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  1. caprimint
    26-10-2020 10:33 PM
    This is such a weird comment, but thinking about BB etc it made me realise like you're legit the ONLY PERSON I would trust. Nobody else

    Drunk rn but yeah same still appliessssssss
  2. caprimint
    18-10-2020 01:31 AM
    Ohhh and forgot to mention before, yesterday morning after I'd had my first bottle of wine I went downstairs to get food and legit dropped the plate from the microwave & made an absolute MESS of everything spilling onto a bunch of my dad's business stuff which I had to try to clean up () AND broke the plate as well. I was soooo embarrassed telling my mom what'd happened gahhhh
  3. caprimint
    17-10-2020 10:19 PM
    Ahhh do you think Jets will have any wwins though this season?? That's SO good that the Bears are doing unexpectedly well, I'm so proud of them They're looking at pretty good odds tomorrow too, 19/20 It looks like a really equal match-up tho with Panthers. I MIGHT just do it though, or maybe even the point spread

    is always the vibe!!!
  4. caprimint
    17-10-2020 10:19 PM
    Gahhh thought so, here they're usually just like at the furthest end aisles of the shop when you walk in like next to all the other drinks etc. And we don't really have many liquor stores either (which they're not even called, like I don't even really know if they have a name ), there are a few around but not many, also super expensive compared to supermarkets. Like this is probs a good example of what they're like

    Yeah I'm kinda surprised there haven't been more instances like that tbf seeing the speed they go at and how close all the cars are to each other I saw one go on fire too on a video, looks sooo scary
  5. caprimint
    17-10-2020 10:19 PM
    Yeah at least you still ended up in a +, that poker tournament really saving you Tbf it is so easy to just randomly try out the occasional game tho, but as long as you don't go past a point or something bc it's soooo not worth losing that much you've worked hard to win </3

    Lol yeah, it was all entirely spaced out so I didn't really hit that level or pass out or anything which was actually kinda nice for a change. Gahhh yeah all the liquid is a lot but it's weird because I just never really notice when I'm drinking Ahh did you have a hangover after all your 10+ drinks? That's true it def would've been better while you were at home more but at least it's still optional (when you can be bothered ). I've been kinda lazy too recently, like just not done as much walking but gonna try and get back into a routine again too. The alcohol throws me off sometimes
  6. caprimint
    17-10-2020 10:19 PM
    Yeah for sure, like the quality of the eps is better now too with like showing some funny clips etc, not just like robotic game talk Nicole REALLY be shining in every ep though & her whole game is also just soo impressive. Hopefully gonna be the best top 3 of all time Gahhh I just realised you must have been awake @ like 8am ish today Lmao it's such a nice feeling when you just fall asleep instantly though. And SO worth it for that $$$

    Ohhh blueberry sounds amazing So did you vape and smoke weed both yesterday?? Vaping is great tho, all those flavours Lmaooo not knocking out at the house Definitely get that feeling though, like so many times I've smoked with friends not living in the same place and that walk back after is major effort And yeah like for me no matter how much water I drink after that thirstiness doesn't really go away
  7. JerseyWins
    17-10-2020 05:19 PM
    Yuuup it's officially hoodie season, iconic And yuuup#2, you're 100% right about the cool/rainy vibe for smoking, so nice

    is the vibe today
  8. JerseyWins
    17-10-2020 05:18 PM
    Yup I felt like there was a more recent tragic death in Nascar but maybe I'm just thinking of from 2001 When I watched during the summer when I started getting into those Nascar bets, it was basically like they were all just in a line with each other, but that's intense when one of them swerves off the lane. Seen some catch on fire etc. it's kinda insane.

    FUMIN @ the harrowing comparison to Dan!

    Lol I expected nothing better from the Jets. Just SUCH a mess for a straight decade. And yeah, the Bears have been good for me with betting. Like 3 wins 1 loss or something & I THINK I skipped their game last Sunday but then they won anyway idk It's so tough to tell if they're gonna be like this all season, they've been a pleasant surprise Before the season I could've seen them at like ~2-3 rn, something average but 4-1 is impressive!
  9. JerseyWins
    17-10-2020 05:17 PM
    NOT 2 bottles of wine and half a bottle of vodka but didn't get really drunk I guess you spaced it well through the whooole day? I can't even drink that much of regular liquids in a day tho lmaooo although the weekend before I had like 10+ diff drinks of mostly rum that I was telling you about and that had me ****ed tho, that night & next morning Oh & the elliptical has been forgotten about I was on/off with it then just forgot mainly from being busy with hang outs & poker. Imma try to get back on it. The elliptical could've been so much better while still working from home as the travel and being lazier after work now sucks

    Yeah there's usually a big separate alcohol section at some supermarkets and stuff Is it not like that at your stores?? And you guys have the little liquor stores around all over the place too right?
  10. JerseyWins
    17-10-2020 05:17 PM
    You NEED to get back on that weed. Sksk not the type of weed but the THC oil is basically like a cannabis oil for his vape pen, this "blueberry burst" flavor he had, and it's actually way better tasting/smelling/smooth that way, I'm starting to get more & more into vaping This one hit me hard, like super giggly and SUPER lazy / close to knocking out at his house. TOO hungry & especially thirsty tho

    Yeah like ~$1,800+ profit overall, but minus about $1,000 already since then between poker & blackjack smh! Still will take overall +'s like that any week Gahhh the blackjack "breaks" never last lmao Although it's easier to stop after a big loss because it just feels gross & like I'm over it so hopefully I do get myself to take a proper break

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