The X Factor 2015 [S12] Series 12 of ITV's music reality show, The X Factor with judges Simon, Rita Ora, Cheryl and Nick Grimshaw ran from August to December 2015 and was won by Louisa Johnson.

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Life imitates art
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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: Bimini Bon Boulash
Strictly 2020: Maisie Smith
BBUSA22: Janelle
BBCanada 8: Madeline

Default Your Top 5 Contestants on Every Season

of the seasons you watched of course

Season 3: Leona Lewis,Nikitta Angus,Kerry McGregor,Dionne Mitchell and The MacDonald Brothers
Season 4: Same Difference,Alisha Bennett,Hope,Beverley Trotman and Rhydian Roberts
Season 5: Diana Vickers,Alexandra Burke,Laura White,Rachel Hylton and Ruth Lorenzo
Season 6: Stacey Solomon,Rachel Adedeji,Lucie Jones,Olly Murs and Lloyd Daniels
Season 7: Cher Lloyd,Rebecca Ferguson,Katie Waissel, Aiden Grimshaw and Matt Cardle
Season 8: Janet Devlin, Misha B, Amelia Lily, Little Mix and Sophie Habibis
Season 9: Ella Henderson,Jade Ellis and Carolynne Poole (wasn't keen on many tbh)
Season 10: Tamera Foster and Hannah Barrett
Season 11: Fleur East,Jack Walton, Lola Saunders and Chloe Jasmine
Season 12: 4th Impact,Louisa Johnson,Max Stone,Mason Noise and Reggie N Bollie
Season 13: Saara Aalto,Relley C,Gifty and 4OD


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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne
BB16: Joel

I don't have a top 5 for every season, but I do for some of the ones I've seen. These are in order from favourite - least favourite.


Kitty Brucknell, Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins, Frankie Cocozza


Ella Henderson, Rylan (only seen parts of this season)


Tamera Foster, Sam Calahan, Nicholas McDonald, Sam Bailey (only seen clips of this season)


Andrea Faustini, Raign, Fleur East, Jack Walton, Stephanie Nala
"PLEASE, how do i become a gay icon???" (:

Favourite housemates
if a series is excluded, then I haven't watched it or don't currently have a favourite.

Favourite housemates (BBUK)
BB19: Lewis F
BB18: Chanelle
BB17: Jayne
BB16: Joel
BB15: Ashleigh
BB14: Gina
BB8: Charley
BB7: Nikki
BB6: Makosi

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Black Dagger
Lucas Leanne
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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: Bimini Bon Boulash
Strictly 2020: Clara Amfo
DOI 2020: Libby Clegg
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle


If we are just talking live shows then.

S1 - Tabby Callaghan, G4, Cassie Compton
S3 - Ben Mills, Leona Lewis, Eton Road
S4 - Rhydian Roberts, Hope (idc for the rest)
S5 - Ruth Lorenzo, Alexandra Burke, Austin Drage
S6 - Jamie Archer (all time favourite), Lucie Jones, Jedward, Danyl Johnson, Miss Frank
S7 - Wagner, Nicolo Festa, Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Rebecca Ferguson
S8 - Sophie Habibis, Janet Devlin, Marcus Collins, James Michael, Kitty Brucknell
S9 - Rylan Clark, Melanie Masson, MK1
S10 - Luke Friend, Kingsland Road
S11 - Andrea Faustini, Fleur East, Only The Young, Chloe Jasmine, Jack Walton

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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: Tayce
Strictly 2020: Bill Bailey
IAC2019: Ian Wright
RPDR UK 1: Sum Ting Wong


1: Voices with Soul, Rowetta. That was it.
2: Brenda, Maria, Chenai, Andy.
3: Dionne, Leona, Unconventionals, Ashley, Nikita
4: Hope, Rhydian, Beverly, Alisha, Leon
5: Ruth, Alexandra, Laura, Rachel
6: Rachel, Miss Frank, Stacey, Joe, Olly
7: Paije, Wagner, Diva Fever, Treyc, 1D
8: didn't watch
9: Rylan, Jade, James, Ella
10: Tamera, Sam, Hannah
11: Andrea, Fleur, Chloe, Stephanie, Only the Young

