Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2015 [CBB 16] Celebrity Big Brother 2015 (CBB16) aka 'CBB: UK vs USA' started on Channel 5 on August 27th 2015. Discuss the series here.

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BB19: Tomasz
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Default has her tile been covered with an american flag?

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BBCanada 7: Estefania
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Yeah it's been like that since she was removed I think
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Can I get a witness?
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Completely erased.
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Good riddance

"I named them for my brothers, Viserys and Rhaegar"

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CBB21: Ann Widdecombe
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They want us to forget about the whole mess.
"And remember: they canít undo the decision we take.

"If we vote out, thatís it.

"It is irreversible.

"We will leave Europe Ė for good.
David Cameron 2016
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Survivor 40: Parvati
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Let Tila live


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Should have put a swastika over her. Dumb bitch.
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just glad she went home
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CBB14: Audley
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BB13: Deana

Letting someone enter the BB house, and then after 2 days REMOVING them due to an offensive and unpleasant (but not illegal) post they wrote, deleted and apologised for, explaining their mental health issues, which all happened two years ago.

What an appalling mess from BB to then let that happen in that way.


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