Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 [CBB 22] Posts about the CBB22 series, won by Ryan Thomas, and housemates here.


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Love Island 6: Sophie
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Default Top 10 underated CBB housemates

Who are your personal top 10 underated CBB housemates?

Mine would be:
10. Chad Johnson
9. Ken Russell
8. Angie Bowie
7. Chloe Ferry
6. Rodrigo Alves
5. Jack Dee
4. Brigitte Nielsen
3. Austin Armacost
2. Karthik Nagesan
1. Janice Dickinson

None except maybe Angie get enough attention as they should
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Survivor 40: Parvati
IAC2019: Jacqueline Jossa
Apprentice 2019: Marianne
Survivor 39: Noura


Jessica Cunningham
Heidi Fleiss
Tara Reid
Paula Hamilton
Jenna Jameson
Brigitte Nielsen
Nancy Dell'Olio
Rodrigo Alves
Carole Malone


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IAC2019: Ian Wright
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BB19: Kay


1) Leo Sayer - a melodramatic DREAM that is constantly overlooked on here
2) Christopher Maloney - honestly iconic, idk how he isn't held up in the same fondness as Gemma/Tiffany/Angie on here. Just perfect face journeys all the time.
3) Stephen Baldwin - honestly one of the most unique and interesting personalities the show's ever cast and just really weird and fascinating to watch
4) Wayne Sleep - comedy gold and really should've been a contender to win smh. Finishing below Jess and Shane from Boyzone is honestly an insult.
5) Kellie Maloney - seen as a joke on here but was a pretty enigmatic housemate despite often being an arsehole. Pretty great HM really.
6) Heidi Fleiss - could've made CBB7 something good
7) Keith Chegwin - should've been top 2 in CBB15, absolute sweetheart and often forgotten despite being the heart of the anti-Hopkins movement since the start
8) Audley Harrison - really wanted him to win over Gary tbh, his handling of James Jordan's trolling was great
9) George Galloway - another CBB mess-legend that is just sort-of written off as a "one moment wonder" (the cat, obviously), I thought he was a great housemate.
10) Darryn Lyons - a mess but a pretty good one and I ran out of ideas for this list ok
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Originally Posted by T* View Post
Christopher Maloney is the new judge of the voice 2019! my cat is the producer
Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Him to throw up every time he spins round?
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1. Keith Chegwin - The BEST of his series, pretty much righteous about all the ugly **** that went on in CBB15, charming and funny throughout, and this pretty much speaks for itself

2. Hardeep Singh Kohli - I know he survived all those evictions but nearly every time it was against actual disliked people and as for this forum, he gets criminally underrated and easily my favourite of this series. Losing to that con artist after he made a fool out of her was a tragic eviction</3

3. George Galloway - One of the most unintentionally hilarious housemates, he was like Derek BB6 before his time. I'm just now remembering when he said to Jodie Marsh 'you've inveigled Chantelle with your wicked ways!'

4. John Partridge - I know I'm one of his only fans on this forum and even now it's hard to explain why I liked him so much. I guess generally he was a genuinely complex and complicated individual with just enough issues to be interesting while still having insanely people pleasing social skills to feel like a real personality

5. Andrew Stone - Lmao he was pretty much Shahbaz if he had got therapy and was still in the closet.

6. Denise Welch/Gary Busey - Even though they won, they get much more overlooked nowadays than they deserve, and were the heart of their series in similar over the top, unhinged ways

7. Farrah Abraham - While she got too mean-spirited sometimes, she's still objectively one of the most fascinating and thought-provoking housemates ever. She's not malicious out of actual intent. She's malicious cause she always thinks she's being attacked

8. Wayne Sleep - He may not have been a dominant personality, but Wayne always had this bubbly, quirky energy to him and was authentically funny, unlike pretty much everyone else in his series

9. Sally Bercow - SCREW Bobby Sabel for surviving that close eviction over her and SCREW the British public for saving a slimeball who fed someone sweat over a potentially fantastic housemate like Sally</3

10. Christopher Maloney - 'I nominate... BLARGH!' *spews vomit in store room*

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Love Island 5: Amber
IAC2018: Fleur East
BB18: Isabelle
CBB17: Gemma Collins

10. karthik nagesan: would've been amazing if he survived asdf loved him so much he was such an oddball and tbh was kinda treated like ****

9. ken morley: messy but hilarious 'goodbye irrelevant, american.... NEUROTIC'

8. jemma lucy: she was low-key a howl her singing danan to the jaws theme

7. wayne sleep: i honestly forgot about him until i read this thread. him and amanda were lovely and the only good thing about that series. he also was naturally hilarious

6. rodrigo alves: he is now completely forgotten about but was an icon in his 7 days him and wendy the washing machine one of the many iconic moments of that series

5. christopher maloney: he made me giggle so much. him and gemmas random friendship where he was basically her slave and him vomiting over nominations

4. aubrey o day: i know she's like one of the favourites of that series but like me a lot of people just really don't care or try to block this series out of their head. she was an icon ending bear <3

3. keith chegwin: loved him so much and was the only one in the final that i had an overall good opinion of. RIP

2. jessica Cunningham: ****ing insulting and tragic she got less votes than ****ing bianca after being a gr8 person and being part of the most random row of the series over who of her and stacey has been through more

1. liz jones: best housemate of her series and a top 10 cbb housemate of all time. put her name in the history books already

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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 8: Jamar
Survivor 40: Tony
Survivor 39: Dean
BBUSA21: Kathryn

- Karthik
- Trisha
- Heavy D
- Nancy CBB17 (feel like I even have to specify the season on this one )

I'll probably make a more proper list at another time




Who flipped?!
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Favourites (more):
BBCanada 8: Jamar
Survivor 40: Tony
Survivor 39: Dean
BBUSA21: Kathryn

Gabby & Ben from this past season

Christopher Maloney & DAVID




Who flipped?!
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