In order of preference

Originally Posted by Saph View Post
You're giving me a million reasons about a million reasons

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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: Bimini Bon Boulash
BBUSA22: Janelle
Survivor 40: Parvati
IAC2019: Jacqueline Jossa


S1: Rowetta, Voices with Soul, Cassie Compton
S2: Maria Lawson, Chenai Zinyuku, Addictiv Ladies, Brenda Edwards
S3: Leona Lewis, Nikitta Angus, Dionne Mitchell, Kerry McGregor
S4: Alisha Bennett, Beverley Trotman, Hope, Emily Nakanda, Same Difference
S5: Laura White, Alexandra Burke, Diana Vickers, Ruth Lorenzo, Rachel Hylton
S6: Rachel Adedeji, Lucie Jones, Lloyd Daniels, Miss Frank, Stacey Solomon
S7: Paije Richardson, Rebecca Ferguson, Belle Amie, Treyc Cohen, Katie Waissel
S8: Amelia Lily, Misha B, Little Mix, Kitty Brucknell, Sophie Habibis
S9: Jade Ellis, Melanie Masson, Ella Henderson
S10: Tamera, Hannah Barrett, Lorna Simpson
S11: Jack Walton, Only the Young, Chloe Jasmine, Fleur East


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Favourites (more):
BB19: Lewis F
CBB21: Shane Jenek
CBB20: Sarah Harding
BB18: Deborah


In order

1: Tabby, Rowetta, G4, Cassie, Steve
2: Maria, Chico, Andy, Brenda, Conway Sisters
3: Ben, Leona, Eton Road, Dionne, Macdonald Brothers
4: Rhydian, Niki, Hope, Beverley, Kimberly
5: Ruth <3, Alexandra, Dianna, Laura, Rachel
6: Lucie, Stacey, Danyl. Miss Frank, Lloyd
7: Rebecca, Kitty, Nicolo, Katie, Paige
8: Little Mix, Sophie, Ameila, Misha B, Craig
9. Ella, Jade, Lucy, Melanie, Carolynne
10: Sam Bailey, Lorna, Hannah, Shelly, Rough Copy
11: Andrea, OTY, Fleur, Ben, Overload Generation
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Mystic Mock
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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 9: Rohan
Strictly 2020: Bill Bailey
X Factor Celebrity: Jenny Ryan
Strictly 2019: Will Bayley


I'll do from season 5 onwards as that's when the acts was more polished.

Series 5 - Ruth, Austin, Rachel, Alexandra (despite them mainstreaming her) and Laura for the first week.

Series 6 - Jedward, Jamie, Danyl, Joe, and Lucie.

Series 7 - Aiden, Paije, John, Wagner, and Cher maybe.

Series 8 - Amelia, Sophie, Misha B, Kitty, and The Risk.

Series 9 - Kye, Melanie, MK1, Christopher, and Jade.

Series 10 - Luke, Hannah, Abi, Sam, and Miss Dynamix

Series 11 - Lauren, Only The Young, Andrea, Jack, and Paul.

RIP Queen Elizabeth.
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Strictly Jake
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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2020: Bill Bailey
Love Island 6: Siannise
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle
X Factor Celebrity: V5


X factor 2:

