BB18 Big Brother 18 UK was shown on Channel 5 in June and July 2017, and was won by Isabelle with Raph second. Discuss the series here.

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And I Oop
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Default Sukhvinder more popular than Imran

I'm actually shocked I thought he'd be more liked than her
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imran is trash so it makes sense.
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Imran is boring and Sukh is quite entertaining so I'm not surprised.
I'm glad he stayed though.
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She probably came 2nd in the vote after Arthur
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She is bringing the drama and the entertainment so I'm not that surprised but I didn't think he'd get bottom two
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BB18: Raph
BB14: Dexter
BB12: Aaron

People voting for whoever is providing the entertainment

BB 19 favourites: Cameron, Zoe, Cian
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Kind of nice to see really. You have to be fair and say she's been one of main HMs in the first few days which is obviously being recognised.
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Hakuna Matata
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She did that!
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Suki slayed it.


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Mystic Mock
Blues 28th best team.
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I'm surprised aswell.

And I'm even more surprised that Rebecca beat him.
Japhet Tanganga the living legend.
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Meow Meow
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If it's always votes to save I think Imran is in trouble because he's more in the background and not the type to spark enough interest in wanting to save him that badly. Vote to evict is another story.. I don't know how many people would actually dislike him enough to vote to evict him over others. Sukh is the opposite because she's bound to have plenty of fans & haters with her personality so a vote to save situation suits her best.
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Musica (Resto Scompare)
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Imran please vote to nominate Shookvinder

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Strictly2021 faves: Rose&Gio/Adam&Katya/John&Johannes
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Cherie Bomb 2020
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Strictly 2020: Bill Bailey
BB19: Sian
CBB22: Hardeep Singh Kohli


Originally Posted by Mystic Mock View Post
I'm surprised aswell.

And I'm even more surprised that Rebecca beat him.
Rebecca has great potential as a HM she is giving me Charlie vibes I think she is obsessed with Kieran
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chuff me dizzy
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Im shocked too
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he is under the thumb but she is a sulk er and I am not sure she has the strength for this as so many break downs so early on.
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If you wish to listen to the ORACLE you will note that I said she was a walker from the get go and im still confident. They are both game players and this bore out well last night after they were both sweetness and light on the live feed after their shock bottom 2 vote and Imran turned nasty in the DR after saying Arthur need not come near him in the future intimating he would flip. These actions and threats coupled with their alien VT just doesn't add up to the couple they are portraying in the house. Game plan screwed on day 5 isnt healthy. A pair of money orientated scammers looking for fame. She never misses a beat or opportunity to tell everyone she has a global business. I think she runs a franchised defence classes for abused women but i might be wrong.
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Who is Imran?

"I named them for my brothers, Viserys and Rhaegar"

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Imran is just a cuck playing the nice guy. He knows that Sucky is the worst and uses that cynically because he feeds off people thinking that he is the nice one. He uses her as his attack dog, and then gets the ego feed from being the 'liked one' in the relationship.

It's all very contrived and passive aggressive.
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