Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017 [CBB 20] CBB 20 was shown August 2017, and was won by Sarah Harding. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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BB18: Deborah
CBB18: Heavy D
BB17: Hughie
BB4: Cameron


Originally Posted by LeatherTrumpet View Post
has no one giffed it yet?
I was going to use the banana smiley but it looked way to excited.
-------------- ok?
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It's so cringeworthy to watch and now she's made a public claim to the man in front of the other housemates she's turned into a psycho hose beast, gnashing the poor fellas head off *excuse the pun* every time she opens her mouth. I was rooting for her 2 weeks ago, now I want to see her evicted next. Run Chad RUN
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