1. Brenda Edwards
2. Maria Lawson
3. Journey South
4. Shayne Ward
5. Chico

X factor 3

1. Leona Lewis
2. Nikitta Angus
3. The McDonald Brothers
4. Ben Mills
5. Kerry Mgregor

X factor 4

1. Hope
2. Same Difference
3. Alisha Bennett
4. Niki Evans
5. Rhydian Roberts

X factor 5

1. Diana Vickers
2. Laura White
3. Alexandra Burke
4. Ruth Lorenzo
5. JLS

X factor 6

1. Olly Murs
2. Stacey Solomon
3. Lucie Jones
4. Rachel adedeji
5. Danyl Johnson

X factor 7

1. Cher Lloyd
2. Matt Cardle
3. Rebecca Ferguson
4. One Direction
5. Aiden Grimshaw

X factor 8

1. Little mix
2. Janet Devlin
3. Misha B
4. Amelia Lily
5. Kitty Brucknell

X factor 9

1. Ella Henderson
2. James Arthur
3. Union J
4. Lucy Spraggan
5. Rylan Clark

X factor 10

1. Luke friend
2. Sam Bailey
3. Hannah Barrett
4. Tamera Foster
5. Rough Copy

X factor 11

1. Fleur East
2. Ben Haenow
3. Only the young
4. Lauren Platt
5. Andrea Faustini

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Favourites (more):
BBUSA22: Janelle
BBCanada 8: Minh-Ly
Survivor 40: Sophie
IAC2019: Caitlyn Jenner

2 to Go
Voices With Soul

The Conway Sisters

The Unconventionals

Same Difference



Diva Fever
Belle Amie

Little Mix

Union J

Sam C
Sam B
Kingsland Road

Only The Young
Blonde Electra
CBB FAVES: Amanda/Andrew/Ann/Malika/Shane J

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Series 5
1. Diana Vickers
2. Laura White
3. Eoghan Quigg
4. Alexandra Burke
5. Rachel Hylton

Series 6
1. Stacey Solomon
2. Lucie Jones
3. Miss Frank
4. Rachel Adedeji
5. Lloyd Daniels

Series 7
1. Cher Lloyd
2. Aiden Grimshaw
3. Treyc Cohen
4. Katie Waissel
5. Mary Byrne

Series 8
1. Little Mix
2. Amelia Lily
3. Janet Devlin
4. Sophie Habibas
5. Marcus Collins
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Texas Forever
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BB18: Raph
BB17: Andy
CBB15: Perez Hilton
BB12: Aaron


Series 5
1: JLS
2: Diana Vickers
3: Ruth Lorenzo
4: Alexandra Burke

Series 6
1: Jamie Archer
2: Olly Murs
3: Danyl Johnson

Series 7
1: One Direction
2: Wagner
3: Paije Richardson
4: Matt Cardle

Series 8
1: Little Mix
2: Amelia Lily
3: Johnny Robinson
4: Janet Devlin

Can't remember liking anyone from the previous 2 or 3 series.

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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: Bimini Bon Boulash
Strictly 2020: Maisie Smith
BBUSA22: Janelle
BBCanada 8: Madeline


bump if people want to edit after 2 seasons


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Simba Wiv Ya Friggin ‘Air
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Favourites (more):
RPDR UK 2: A'Whora
Strictly 2020: Maisie Smith
Love Island 6: Jess
RPDR UK 1: Cheryl Hole


I'll do a top three instead I can't think of five for most.

2008: Alexandra Burke > Laura White > Ruth Lorenzo
2009: Miss Frank > Olly Murs > Stacey Solomon
2010: Belle Amie > Katie Waissel > Rebecca Ferguson
2011: Little Mix > Kitty Brucknell > Misha B
2012: Ella Henderson > lol no
2013: Tamera Foster > Hannah Barrett > Miss Dynamix
2014: Fleur East > Lola Saunders > Jack Walton
2015: Lauren Murray > Mason Noise > Monica Michael
2016: Gifty Louise > Saara Aalto > Relley C

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XF5: Ruth Lorenzo > Diana Vickers > Rachel Hylton > Alexandra Burke > Laura White
XF6: Rachel Adedeji > Miss Frank > Stacey Solomon > Lucie Jones > Joe McElderry
XF7: Rebecca Ferguson > Paije Richardson > Wagner > Katie Waissel > Treyc Cohen
XF8: Janet Devlin > Kitty Brucknell > Johnny Robinson > Craig Colton > Sami Brookes
XF9: Jade Ellis > Melanie Masson > Jahméne Douglas > Ella Henderson > MK1
XF10: Luke Friend > Sam Bailey > Shelley Smith > Abi Alton > Hannah Barrett
XF11: Paul Akister > Fleur East > Andrea Faustini > Chloe Jasmine > Lola Saunders
XF12: Louisa Johnson > Monica Michael > Seann Miley Moore > Max Stone > Kiera Weathers
XF13: Saara Aalto > Relley C > Gifty Louise > Four of Diamonds > 5 After Midnight

