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  1. caprimint
    06-06-2017 05:56 PM
    CBB9 was pretty entertaining! BB13 was too, I liked it but for the opposite reasons to you I think (Conor and Caroline)
  2. Guuki
    06-06-2017 05:53 PM
    I liked the one with Bear too, but my favourites of them all are CBB9, as it was the first series of BBUK I watched, and BB13 because of Deana, Adam and Luke A. Great memories!
  3. caprimint
    06-06-2017 09:03 AM
    That's cool, nice to see you've been a fan for some time! I've seen a few USA seasons and I've honestly come to enjoy it just as much (if not more) than BBUK over the past few series.

    My favourite was probably the one with Bear (as he was my favourite of all time ), also enjoyed BB10 and BB12 (unpopular opinion). I enjoyed Austin/James' CBB too. How about you?
  4. Guuki
    06-06-2017 08:48 AM
    Thanks. It's been 5 years since I watched my first British Big Brother and it was CBB9 in 2012. Since then I haven't missed a series and somewhen between I managed to watch CBB8. Polish BB ended in 2008 after its 6th series and I've always been a massive fan of the show so I'm glad my English skills let me watch BBUK. I also watched 1 US and 5 Canadian seasons so it still expands.
    Seeing your TiBB profile there is a long list of BBs you watched. Which one is your favourite?
  5. caprimint
    05-06-2017 11:37 PM
    Ohh right, yeah I understand that for sure. You already have better grammar than many English people, so you're doing good

    How long have you been watching BBUK for?
  6. Guuki
    05-06-2017 11:33 PM
    Yeah, we know each other for couple of years and we share our opinions of BB quite often, but it'd be nice to know someone else who speaks Polish and loves Big Brother.
    On the other hand it is a great opportunity to practise my English talking about BB with you lot in here.
  7. caprimint
    05-06-2017 11:01 PM
    There is a member called Wojtek on here who is from Poland, so maybe there's another option
  8. Guuki
    05-06-2017 10:59 PM
    Oh, I thought I'd have a buddy in here I could talk about BB to in my native language, but that's ok.
  9. caprimint
    05-06-2017 09:24 PM

    I don't actually know much Polish, just a few words
  10. Guuki
    05-06-2017 08:21 PM
    No witam!

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