The X Factor 2011 UK [S8] Series 8 of ITV's music reality show, The X Factor with judges Gary, Tulisa, Kelly and Louis.

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Favourites (more):
CBB20: Paul Danan
X Factor 2015: Anton Stephans
CBB14: Gary
X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney

Default Top 5/10 Performances so far?

I don't think there have been as many strong performances so far this year compared to other years, but my top 10 are probably:

1. Amelia's sing off tonight

2. The Risk - She Said

3. Little Mix - Super Bass

4. Little Mix - Don't Let Go

5. Misha - Who You Are

6. Janet - Falling In Love

7. Kitty - It's Oh So Quiet

8. Craig - Jar of Hearts

9. Amelia - The Show Must Go On

10. Janet - Kiss Me

And a special shout out to this gem

BrotherLeon - Europa League strugglers
Drew and Bugsy - Humiliated in Baku
MTVN - Better known for that Bautista film
Alf - Nothing club
Locke and Adam -

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Favourites (more):
BB15: Danielle
BBUSA16: Cody
The Voice: Christina Marie
BBCanada 2: Heather


1. Sophie - Teenage Dream
2. Little Mix - Don't Let Me Go
3. Amelia - The Show Must Go On
4. Sophie - Wherever You Will Go
5. Little Mix - ET

(Also liked Amelia - You & I, Janet - Fix You)
Sophie>Amelia>Little Mix>Rest
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Favourites (more):
CBB21: Ann Widdecombe
DOI 2018: Kem Cetinay
CBB20: Sam Thompson
IAC2017: Georgia Toffolo


#1 Little Mix - E.T.
#2 Sophie Habibis - Teenage Dream
#3 Little Mix - Let It Go
#4 Kitty Brucknell - Live and Let Die
#5 Craig Colton - Jar of Heats
#6 Janet Devlin - Every Breath You Take
#7 Craig Colton - Paparazzi
#8 The Risk - She Said
#9 Little Mix - Super Bass
#10 Kitty Brucknell - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Johnny Robinson - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Misha B - Proud Mary
Marcus Collins - Reet Petite
Kitty Brucknell - Who Wants To Live Forever
Little Mix - I'm Like A Bird
Janet Devlin - Sweet Child o' Mine

... and not gonna like Frankie Cocozza - Should I Stay or Should I Go? wasnt that bad either.

Hoping Amelia Lily pulls out something awesome next week (her sing-off tonight was great!)

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Favourites (more):
BB16: Amy & Sally
X Factor 2014: Only The Young
CBB14: Gary
BB15: Ashleigh


Little Mix - Don't Let Go

Little Mix - ET

Janet - Kiss Me

Amelia - The Show Must Go On

Janet Devlin - Every Breath You Take

Janet Devlin - Can't Help Falling In Love With You

Little Mix - Telephone

Little Mix - Don't Stop The Music

Misha B - Rolling In The Deep

Sophie Habibis - Wherever You Will Go

not sure on the order of some of them. but they are 10 of my faves so far.
::::: i would give all this and heaven too :::::

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Favourites (more):
BB19: Cian
IAC2018: Rita Simons
CBB22: Kirstie Alley
CBB21: Shane Lynch


one that hasn't been mentioned so far :

Youtube video
Click to view this video on Youtube


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I know, how stupid? He's more like Gandhi.

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Katie Hopkins reveals epilepsy made her suicidal - and says she identifies as a MAN
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Favourites (more):
Apprentice 2019: Ryan-Mark
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CBB19: Kim Woodburn
IAC2016: Martin Roberts

1. Janet - Fix You
2. Janet - I Want You Back
3. Little Mix - Tik Tok/Push It
4. Little Mix - Don't Let Go
5. Janet - Kiss Me
6. Marcus - Reet Petite
7. Little Mix - ET
8. Frankie - I Gotta Feeling (was just remarkable)
9. Johnny - I Believe In A Thing Called Love
10. Little Mix - Super Bass
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5 or 10, performances, top

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