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BB14 Channel 5's Big Brother: Secrets and Lies (aka Big Brother 14) started June 13th 2013 and was won by Sam Evans.

Discuss the series and housemates here.

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Originally Posted by ahopkins View Post
Razor deserves to be in Big Brother all-stars just for almost attacking Speidi and being Rylan's side kick! And Rylan was the one of the most deserving people to be on All-Stars.
world doesn't revolve around Rylan & cronies.


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Alex Hopkins
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Originally Posted by reece(: View Post
world doesn't revolve around Rylan & cronies.
I agree, he was my least favourite housemate of CBB11 but he did feature a lot on the highlights show and was the biggest hero of the series.
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thankyou sir alex
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Returning players would be brilliant. Maybe 6 of the best.
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Imagine Makosi returning

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And I Oop
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Originally Posted by Germyle View Post
Imagine Makosi returning

Can we just put Charley, Alexandra, Makosi and Heaven in the same house together
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Originally Posted by Thesimsbbtv View Post
Rylan is hosting BBBOTS so if this did happen rylan would not me able to do it
Just like he couldn't do Celeb BB due to the X Factor tour. I'm sure he'd just sneak out for a couple of hours to host BBBOTS.

(That would actually be quite an interesting twist - break so many rules but bringing a HM out to guest on BOTS before sending them back in could shake things up nicely!)

I really do think though people are treading down the wrong path with the Secret Story idea - and to be honest I don't trust the producers nowadays to handle that kind of format. I do think the "secret" will be much simpler than that, and these prmos clearly take more inspiration from the BB04 Australia promos where the secret was a million dollar jackpot.

The two doors thing leads me to believe a secret house, though that would be rather underwhelming.
2009: Just a TV show.
2011: Not even a BB show.
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Why are people getting the impression of a second house because of the two doors, In that promo they are just revealing more of the eye those door's are just part of the eye!
"Big Brother House, This is EMMA you are live on TIBB Please Do Not Swear"

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