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Originally Posted by Robodog View Post
Yeah i agree with that. She used threat to force him to say what she wanted to hear. She was incredibly intimidating and she clearly was not joking either. There was no humour whatsoever. I felt really uncomfortable watching that.

As for Bear, he never once made me feel uncomfortable, not like Lewis and Saira did. The only Bear moment i can think of was when he burst Katie's balloon. It was an act of revenge on her nominating him which was pretty childish and cruel of him seeing as nominations are part of the game. He is such an egotist that he justifies 'revenge' in his mind. Very immature and callous of him, but even then, he never had the outright anger and hatred in him that Lewis/Saira had in their many moments. Bear just seems to dance around everyone like a toxic jester but he doesn't get personal or below the belt in the way that others do.
As much as I see where you're coming from, I do think what you've described is his passive-aggressive bullying. I suppose it's all up to interpretation though.
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