(live show contestants only)
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Amy Jade
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Favourites (more):
BB18: Isabelle
CBB19: Kim Woodburn
IAC2016: Sam Quek
X Factor 2016: Saara Aalto


Series 1
1. Rowetta
2. Cassie

Series 2
1. Chenai
2. Maria
3. Brenda
4. Shayne

Series 3
1. Leona
2. Dionne
3. Kerry

Series 4
1. Hope
2. Same Difference
3. Niki

Series 5
1. Ruth
2. Alexendra
3. Girlband

Series 6
1. Stacey
2. Kandy Rain
3. Lucie
4. Rachel

Series 7
1. TreyC
2. Rebecca
3. Cher
4. Belle Amie
5. One Direction

Series 8
1. Little Mix
2. Amelia Lily
3. Sophie
4. Kitty

Series 9
1. Ella
2. Carolynne

Series 10
1. Tamera
2. Sam
3. Shelley

Series 11
1. Blonde Electra
2. Fleur
3. Lauren
4. Chloe Jasmine

Series 12
1. Lauren
2. Alien
3. Mason

Series 13
1. Saara
2. 4oD
3. Relley C
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The peoples princesses
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Favourites (more):
Strictly 2020: HRVY
BBUSA22: Janelle
DOI 2020: Trisha Goddard
IAC2019: Caitlyn Jenner


I haven't watched since 2013, but have paid attention to certain acts from videos on YouTube, can't really do a top 5 for the last 3 series though

S1 - Steve, 2 to go, G4, Cassie Compton, Rowetta
S2 - Shayne Ward, Conway Sisters, Chico, Maria Lawson, Brenda Edwards,
S3 - Leona Lewis, Ray Quinn, Kerry, 4sure, Dionne Mitchell
S4 - Leon Jackson, Same Difference, Beverley Trotman, Alisha Bennett, Niki Evans
S5 - Diana Vickers, Ruth Lorenzo, Rachel Hylton, JLS, Alexandra Burke
S6 - Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon, Olly Murs, Lucie Jones, Lloyd Daniels
S7 - One Direction, Wagner, Katie Waissel, Aiden Grimshaw, Rebecca Ferguson
S8 - Amelia Lily, Two Shoes, Johnny Robinson, Sami Brookes, Misha B
S9 - Union J, Ella Henderson, District 3, Lucy Spraggan, Rylan
S10 - Sam Callahan, Sam Bailey, Kingsland Road, Shelley Smith, Nicholas McDonald(?)
S11 - Only The Young, Chloe Jasmine, Stevi Ritchie, Jack Walton
S12 - Literally nobody, although Louisa has released some good stuff since
S13 - Freddy Parker, Honey G
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Victim Noises
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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 6: Kaela
CBB20: Chad Johnson
Apprentice 2017: Elizabeth
BB18: Isabelle


I only started properly watching since Series 5 so since then:
Series 5 - Alexandra Burke, Ruth Lorenzo, Laura White, JLS, Diana Vickers (Austin + Rachel too <3)
Series 6 - Stacey Solomon, Rachel Adedeji, Olly Murs, Miss Frank, Jamie Archer
Series 7 - Rebecca Ferguson, Aiden Grimshaw, Treyc Cohen, Cher Lloyd, Paije Richardson
Series 8 - Little Mix, Amelia Lily, Misha B, Sophie Habibis, Kitty Brucknell
Series 9 - :/
Series 10 - Hannah Barrett, Tamera Foster
Series 11 - Fleur East, Andrea Faustini, Only The Young
Series 12 - Louisa Johnson, 4th Impact


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