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  1. Nicky91
    17-08-2021 07:55 AM
    omg sad to hear

    hope you're well now or at least doing well on the road to recovery
  2. Nicky91
    23-01-2021 04:38 PM
    i miss you on here
  3. user17866
    24-09-2020 08:38 AM
    ..I hope that you’re okay.....
  4. user17866
    17-09-2020 06:59 PM
    ...hey, Nancy...I hope that all is ok, I haven’t seen you about for a while.....
  5. caprimint
    19-05-2020 11:51 AM
    That's unfortunately sooo true. People were complaining about pretty much everything she said and they probably just couldn't keep up with it/thought it was the easiest option. Sad though because she was one of the few people who had her own opinion and always made the place more interesting/entertaining
  6. caprimint
    18-05-2020 07:41 PM
    Great to hear you're good and she is too I've got literally no idea why she was banned either especially permanently, seems such an extreme thing to do on a forum lol
  7. caprimint
    18-05-2020 07:37 PM
    I'm alright How's yourself? You heard from/spoken to Chuff at all and how she's doing as well?? Miss her </3
  8. caprimint
    18-05-2020 07:32 PM
    Omg I didn't know you were posting on here
  9. Eddie.
    30-05-2019 12:44 PM
    Hi Nancy just wanted to catch up, how are you doing?
  10. DouglasS
    02-05-2019 11:00 PM
    Im good cheers! Just been extremely busy with work really. heard some bitter people have been causing you trouble and bitching once again behind your back offsite. Id take it as a compliment that people are obsessed with you really!


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