Big Brother 19 [Autumn 2018] Posts about BB19 UK. Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Cameron - here.


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Originally Posted by bitontheslide View Post
People keep forgetting that Brooke and Isabella have history from the auditions. Remember Brooke's face when Isabella first entered?

I want to hear the juicy gossip on that
Ah yes. Thanks for the reminder.
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Brooke basically didn't like the fact that her ****-stirring got grassed up I feel and took it out on Isabella who dared to feel uncomfortable that four people were confronting her about her opinion on Lewis F.
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Brooke is an idiot, her reaction was OTT . She's another one losing her temper for no reason.
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I feel sorry for Isabella. Bottom of the viewer's poll and people giving her **** for no reason. What has she done wrong?
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