Celebrity Big Brother 2014 [CBB 14] Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (CBB14) was shown in August and September 2014, and was won by Gary Busey. Discuss the series and housemates here.

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edele a new ashleigh?


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CBB14: Gary

I like her so far - I can't see her winning, though.
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Originally Posted by LukeB View Post
edele a new ashleigh?
I don't know if we'll get another Pimples outbreak again.
Vote for Jake @ The #Be kind, #Be Happy Party.

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Originally Posted by Raph View Post
Agreed, I really like her. She comes across very sweet and sincere
I agree. I really dislike her in the 'c'est la vie' song.. but that has more to do with the song.
As a person she is absolutely beautifull.
Sincere, compassionate, wise, socially intelligent, ..

She won in my book
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Originally Posted by rusticgal View Post
I like her so far...I like how she deals with people. She was good the way she dealt with Frenchy and the food...she isn't scared to tackle people and she talks to people in a way that isn't condescending but just genuine.
..yeah I love how she speaks to people as well..she addresses things but not in a confrontational way which is so refreshing...she seems like a really lovely person, she has her own 'issues' atm and obviously needs someone who would listen to her as well as she's really struggling with that but doesn't 'make it about herself' and always takes time for others..a lovely lady I think...

Paris is always a good idea...
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CBB14: Audley
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It was good to see her show a bit of soul in the diary room last night, even though she was clearly struggling with her recent break up bless her.

Up to then she seemed pretty hard. See how it pans out for her i guess.
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The more I see the more I like. Appears very genuine.
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I don't mind her. I think "shine" is too strong a word to describe what she's doing in there though.
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Originally Posted by LukeB View Post
edele a new ashleigh?
edele is edele

ashleigh is ashleigh

no swapping
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I love Edele so far, she's one of the only level headed people in there and she has a heart.. plus she has a lush accent.

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