week (tbf a lot of their games will be unpredictable, they're that type of team that is unlikely to be TOO good or TOO bad). A lot of NFL games are pretty close yeah (within 1-10 points) and you mean the final scores are a lot lower? Cause yeah NBA games end up like 121-117 and stuff like that and that could NEVER happen with NFL lol, more like 27-21 games and such.

    Ahhh nah not from Amsterdam, at least I don't think Pretty sure it's just the name/brand of it. The wine was pretty nice and yeah it was light/decent flavor to it vs. just that wine taste. I could do with that more often I guess tbf. Eh it was a decent amount like 10ish (a tad more but I cba to even count in my head rn ) but all people she/us are close with. NOT a week without
  4. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 05:33 AM
    The top teams change up a decent amt but rarely anything TOO crazy. Like there's the same few teams that are practically almost always GREAT but the second-tier teams & everything in general varies enough from year to year (and same with bad teams, like the Browns - and the Jets - are always bad for so many years gah.

    That's good when it's a long lasting date like that and you experience multiple things Also just the chill hangout vibe over going to like a restaurant or something GAHH not on his phone If it was JUST a few mins it doesn't seem tooo bad but still should never focus on a phone call during a date ffs. Sounds like a bad experience all around
  5. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 05:33 AM
    For a birthday or some event I sure will drink on a work night. But tbf it wasn't much as I didn't wanna feel ****ty at work (and I didn't so it worked out perfectly). I had 2 double shots of this Amsterdam vodka & some of this orange flavored wine which I've never even seen before but I guess it was aight for a wine-based drink, pretty low alcohol content too. Def was feeling it enough and had a good time. Smoked some weed too, it was pretty nice/lit for a week night little party. One of my friends got pretty ****ed up tho and he had work today too so ffff and my friend whose gf's birthday it was also got pretty ****ed but he took a few days off so he had better reason to Noooot 5 days now (did you still not drink yet or you did since then? ) & does that mean you haven't drank since that awful hangover you had or was that even longer ago than 5 days?
  6. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 05:32 AM
    I guess I'm leaning towards Bears winning the game BUT even that is kinda close I'm so 50/50 on if -5.5 is a good bet... prob best to skip it for betting

    Ehh I wouldn't say it's stressful IRL with lots of people, it's just kinda more fun / more of an experience. Definitely more stressful for bigger games in person tho. If you didn't know what you were doing / how to play properly or at all I'm sure it'd be HELLA stressful tho I think it was for me earlier on too

    Oh yuuup that's a really good one, love the beat/rhythm to it. Super catchy How was this awards show? Anything else really good?
  7. JerseyWins
    16-09-2020 05:39 AM
    Yeah def most common watching stuff when you've been together a while / even living together. I really love having something to do more than just talking on a date but I'm such a kid Not for everyone and yeah the more casual / just kinda hanging out is sooo more my thing but that's totally what a movie date is for me lol. Eh can still get to know each other plenty outside of the date and still before/during/after even something like a movie date but I get what you mean. Also maybe why my relationships are **** ahh
  8. JerseyWins
    16-09-2020 05:39 AM
    Ahh I haven't noticed that at all OR ever heard of it YES tho @ Miranda and that sounds pretty fun! Let me know if there's any really good winners / songs I should try out as my country playlist is lacking and I STILL need to get it POPPIN more Not too bad/tired actually but I guess kinda fatigued/off after two nights of little sleep. I felt too lazy to work out when I got home tho and plus going over my friend's place for his fiance's bday tomorrow so it was almost pointless to even get back into it today

    Ah were you following the game at all when the Bears were playing or just forgot / sleeping or something at that time? Yup it sucks so bad that my true #1 teams have been AWFUL for so many years now So I just rely on next-best options for teams I like and rooting for who I bet on to be happy about wins lolol. Yup it's best being a Sunday and just being lazy watching the games
  9. JerseyWins
    16-09-2020 05:38 AM
    Yeah the Giants are definitely mediocre at the best (bad last year, idk if they have much potential/hope for this year but they did start 0-1 already & with a pretty bad loss). Still it's hard to know especially with the +5.5 and there's way crazier upsets than Giants beating the Bears would be Yeah + is kinda easier to call correctly cause if your pick comes ready to compete you can get bailed out with the points even if they end up losing

    Had another quick-ish 4-tournament session today but did mildly bad and ended up losing ~$100+, I get hooked when I start a nice streak but I was ready to take a break after today regardless. Tournaments are prob better online Maybe my own bias because I do better with tournaments online & better with cash games in person lol. It's also kinda hard to manage big tournaments in person but sometimes the casinos run really good ones that are still very fun
  10. JerseyWins
    15-09-2020 08:12 AM
    Oh you reminded me I didn't use the elliptical today either (I remembered before but lazy). I'm just starting to get lazy / off my routine with it ALREADY gah But not gonna give up as it was good I just couldn't be assed with NFL JUST starting. Back with it tomorrow And that's a great way you do it but with work in the morning I just could never get up extra early and all that before work. It's exactly why I love exercising (or going to the gym pre-covid) RIGHT after work and then feeling good yet being able to just chill after

    Ahhhhhhh NOT movie dates being your worst but I figured since you don't like movies (/too many TV shows either) in general. skafhskashf so you'd just be like "**** that" and reject them for a movie date? And yeah I get that @ just wanting to get to know the person more especially early on but there's still so much time to do so and enjoying a great movie together can be a really nice experience, I love it

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