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  1. LukeB
    Today 06:07 PM
    Sorry to hear about your uncle </3 hope you're okay
  2. caprimint
    Today 05:00 AM
    Yeah that's totally understandable I think I'd be the same. The whole coronavirus thing is just so ****ty and unfair and unexpected. Hope you're okay (as you can be) tho
  3. caprimint
    Today 03:26 AM
    Oh my gosh noooo that’s awful news I’m so so so sorry for you and your family

    Always here to rant/message/talk about anything... whatever you like. You know that
  4. caprimint
    Today 12:15 AM
    Just wanna saaaaaaaaaaay

    So happy u exist
    I know it's online/whatever but you're such a great person and I admire u a lot

    //yes i'm drunk but who cares
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:37 PM
    I definitely can't but most can Like people just ??? sit there in the heat or walk around ??? I can't be out in it/or the sun for anymore than like 5 mins or so because I get the woooorst headache and super irritable lol.

    Yeah I bet you're missing it rn I'm soooo happy darts is still on because even if I don't watch it I like catching up on the results whenever. Do you have any idea when it's actually coming back?

    Just about to start the wine 26 proof tonight
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:37 PM
    Oh yeah that's quiteeee a lot of money. Is blackjack fun tho? But yeah if the losses are so big it doesn't seem worth it overall. Did you play it at the casino/online or both? It's okay if you don't lose it but then those losses would definitely catch up with you if they came up too often

    I've never tried iced coffee, I just assume I wouldn't like it bc I can't @ the taste/smell of coffee but is it even similar? Yeah I'm not a biiig fan of hot drinks either, flavoured teas are nice though especially in winter Water is ehhh for me, I used to struggle to drink it because it doesn't have any taste but with some ice/flavour it's good/refreshing.
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 08:43 PM
    I don't think caffeine even does anything for me anymore Like I literally just drink energy drinks because I like the taste. And coffee noooooo way Y'all like iced tea over there don't you? And I usually drink at least one soda a day

    Yeah that's like our 'heatwave' lately, usually lasts for about a few days so people probably think there's no point but ughhh it's terrible. I just have to get some air/sit by a fan all day long basically

    Ahhh you should Lmaoo I've bet on loads of random stuff before so I would deffo try that out. And following you I'd feel safe ish with it
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 08:43 PM
    I use Betfair but idk if that works in USA? They're basically just called 'exchange' sites but yeah best to just stick to what you know I think. Those lay odds are probably good for something like horse racing though where loads of them won't win

    Yep these, they've got an aniseed/liquorice taste

    Ohhh okay I'll have to have a look at blackjack some time as well. Is it possible to/have you ever won big on it before? "super luck" = not the game for me It's true, they even used to have those slot machines inside that Wetherspoons and one guy I chatted with there played/bet most nights and usually lost a bunch of money
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:04 PM
    Ahhh it's funny you say that because the other day when you made your first one I was so sure you'd win and even thought you had a good chance of winning that accumulator. Like I trusted more in you making random ones than myself when I know about the game Messss I couldn't sleep at all, lay there for hours turning over and then eventually got to sleep for... 3 hours
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:04 PM
    Seems like it's more popular there in the south?? Maybe it's just an over-exaggeration with the country songs but I always get that vibe because they even drink while performing and that

    Yeah, like energy drinks don't do that much for me because I've drank them so often/for so long, but I remember last time I took a break for like a couple of weeks, then drank monster with alcohol... hours later I got soooo shaky from the caffeine But weird thing was I actually kinda liked the feeling. Only juice which I don't mind is pineapple but I can't imagine having it not in a cocktail

    It gets sooooo humid here esp in London. I'd say it gets bad at about 75+ but those 90+ days are absolute hell Like even people who enjoy hot weather don't like it lol.

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