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  1. JerseyWins
    Today 03:41 PM
    Never tried it early morning maybe early afternoon the earliest I can remember And usually more like night time. I’d prob be down to try, I just usually smoke with friends & we be hanging out later in the day. Yeah you pretty much need to commit to having a LAZY day when you get high right from the morning Even midday feels early to me, I’m SUCH a night person with drinking or getting high!

    It actually started mostly terribly but I did get one decent win from an earlier tournament which helped turn that around. Mostly all random, like some going well & some not going well at different times. Overall so good

    Damn I don’t have a link </3 I either watch from live TV or from a firestick app I have. Hopefully you got/get one tho because YESSS @ you trying out watching your OKC!
  2. JerseyWins
    Today 03:41 PM
    Carly kinda slays & Iíve only heard some songs of hers, but that one you posted is her #1 for sure!

    Yup I def think it has that effect where it gets you coughing a lot more from the bit of experience Iíve had with it. And it doesnít even matter how much experience you have with it, like my friend smokes a ton & he was still coughing like crazy. I prefer a joint or blunt tho but Iíll prob be getting more into the bong now in future & see how I feel about it now

    Lol idk if you get it tho cause like if you get the + properly then the - should make just as much sense I feel like But you seem like very close tho like itís about to all click lol. Btw you wouldíve gotten a better return with Magic -2.5 </3 but still a nice first win & YES NBA betting is so good
  3. caprimint
    Today 10:07 AM
    Ohh wow, a few of my friends are like that I think. Have you ever tried it before?? I've done it with at least one of my friends early morning because I'd go out anytime when offered tbf Idk I don't really like it though... it literally just made me fall asleep some hours after Probs good if you're more used to it though & seems like it'd be a cool vibe. With drinking I think it can be good if it's paced, but I'm really a midday drinkin kinda fan

    Wowww @ $600 for $10 tournament, that's sooo good And the $600 profit overall is reaaally good. Did it start off well/get better later or just random/both all the time? And YES @ all of our sports bets profits. I really like NBA betting tbh

    Oh and do you have a link/stream that you use for NBA btw? I might have one but idk if it works. I wanna watch the OKC game later
  4. caprimint
    Today 10:07 AM
    Ahhh yes, Carly is probs even my #2 straight after Miranda nowadays

    Yep everything else is gone now, literally JUST vanilla vodka left (I wanted to save it for last cus I knew it'd be the best )

    Ahhh not the bongs I remember hanging out with this group of Polish guys in my first house & they had one and the room was smoked the HELL out and one of them just didn't stop coughing after using it They tried to convince me to try it but no waaaay Lmaoo your friend knows @ getting drunk!!! You gotta be joining in one time

    Yeah I'm pretty sure I understand the point spread now. Definitely the + of it anyway. Surprised I actually remember tbf because I have awful memory without being drunk, but I somehow do
  5. JerseyWins
    Today 06:21 AM
    SUCH a solid gambling Sunday today I mean I got WRECKED on one of my sites for -$400, not a single win in any tournaments, but then on my other site profited a bit over $1000 so an overall +$600 on the day And my biggest win of the day for ~$600 for 1st place was in a $10 tournament too so sometimes the cheap ones really do pay off Like I profited $200ish in one of my $100 tournaments today but then on my other site I lost $109 x2 so it just cancelled that out anyway.

    So good tho, also a bit of a sports betting profit again. AND YOU GOT YOUR MAGIC BET
  6. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 08:10 PM
    Oh btw my friend's been doing "wake and bake" on his days off a lot lately where he'll just get high af early in the morning like right after breakfast and tbh THAT seems nice af when I think about it. Would you say you actually prefer drinking early in the morning? Cause I guess maaaybe it could also have that nice vibe starting your day???
  7. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 08:06 PM
    Yup CBB just has more of that flare and "big feel" to it with the celebs involved. And maybe that's why I also prefer CBB without even realizing, if it's usually VTS in CBB

    Tbh it was always PRETTY easy to understand for me since the beginning but maybe a LITTLE confusing when I first learned about it & I just don't remember Lol I think you'll fully get it soon enough tho
  8. JerseyWins
    Yesterday 08:06 PM
    Ohhh that's a really nice song, really catchy and everything I STAN! I think I gotta listen to more Carly Pearce too cause she seems good from what I've heard

    And oh is it the vanilla vodka you have left?? Yeah I think that'd be all me

    Lmaooo I just got off the phone/PS4 with some friends one of which was HIGH afffffff (he just recently bought a new huge bong so I might be getting high with t'bongs more in the near future!) and it was funny af & now I come on here and you seem DRUNK affffff and it's also funny af One of my other friends was also randomly drinking today when idk if he's even drank once since quarantining even when we've hung out Did I not get the memo for getting drunk/high today hmmm lol?
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:53 PM


    my mom is trying to TALK/have a conversation with me and i just cant omg shhddhff
    She didn't believe that I'd added this voucher to my phone cus I was drunk when I told ha and she had to take my phone to read/properly believe it omg ahhhh noo
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:33 PM
    Nooo lmao (well at least I don't THINK SO anyway ), I think it'll still last me 1-2 more times after today but idk I'm getting through it pretty damn quickly tbh. BUT OMG can I just say... this vanilla vodka ****ing SLAYS I know for sure 100% you would like this

    Youtube video
    Click to view this video on Youtube

    Def listen to this when you get chance!!! It's my fave song of hers but idk if you'd like it

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