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  1. Nicky91
    14-09-2019 10:55 AM
  2. Nicky91
    13-09-2019 08:09 AM
    if you want to give yourself an avatar picture, profile picture, or edit your profile, click on ''quick links'' and then ''user control panel'' you see every feature what you can edit from your profile
  3. Nicky91
    12-09-2019 06:02 PM
    SD is for serious debates, news and also the celebrity news

    and whenever you got 100 or more posts you get access to the private chat threads

    sports section has basically with every sport, it's own football subforum, wrestling subforum

    and strictly is about to start, my fave is in my avatar picture, lady Emma
  4. Nicky91
    12-09-2019 06:00 PM
    idk if you are into the challenge, but that is also bit discussed over at reality tv section

    if you got interesting music to share, the music section is there

    ''last movie you watched'' is to share which movie you've most recently seen

    ''last game you played'' is to share which video game you've most recently played
  5. Nicky91
    12-09-2019 05:58 PM
    anyways nice to meet you and hope you will have a good time on the forum then
  6. Nicky91
    12-09-2019 05:56 PM
    wait are u serious, i am just suspicious of you being someone i had previously a quite unpleasant experience with

    oh that does the ''watching yall'' mean, Big Brother's watching you phrase

    i am just careful i guess who i am being friends with from now on
  7. Bleachy
    12-09-2019 03:19 PM
    Hi Nicky

    Why do you want ruin this forum?
    And why dont you want to become friends with me?
    Have we met before?

    Ps. Don't blame me Big Brother is always watching us...
  8. Nicky91
    12-09-2019 08:17 AM
    ur not becoming my friend, might as well just give it up pls

    i'm not falling for your lies again, end of story
  9. Bleachy
    11-09-2019 03:43 PM
    I can't send you any messages @Nicky91
  10. Bleachy
    08-09-2019 08:59 PM
    You closed your profile you little bitch


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