BB6 Chat about Anthony, Eugene, Makosi and the rest of the Big Brother 6 housemates.

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Default I love how Vanessa thinks she's the life and soul until she's put into the house

Like once she's in the house with ACTUAL big personalities she completely shrivels up.

There's nothing that interesting about her and she doesn't bring anything to the table she just likes to gossip about what others are doing whilst not really doing anything herself.

She's like one of those people who THINKS she's super cool and fun, cos she does things like "dress down Friday" at the office lol.
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She definitely wasn't as wild and bubbly as she was in her audition tapes but I guess it would be easy to get overwhelmed once you're actually in there with all those cameras. Even the most confident person could feel intimidated by those big characters around you.
She did have some funny moments though. Let's not forget her calling Saskia a dirty little prostitute.
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Her audition was just her basically copying Marco from BB5's audition (they were friends iirc) and also quoting the movie Mean Girls.

I had such high hopes for her but it was clear from the moment she stepped out of the car on launch night she was out of her depth. Totally different person to the VT.
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Her VT was cringey. Not sure why Marcus Bentley and the producers were disappointed with her, because she was obviously putting on an act/exaggerating for the cameras during her auditions.

She was only 19 though so I don't judge her too much.

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I do think Vanessa had a big personality (albeit a bit over exaggerated in her VT though). I used to feel the same way but after re-watching the series, she has grown on me a bit. Though naturally in a cast like 6ís, she got overshadowed by the larger personalities, though she did have her moments here and there.

Like what was already mentioned, I also try not to be too critical of her since after all, she was only 19. Going into a house and living with the people she did can definitely be too much to take in for someone her age (though that wasnít the case for Kemal who had such a way with being confident and vocal to stand up for oneself).

A series like BB8 would have suited Vanessa better. I think her personality would have definitely shined in a less volatile (well most of the time) house, and I could easily see Charley taking her under her wing. (like she did with Shabnam and Nicky.)
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Tbf a lot of interesting people irl just might not standout on a Show like Big Brother imo.

Like for example Craig Coates was more entertaining to watch than Eugene imo, but if I was in the house in that series, I'd have probably found Eugene to be more of an interesting person to talk to than Craig.

My point basically being that Vanessa might not have suited being on TV.

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