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  1. caprimint
    26-11-2018 10:19 PM
    Haha no worries <3

    I am asexual; I've been in two (serious) relationships before and neither of them were of the same sexuality as me. Neither of them ended because of sex-related reasons actually and my most recent bf said I'd 'turned him asexual' because he literally didn't care about sex with me and was veryyy happy.

    For the majority of people I think it would be an issue ultimately (I think it would've been with my first ex too) and I don't expect to ever be in a long-term relationship tbh but I'm willing to date anyone who is okay with it (if we're attracted to each other etc).

    Hmm, long answer there But basically it's just a relationship without sex.
  2. Maxxie.
    26-11-2018 10:10 PM

    I noticed on Cameron's thread you mentioning how you thought he was asexual, and that if he was you said you'd date him (which implies you're asexual?) this might be really random but I'm just curious as I've never come across anyone who identifies like that before so I naturally wonder

    How does dating someone work when your asexual? I don't mean to sound fofensive I'm just really interested! Xx

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