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  1. caprimint
    Today 08:21 AM
    Possibly, it's so weird that they didn't already do the draw for betting and stuff but sometimes they do it on the day so maybe that's the case here. Btw I asked my mom who she was rooting for in this and she's like "JOE CULLEN" and I'm like but she was talking about how hot he is the other day so I'm guessing that's why

    Have you seen that series before? I forgot It was one of my faves though, pretty good Lmaoo some of the Northern/Scottish/Welsh/Irish can even be difficult for me so I can understand that. Some of the earlier BB's (like BB9-BB15 for me) are pretty enjoyable but I haven't even enjoyed the recent ones. Are there are people I might know in BB10? Is that Dan's one??
  2. caprimint
    Today 08:21 AM
    Nah I was just following the result online, I was SO sure it was a win after they were 2-0 up tbh then the other team literally scored 2 of the 4 goals within 1 min of each other It was insane. And like I said they've hardly ever let me down before </3

    Lol so true. The amount of times losing loads in a row when you think surely this has to end soon and turn into a win at some point but it never does It really is just random on roulette and there's no way to tell what'll happen. Gahh yeah so easy to just be like "well **** this" and go for something you otherwise wouldn't when losing but definitely always best not to
  3. caprimint
    Today 07:41 AM
    Yeah I think I watched around 4 episodes and I was REALLY liking it but I realised it'd take me forever to finish because at the most I'd watch one episode a day Hmm yeah I know what you mean... would you bother with watching anymore BBUK or no? Tbh I couldn't even sit through old BB clips of series that I've already watched, it's soooo boring to me. Maybe if it was like a favourite or something but still a drag. But more BBUS series are deffo something I want to get to at some point too
  4. caprimint
    Today 07:41 AM
    Idk they were even 2-0 up just after half-time, then the other team scored 4 in the second half Like I've hardly seen games be as crazy as that before. Just unlucky I guess </3 My football bets really do flop lol

    Yeah I mean almost 50/50 chance but still way too big of a risk to take because there's a massive difference between 30 and 60. I've kinda realised now it's best to just wait and there's a good chance it'll be won back (as with the horse racing) but I always want it instantly </3

    Yep it's the bigger tournament starting tomorrow but like idk how it's even going to work. There are no odds for matches or anything still yet but maybe the draw is tomorrow too. Hyped for it though (if I can even find a link to watch online ). It's only on for 5 days btw then these home games are returning again for a bit
  5. DouglasS
    Today 12:08 AM
    Although some of the kings would have done better that got bottom spots!
  6. DouglasS
    Today 12:08 AM
    Ooo sorry I’ve been so lazy and forgot to vote!
    But I like Dani and Jen and both would have been in my top 10 and so the result wouldn’t be any different in terms of the top 2!
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 10:35 PM
    Ugh I lost Guess I was too confident about them winning </3 Not really bothered about losing £1 but I'm more pissed at them actually losing like what the hell they NEVER lose so why today

    Literally me being dumb af earlier
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 10:35 PM
    Lol yeah but then if I lose I'm gonna be like wtf why did I even bother So I'm gonna try and just save it for 'winning back' money but like probably still not a good idea either. And idk if I'd even do it when it came down to it like I'd probs be too scared. Oh and that same time, I actually genuinely considered doing another £30 on red/black to win that back but thought too long about it so didn't do it

    Yeah it all just seems sooo realistic/relatable and really enjoyable so far Omg really?? That type of crime show is totally my thing. Probs the most invested I've gotten into a show but it felt too exhausting to go through. Lmaooo not running out of shows Is there nothing else you're interested to watch? Are the BB videos any good? Idk my go-to would probably be singing show performances but you don't watch that stuff
  9. Jack_
    Yesterday 08:34 PM
    aaaah I'm the worst replier sorry

    Great job running it though but Will should've beaten Dani!
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:59 PM
    YEEEES you got your football bet!!! And I'll probs be getting mine later too (99% sure Juventus will win tbh Like they're the team I'm MOST confident in lmao)

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