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  1. caprimint
    Today 01:39 PM
    but y u so cute

  2. caprimint
    Today 09:58 AM

    Probably a long shot considering I can't even get ONE football game right () but still
  3. caprimint
    Today 09:41 AM
    Yeahhh we played those games although not sure about 4 corners? What's that one? We played this game called 40/40 where it was like basically similar to a hide and seek type of game. Those were pretty fun tbf

    Yep it's got like a salad bar with pasta and stuff too here which is pretty nice. Ughhh yes I agree, I can't @ cold/next day leftover takeaways

    Turn it up even more than what you're on now? I'm excited for this tournament though with the betting as well, haven't watched one properly in a while and there are a few of my fave players in it too.

    Hopefully he's coming for that win today I've noticed though that in these Nascar/golf events that basically every time there's a new one, the top favourites are just the ones who finished high the last time Like idk it seems like there's not a consistent favourite with them really (although there is in the F1 races)
  4. caprimint
    Today 09:41 AM
    Daaamn that's unlucky </3 Yeah I guess it's similar to the roulette technique with doubling the stake and could work but then also not a lot of times too and just after a few game losses could really put you into a minus I usually try to keep a steady + after one win but yeah going for more after could work out well too. You probs got out at the right time tho today

    Maybe after this break you're gonna go back and KILL it again Yep pretty good y'all got that corona money, I heard recently that they're being a little more easy on giving the universal credit out here & could go on up to 6 months so I'm REALLY hoping that will happen and it wasn't just a one-off

    Memphis Grizzlies, Denver Nuggets, Chicago Bulls Oklahoma City Thunder sound like my team tho And omg I looked @ some of the teams and what the hell at these people being like almost 7ft??? WHAT
  5. caprimint
    Today 08:09 AM
    So like in primary school I was in 'robins' (the red house) then 'red marauders' in high school (the name of a horse in racing actually ) and they were given for either sports events and/or tutor/form class basically. Kind of random I guess but it was used for a lot of team work etc

    Ahhh I think Pizza Hut is most common near my hometown AND most places I stayed in London actually. But mostly only ever go there for the lunch buffet because it's good for £ and my last delivery from there arrived cold af

    Def no darts games tomorrow because it's Sunday but not sure whether it's back for Monday/Tuesday before the BIG tournament starts on Wednesday Maybe not though if you can't see it (idk because my site is always super slow anyway)

    Ahhh hopefully Chase FINALLY comes through Yep I got my free bet on him but he hasn't even done that well in the previous races has he? And lmaooo I noticed the name too, another howl
  6. caprimint
    Today 08:09 AM
    Noooo Were you doing 25's again or varying it? And I get the idea that like... if you lose eg. 50 the next round you do 25? Because I think I would go opposite like double it up to 100 to try and win it back but that can go downhill real fast tbf Not the poker loss tonight too, that sucks </3

    Yeah right, it's gotta be tooo easy to spend a lot in AC with those casino games/and the environment etc. Slay @ this being one of the better streaks you've gotten in a while though And you must be saving more money in general with going out less/having less to spend on for a few months? Yep deffo good that you have poker because it brings nice profit and it's not just relying on a bunch of teams/people to win it for you lol. And those freebies/offers you get from it too

    Nah it's just like Tottenham/Liverpool or whatever the name of the area/city is in football Lmaoo I don't think we have anything like those names for any sport but it's pretty fun.
  7. caprimint
    Today 06:05 AM
    Yeah I def won't be going any time soon, probably during autumn at the earliest. Omg though that reminds me of what I saw earlier. On my site I was looking @ a 'power prices' section with loads of football games and everything and I got a couple about NBA/NFL but looked more at the NBA ones. Ahhhh I didn't realise the team names are an absolute howl

    Loool those races are pretty fun/funny. I liked watching those sports days but hated taking part Everybody was sooo competitive though Did y'all have like 'houses'/a colour that you belonged to in school?

    Ohh that sounds a good combo. I think we have that cookie @ Papa Johns too which I tried on my first time and it was nice Pizza Hut have this AMAZING hot cookie dough which I've only had in their restaurants/not for years but that was probs the GOAT of desserts.
  8. caprimint
    Today 06:05 AM
    Yeah it'd probably be higher on mine like with roulette I definitely wouldn't mind doing 10/20p's though, I'll have to look at it. AND if it wasn't live/without the timer even better. Lmaoo that's cute, but yeah just because of being unlucky it just doesn't make it possible to get + sometimes </3

    Yeah I see what you mean. Was it with mostly poker or in general/overall? It's true though, if I lose even just small amounts like at least a few times in a row I get so unmotivated and just pissed about it because it can actually be pretty hard to win back, at least quickly anyway and without losing more. Yep I think I'd be a little more chill with losing a bit then But I guess the thing that annoys me the most is like knowing/seeing you had that extra £ there & always wanting to advance it/get just a little higher than last time if that makes sense
  9. caprimint
    Today 01:30 AM
    Lol I was like "rude " but yeah it was good & I got to learn/understand the double/split techniques (and more) properly Gahhh I think I might try a few games in the end when I get even more used to it/more practice. Is the lowest bet you can do 50p on it or it might vary on my site?
  10. caprimint
    Today 12:14 AM
    I'm ready About 10 mins?

    I'll make a room called "zxcvbnm" so type that into the bit where you search for the room

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