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Default Simone crashes her car

BIG Brother star Simone Reed has told how she “thought she was going to die” after skidding on black ice and crashing her new car into a brick wall today.
The glamour model says her pals had warned her not to buy the car after passing her driving test because she “would just write it off”.

Simone Reed feared she was going to die after skidding on black ice
Simone Reed feared she was going to die after skidding on black ice

It was reduced to smoking wreckage this morning when she lost control just minutes after dropping off her daughter at nursery.

The vehicle spun around in the slippery conditions and ended up demolishing a wall with its back end.

The former housemate was rushed to hospital after Friday morning’s crash in her home town of Stockton after being saved from serious injury by the air bags.

Simone says the smash happened a year to the day since she survived a 60mph crash which almost wiped her family out.

The 29-year-old lost control of her car and crashed on black ice on Dundas Street, in Stockton

She was just setting off to pick up her psychic pal Sammy Rawlinson when the accident happened.

She said: “I didn’t even see the black ice. It just looked like a wet road, but then I just lost control.

“I was only doing about 10mph, proper crawling along, when I turned my wheel and the back end skidded and crashed into a wall.

“I literally thought I was going to die – the airbags came out and the whole car was smoking.”

The ex-glamour model underwent x-rays and tests in hospital before going home to recover after being diagnosed with whiplash.

She passed her test 18 months ago, and dreams of buying a car. “My friends have now told me not to bother as I will just write it off!” she joked.

“I wrote my car off on the same day last year in my silver Ford in Billingham with the kids in the car.

“I was just turning right and I was hit at about 60mph and completely wrote my car off.

“It just shows people have to be careful out there in these conditions.Where I was hit, there was another car getting pulled out of a beck.

“You just have to change the way your drive. Thankfully I’m OK, but people need to drive safely.”

The crash came during a Met Office yellow warning of icy conditions around the region with temperatures set to drop to near-zero again.
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poor Simone ice can indeed be dangerous, be more careful next time gurl
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Wow glad she's okay, I don't think the world could handle another Princess Di tragedy.

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The poor sis didn't deserve another carcrash experience


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In this case it was just unlucky with the black ice but I wouldn't trust being on the same road as Simone.

Good thing it wasn't too bad of an accident though.
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