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  1. caprimint
    Today 04:12 AM
    Yeah it's weird but Oxford Street has one of the smaller roads in London, like a lot of the "main" ones are probably double that size. But the pavements are pretty wide everywhere and that was one of the craziest things to me because we don't even have pavements by my home. Lmaoo it's because people are so **** at crossing the road here although STILL so many cars beeping at people constantly

    Gahhh not the screens. I should probs stop leaving the window open at night but it just gets so warm/stuffy without doing so, even when it's generally cool outside </3
  2. caprimint
    Today 04:12 AM
    Lol yeah makes sense. Even when I just lose £5 or something I'm constantly on my survey site hoping to get new ones/cash out at the soonest opportunity so it's like "made up" for it It SUCKS but not easy to always be logical about when to stop/how far you should go </3

    Ohh that sounds alright & not too much effort generally. It must have been sooo strange trying to get used to it all at first though having not done it that way before. And I'm sure you still found a way to do that

    Yeah it was alright, used to play games sometimes and look at Xfactor news sites and stuff like that with friends. Everybody knew it was just a waste of a lesson really Did y'all do music too? Our music classes were similar, just messing around on the keyboards for an hour
  3. caprimint
    Today 02:17 AM
    Yeah definitely, like there was so much I've hardly found relevant to real life. I legit had no clue about where any countries were on a map until I looked it up some years later And languages are kinda pointless too when so many places speak English anyway. Oh and ICT was a mess for us. We didn't learn how to even use computers properly, just creating powerpoints while the teacher drank coffee all day

    So this is probs a good example of how Oxford Street would look on an average day (one of the busiest/most popular tourist spots)

    At Christmas time it's really insane there though, like you could NOT move through any crowd at all. But the traffic/pedestrian thing is so messy, like there's always just people crossing the road at random points/times

    Omg my mom just spent like 10 mins trying to hoover this ****ing moth that's flying around my room and I'm sooo paranoid it's still here
  4. caprimint
    Today 02:16 AM
    That's not bad for how much you play/the prices you play for And the regular games sound good for it too. Wow 800 It's nice because little things like that can really add up and probs feels especially good when you lose a bit and are able to cash out there. Lol yeah I get how it can go like that, I think it can even get worse the more you lose. Maybe would even be different for me if I still had a lot of savings to rely on

    When I used to get headaches energy drinks would ALWAYS work for me but that was because of lack of caffeine Like if I didn't have one a day I would 90% be likely to get a headache. Damn that sounds toooo busy Do you usually have to talk to/interact with them on a daily basis or are you mostly left to getting on with stuff alone?
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:22 PM
    Ohh wow, that's interesting. Nah nothing of the sort here (got no clue of anything re: driving even now) & we don't even have 'health' classes either. It sounds good though, like I feel as though there's so much basic... life stuff that doesn't even get mentioned in school. Hmm yeah right, I guess there's a lot of stuff like that here too where it's not really legal but nobody cares and it still happens Oh and I thought London's roads were wide but NYC's look like an even bigger level

    Yeees you getting that country DOWN
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:22 PM
    Ohhh yeah that's way better to try and save it & ultimately get more just by waiting a while longer. What would it take to get like eg. 50 points? Cus it sounds pretty good even if over time. Ahh at least that site saved you a bit with those points tho. Damn it was awful to lose so much on it but def easy to go OTT. If you play again you could decide a legit limit tho (that you stick to), like for me I really don't think I'd ever go past the point of £30~ at one time on casino stuff.

    Nah I think as you said it's usually just sleep & water but water does NOTHING for me. Ginger beer/energy drinks haven't been consistent either </3 Then I felt nauseous at times so had some chewing gum and that stopped instantly (always does). I've actually heard that peppermint is really good too & I was gonna try some of that cordial but totally forgot after. That's for next time Ohh yeah that's kinda late when you gotta work and those losses do become exhausting too </3
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:53 PM
    Yeah right I've heard people say that before. But wait you learnt stuff about driving in high school? Omg that's intense @ seeing what you get right/wrong in the moment, I think that'd put me off concentrating properly The way you managed to pass all those consecutive ones though Ohh okay there might even be something like that here, but I just have no knowledge of it Yep it sounds similar to London & also they have the underground/subway the same too which is good. Is like "jaywalking" illegal in America or that's not true? Loads of people think it is in the UK when they visit but it's not lol

    Gahh yeah I keep having such crazy dreams lately. Ahhh I'd be so disappointed waking up realising that money wasn't real And NOT that damn 3rd site coming into it too! Not the dream jinxing you </3

    Lol I thought you'd say that (but Jessie for both). Got me listening to them both today too
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:53 PM
    Gahhh that sounds annoying. It's sooo possible for it to go ****ty like that though </3 Oh wow that's a good amount you were able to trade I'd def do the same (although would have done it ages ago tbf )

    Lmaooo yeah it was inevitable, it was so bad though after like at least my first 6 hours of sleep the headache was still there so I had to try again then it went away Ahhh not slow motion How come? Did you not sleep much or just randomly tired?
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:10 AM
    Oh yeah I actually used to have a 'provisional' card thing as ID (anyone can get them) but I lost it at least a few years ago now. Lol for those written tests do you have to study for it? Yeah that's quite a while driving, but really good/convenient (especially even more so in America from what I know). Does NYC have good public transport?? I was actually looking @ pics of it the other day there and it was giving me UNREAL London vibes.

    Omg had such a weird dream earlier too. So one part was like I was in this room that I guess I'd stayed in or something, then the next day as I was leaving a massive group of people came over and I asked them if they'd paid yet and literally nobody spoke And I was like "wait y'all wanna get it for free right?" and I told them to ask the landlord. Then another bit was somebody told me that all my stuff online had been hacked and I went around changing every single password lmaoo. That bank thing really be haunting me
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:10 AM
    Oh noooo not $900 It is so easy to keep going though and lose quite a bit when you already start losing some and/or try to win it back & sometimes goes even worse but it sounds like you just got really unlucky tonight. And def understandable to feel really frustrated by it since you know that you know what these casino games are like/how they can go but sometimes in the moment, idk if it's the same for you but I don't think properly/enough about it. And deffff a good idea waiting it out till Sunday, I'm sure you can/will even win it back at some point just as you did last time

    Well it usually is for me Tbh I figure that I just drank way too quickly I didn't pace myself at all but also didn't really drink that much. Slept it off but I just feel really delicate today

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