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Originally Posted by Strictly Jake View Post
This isnt aimed at me is it? As I made this thread. Not in the aim of offending not in the name of blaming but simply out of concern. Also I havent broke lockdown rules. Apart from being a key worker and having to go to work a few times recently to clean a school and the odd shopping trip to get essentials like milk etc . I havent even been out for walks. Me and my family have been in the house or garden
No it wasn't aimed at you

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Originally Posted by RileyH View Post
No it wasn't aimed at you
Ok cool
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Originally Posted by James View Post
I just want to point out the beach photos - apart from the second one - are taken from a low angle, and from a distance, which makes everyone look closer together.

The press were doing that with pictures recently.
yes, they are making it look more crowded than it actually is. Also the danger of spreading the virus in the open air has always been very low. Add to that the higher UV index at the moment that kills the virus and it's not that unsafe.

Indoor areas have always been the major problem, so things like tube trains and buses are much more of a problem.

So, to answer the original question, no it won't have much effect
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Originally Posted by Josy View Post
I think a second wave was always going to inevitable here tbh

That said I would imagine large crowds of any kind will have an impact, we see the photos of overcrowded beaches and beauty spots being reported on as being a danger and breeding ground for the virus spreading and the r number to rise again so I dont see why protest crowds would be any different
the chances of getting the virus outdoors in the sun is very very small. You would need to talk to someone close for 15 minutes to raise the threat and they would need to be infected.

THe virus is spread in close contact inside places where people talk

Forget the tabloid clamour about beaches, that has little or no impact

source: science
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The difference is the people who attend protests a good majority of them use masks. People who have gone to beaches donít.
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Originally Posted by Strictly Jake View Post
Actually the worst part is people are swimming in the sea which is morecambe bay the same sea that people in blackpool are swimming in. Seen as though blackpool is now in the top 2 covid hotspots of the UK thats a very bad idea. What if they swallow the water that an infected person has swam in. Ewwwww
Because of how water diffusion works that's not really a concern... any viral particles entering the water from an infected individual would be instantly diluted to the point of not being a realistic risk. Also it's salt water which makes it even less likely the virus could survive.

The real risk is sewage pollution; if there's untreated pollution in the water it could (in theory) carry various things. This shouldn't be a huge concern these days though - untreated sewage SHOULDN'T be getting into beach water. And if it was, you'd have more than Covid to worry about if you went swimming in it.
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