BB14 Channel 5's Big Brother: Secrets and Lies (aka Big Brother 14) started June 13th 2013 and was won by Sam Evans.

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Default Jack & Joe tonight

Does anyone else think they look like the before and after of a makeover show? Why is Jack so pale you'd have thought they'd at least try to match their skintones?!
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I wondered why Joe was so orange in comparison to Jack.

They literally do look like a before and after.
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Yes keep the Gays happy.

Please Note : There is nothing wrong at all with being gay.
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it's because jack's a **** and joe's an angel <3

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You're giving me a million reasons about a million reasons

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They what to be be see of who who
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BB14: Dexter
BB13: Deana

they would look better being roasted over a spit at a orc army camp
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jack, joe, tonight

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