Big Brother 7 Discuss what winner Pete Bennett, Glyn, Aisleyne, Nikki and the other BB7 housemates are doing now, and all that happened in Big Brother 7.

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Removed/edited some posts in here. Can we please stick to discussing housemates rather than insulting each other and baiting
Originally Posted by MissKittyFantastico View Post

I wasn't aware you could vote with your vagina. I'm so behind the times, I still use my phone
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It's Big Brother, not Brexit. Adjust your seriousness accordingly.
In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the Remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.
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Originally Posted by Alf View Post
Have you missed me?
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Originally Posted by Vicky. View Post
Removed/edited some posts in here. Can we please stick to discussing housemates rather than insulting each other and baiting
You didn't need to, Daniel and I sorted out our differences between us ourselves and deleted our own posts. We apologised to each other and moved on.
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Lea, Richard and Sezer were all awful and that week’s eviction was perfect, with the right person going, no question about it. Worst housemate ever bar Dennis, there’s a reason why he was evicted with 91% in a 3-way vote


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If Grace had stayed then i think Aisleyne would definitely have been evicted either in Week 4 or 5 because by Week 3 Grace was gunning for Aisleyne in nominations and the plastics would’ve most likely followed. I think Richard probably would’ve been nominated in week 4 too. Grace would’ve probably lasted to around Week 7, 8 as the HND HMs had public knowledge and would’ve nominated her. And if the all up eviction for week 8 still stood then Grace would’ve been out.

If Grace stayed then Aisleyne would’ve been out quicker than “Noirin dropping siavash like a bag of cold sick”.
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Susie wouldn't have been able to nominate as she was a new.

⦁ Grace, Lisa, Imogen, Mickey, Glyn & Nikki would all nominate Richard & Aisleyne.

⦁ Richard would've nominated Imogen (As always) and Lisa (remember him calling Lisa an acidic little troll).

⦁ Aisleyne and Pete would have nominated Grace and Lisa.

⦁ I'm think Lea would have nominated Richard as she was stating to the others how Richard was playing the game after they all had that fancy dinner in the bedroom hosted by Susie in the garden. My second guess would MAYBE be Grace or Imogen as she claimed to have heard the pair of them bitching about her in the bathroom on episode 25. I think she might have gone with Grace as to please the public but not sure.

So from that Total Nominations
Richard = 7
Aisleyne = 6
Lisa = 3
Grace = 3 (Assuming she would have been Lea's second nomination)
]Imogen = 1

So therefore Aisleyne and Richard would have faced the public vote. I'm not sure who would have survived though. Could see it being a 50/50 public vote like Richard and Lea's was.

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