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  1. JerseyWins
    Today 07:14 AM
    Nah you can't reeeally choose what you're risking each round. Like you CAN make the bet amounts but then other people can make it bigger etc. You never know how much you're going to risk in each round until by the end of it after the 4 stages of betting in the game.

    It was just so basic, either lost or won smaller amts in the tournaments I played and then with the blackjack included it wasn't too major of an end result but at least it didn't go poorly! Lmao I prob would have tho but I played the blackjack in the middle of my tournaments so didn't know the final results yet. Also the blackjack was on a separate site as the one I was playing poker on (so I went about exactly -$100 on one site & exactly +$75 on the other today). Now I'm tempted to try one bet of $25 but nah I won't I'm satisfied with the gambling for today
  2. JerseyWins
    Today 07:14 AM
    Lmaooo I can be that way with some people / on some days too. Even tho I'll meet new people, I don't really try getting super close with them too often on a night out either but for me it's mainly just that I have a decent amount of people in my circle & I kinda cba meeting others sometimes lol, like for friendships and relationships. Damn I feel like you're away from EVERYTHING for too long over there. But Papa John's will be hella good when you have it again Idk if this is only in the US but Shaq (famous legendary NBA player) has this new extra large pepperoni pizza at Papa John's and it was really good last time, looking forward to next time I order Papa John's!

    Nooo I liked James on 19 too Yup I get that though, I'm kinda over it after that too UNLESS there's multiple characters I'm loving. But with BBUS etc. my faves usually tend to stay around a bit
  3. JerseyWins
    Today 07:13 AM
    Ughhhh my internet connection is SO ****ing bad lately it's so frustrating Keep disconnecting for a while randomly & I can't even watch a video or anything properly and every page online takes a whiiile to load. Kinda what was happening a few weeks/months back but then it randomly fixed itself and now it's gone to **** again

    You'll be waiting even more impatiently when you get into the NFL But yeah that period from like September to February is soooo damn good in general!
  4. JerseyWins
    Today 04:46 AM
    I just had such a basic / anti-climactic poker session compared to how most sessions have been going lately (and blackjack that saved it ugh I can't stop with the blackjack tho prob not good lol). Played poker for less than 3 hours total & risked ~$300 but lost about $100 after a few ok wins. And in the middle of it I played some blackjack for about 5-10 mins and won $75 so an overall -$25 on the day Blackjack actually was solid, I was in the + the entire time, I think went back to exactly even at one point and then back up. Was in the $0 to +$100 range the whole time so actually was a pretty fun/relaxing session
  5. JerseyWins
    Today 04:46 AM
    Nnn I think I remember you saying you stopped after Austin went. That was a reeeeally entertaining season tho, should've stuck with it! Although I thought Kim & Spencer/Heidi really carried it so idk if you woulda liked it

    Literally $100 is the minimum to sit down at any of the poker tables there (pretty much any casino, some might have like an $80 minimum game) but with the way the game works it doesn't exactly mean you have to risk the entire $100. Basically if you sit in with $100 you could lose the entire amount on any given round tho based on how the betting goes. That's all up to you & the players at the table.
  6. JerseyWins
    Today 04:45 AM
    Yeah like you can pick a couple flop players and still have a legit shot to win the matchup and you don't have to pick the BEST options in order to win anything They go for a few months each. The NFL specifically September through January = the best period of the year

    Ugh I was excited about this tournament too even just following it seems like such a flop </3

    Yeahhh I so prefer hangouts at a friend's place and little activities like that over the club/bars, even for like a football game, movie or whatever. Clubs in particular are meant for occasional days IMO and it can be good then I still like the dancing/talking/etc. with random people tho, sometimes it ends up really fun on a lit night. Lol I'm having so much takeaway these days it's crazy tho
  7. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 11:33 PM
    Yeah Bianca was alright on CBB19. Her & Jamie But wow I had no clue her & Calum knew each other already when they were both on CBB19

    That def happens every once in a while and it's so fun. Or people who do know how to play but they're bored / drunk / have money and play a VERY crazy aggressive style. Even a "smaller" live cash game for a $100-200 buyin (I put it in quotes because it wouldn't be small for you lol but it's around the smallest they offer for poker) gets CRAZY when people be playing like that. So much fun / so intense getting involved. Still need the right timing to get a great hand while someone's playing like that. I've also had horrible luck at times with those kinda people But those are the people/days to play because you're most likely gonna win $ by the end of the night if they play a while and keep buying back in.

    Damn straight! I also use "damn" in more of a surprised way a lot but it can get misinterpreted for sure
  8. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 11:33 PM
    My team has been Paul at his worst for so many straight years now lol ugh </3 Ah yeah with NBA there might be like multiple games on at the same exact time and only around 1 or 2 in each time slot will get televised on a TV channel around the country. But local teams' games all get televised on the local channel I miss a lot of my team's NBA games especially while they've been sucking recent years but I watch NFL on Sundays like 15-17 weeks of the 17-week season every year, so good

    Yeahhh lol it's always fun in the moment but disappointing afterwards And yup it was best/most fun for me when it was brand new many years ago and now I just don't even enjoy it as much. But still fun for every once in a while and not AS costly then. I also spend too much with restaurants and stuff as well tho. Y'all got it right with no tipping in the UK culture that would def save some $ right there over time
  9. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 11:32 PM
    Yup an unreal amount of people join the free ones (and even the small $ ones like $1-$5) so it's like with so many different combo teams you just HAVE to get alllll of the best players of the day on your team somehow and that's so damn impossible to do 1v1 matchups are solid because sometimes the person just totally flops and you get an easy W or you can definitely make mistakes vs. them and still win because they'll likely make mistakes too. It's fun how they have different structures with it too similar to poker games/tournaments NBA is on every single day (like at least 3 games in a day, sometimes like 12+ games) so that's fun to pass time literally whenever you feel like watching some basketball / nothing else to do
  10. MTVN
    Yesterday 10:00 PM
    Feeling like **** on the actual day is all part of it, then you just get back to drinking Christmas day after a quick trip to church of course

    What travel is expensive no local hairdressers? I do need the barber quite badly tbf but can't face going atm, not while I can spend my time in pubs instead

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