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  1. caprimint
    Today 03:38 AM
    Yeah NJ was the easiest There's like a definite shape that I recognized (that's the one I was most sure of tbh). Which one did you get wrong?? I got the Maine one wrong bc I've never really seen/heard much about it (seems like more of an irrelevant state compared to others?) but most of the others I sort of eliminated the ones I thought it wasn't and somehow got the answers right I was thinking about it & I don't even think I'd know that many counties/region shapes in UK

    Ahh you got that taste Luke Combs is literally AMAZING, I've been listening to him a bunch more lately and almost all of songs are great. How did you find out about him??
  2. caprimint
    Today 03:38 AM
    Gahhh I've browsed some of the names on my site but they're gonna take a while to get used to esp after all the others There are way more names in NFL tho

    Yeah same, I never pick up if there's a random number or if I cba in the moment, I only would for my parents probs or a friend I wanted to speak to. My nan called me occasionally when I was in London and I was like wtf But obvs never answered lmaoo
  3. caprimint
    Today 03:37 AM
    Yeah I get it, plus I want to bet on them when their odds are closer/or point spread on them when they are the underdogs or something (which will probably be often ). Ahh I noticed that the final scores are like waaaay higher in NBA They must be like constantly scoring throughout the game? Do you prefer NBA or NFL actually?

    Yep it's soo important to have a nice flavour that you can drink easily rather than drinking it just to get drunk (like I've done with wine soooo many times ). Lmao this is the longest I've gone without in ages actually, like even for the past year+ or so in London. I've noticed it's been like super dry recently & I'm sure I've been hella dehydrated for a while Like how much water do you drink in a day?? I barely drink half a litre WITH all the alcohol usually so I've started drinking like 2l now and I feel a little better already. What is ham? I'm guessing it means crazy
  4. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:53 PM
    Oop soz to overload but a couple of other songs:
    Youtube video
    Click to view this video on Youtube

    Youtube video
    Click to view this video on Youtube

    Tbh I've got no idea if you'll like either of these But they're my faves from both artists & I'm kinda into them at the moment
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 10:30 AM
    Omg just did this quiz:

    Can't believe I got so many right tho
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 08:16 AM
    Probably didn't taste too much like alcohol? Lmaooo sounds like y'all had a good night Was it like a big party or just minimal people? I haven't drank for like... a week now ahhh. I did drink ONCE after that horrible hangover but since then I haven't really cared. Also my skin is ****ty rn so figured a break would be good. You drank more than me this week

    Yeah that makes sense, I think its kinda similar in football too. With darts there are always a few TOP players as well but it changes a good amount too especially over the years & with new players coming in all the time. I've never heard of Browns before I've been seeing so many diff names on my site that I didn't even know existed for NFL

    Yeah def the chill ones are the best I guess I was thinking like I'd NEVER do that unless it was something REALLY important but he didn't even mention it, just started talking Like sooo rude. But then tbf I usually ignore most calls I get anyway
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 08:16 AM
    Hmm probably risky Not me having to wait another whole week just to (potentially) bet on Bears again. Isn't NFL a lot closer in games (like the end result numbers are smaller tho) than NBA? I think I've seen that

    Gahh I can imagine that, especially if it's new/you're not as used to it

    Yessss She's got an EP out and that's my fave off it but the whole thing slays. It was a pretty good show, GREAT performances overall but some... questionable winners lol, a lot seemed kinda random. Miranda won one (wasn't televised tho )

    Omg I'm surprised you drank tbh Yesss @ not feeling like **** the day after What is Amsterdam vodka?? Literally vodka from Amsterdam or just a name? Orange wine sounds interesting too I can actually imagine that being nice.
  8. caprimint
    16-09-2020 11:38 AM
    Lol I get it, it's maybe a nice distraction but mess if the movie is trash I'm trying to think like idk if I've ever been on a "date" before or just hangouts but I've enjoyed going to city centres because there's a bunch to see/do and you're kinda not limited to like one thing. I remember once hanging with this guy (I didn't even like him tbh & he had the worst accent ever) and he answered his PHONE and talked for at least a few mins I was thinking like why the **** am I here lmaooo
  9. caprimint
    16-09-2020 11:38 AM
    Ahh it's good you don't feel too tired after that & the way you're delaying it But nice @ the birthday, sounds good I assume you won't drink on a work night?? That reminds me though, this is the longest I've gone without drinking since being home... today's my 5th day

    I was sleeping I think I saw your post about it/my account balance after and I was sooo happy/proud Lmaoo do the top teams ever really change that much over the years or no? Like with football it always seems to be the same ish ones who do really well but then some are surprising in different years and less good in others so I guess it depends
  10. caprimint
    16-09-2020 11:38 AM
    Gahhh maybe that game will be hard to call I'd be leaning towards saying Bears will win obvs But actually looking at it now there'd be no point in betting Bears anyway because their odds aren't worth it and neither is the -5.5 I don't think. Yep true, it is definitely a good option for underdogs

    Ahh that sucks you lost a bit today </3 It's def easy to get into things when going well tho. Oh lmaoo that makes sense @ your preferences, I feel like it'd be more stressful irl with loads of people there too though But probs still a lot of fun anyway

    I even noticed on the Sunday's ep there was a little pic of Miranda that appeared in the corner of BB Yesss for sure, I've actually been really into this song lately that I KNOW you're gonna like
    Youtube video
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