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  1. Nancy.
    21-09-2018 08:59 AM
    Oh that's good. Yes, it's sad it's the last series (on Channel 5), but i'm sure it'll be back on our screens before we know it. x
  2. sungrass
    20-09-2018 12:28 PM
    Thanks Nancy, it seems to have changed after all!
    Im so sad this is the last series so I want to have the right avatar you know!
  3. Nancy.
    20-09-2018 11:43 AM
    Also, your file might be too big, so try resizing.
  4. Nancy.
    20-09-2018 08:54 AM
    Hi Sungrass. How are you doing? :-) Click userCP, and on the left hand side click Settings & Options, then edit avatar, and go on from there. If you have anymore questions, i'll be happy to help. x
  5. sungrass
    19-09-2018 11:32 PM
    Aw matey - hope you re well, since you re on me friend list do you mind me to ask - how do I get a picture of the GC as an avatar - it keep saying my file uploads didnt work?

    Many thanks for your help

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