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bb7-mikey-susie-eviction_044412.jpg3 comments
bb7-mikey-susie-eviction_04452_.jpg2 comments
wicked film.jpg
wicked film.jpgGood Evening!Premiere & Movie Time
usher.jpgGood Evening!
what's that.jpg
what's that.jpgWho you looking atPremiere & Movie Time
pete watches bb movie.jpg
pete watches bb movie.jpgPete sees himself on screenPremiere & Movie Time
Michael -takes me back.jpg
Michael -takes me back.jpgTop, Middle or Bottom???Premiere & Movie Time
curtain up real.jpg
curtain up real.jpgInvited few!Premiere & Movie Time
ater film snack.jpg
ater film snack.jpgTraciPremiere & Movie Time
look at you.jpg
look at you.jpgLook at him!!!Premiere & Movie Time
welcome to premiere.jpg
welcome to premiere.jpgPopcorn to your right!Premiere & Movie Time
oh god that wig.jpg
oh god that wig.jpgOh my god that wig!!Premiere & Movie Time
good evening!.jpg
good evening!.jpgWhere's my seat mate?Premiere & Movie Time
chantelle loves the movie.jpg
chantelle loves the movie.jpglove it!Premiere & Movie Time
comedy film.jpg
comedy film.jpgPopcorn?Premiere & Movie Time
adjustment.jpgPopcorn?Premiere & Movie Time
premiere gown.jpg
premiere gown.jpgPink for ChantellePremiere Time
I'll dress you -prem.jpg
I'll dress you -prem.jpgMichael dresses MaggotHe can't do it you see!
Premiere Time
traci-prem.jpgTraci in GownPremiere Time
strike a premiere pose pete.jpg
strike a premiere pose pete.jpgStrike the PosePremiere Time
preston wig.jpg
preston wig.jpgRula , ?? Preston!!!Lights, Camera, Action
diary2.jpgThe CastLights, Camera, Action
diary.jpgDiary Room QueueLights, Camera, Action
Pete as Jodie.jpg
Pete as Jodie.jpgPete / Jodie 2Lights, Camera, Action!
bbmovie-mMichael-maggot.jpgMichael is Maggot (Not a High opinion)Lights, Camera, Action!
bbmovie-traci.jpgTracie is PeteLights, Camera, Action!
bbmovie-rula.jpgPreston as Rula!!Lights, Camera, Action!
bbmovie-maggot directs.jpg
bbmovie-maggot directs.jpgMaggot the DirectorLights, Camera, Action!
Pete-jodie.jpgPete plays JodieLights, Camera, Action!
movie -slate.jpg
movie -slate.jpgOff & runningLights, Camera, Action!
funny ain't it.jpg
funny ain't it.jpgWe lied for you'sDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
director-p2.jpgBustedDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
dirtor-c1.jpgIt's all going wrongDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Dont care!.jpg
Dont care!.jpgResults Preston looks at ChantelleDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
T not happy.jpg
T not happy.jpgTask Results
get ready.jpg
get ready.jpgBuilding siteDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
workers-bank.jpgChecking ProgressDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
director-p1.jpgPreston reflectsDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Ch SUITE1.jpg
Ch SUITE1.jpgWhat A LaughDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
builders2.jpgPete works it outDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
BUILDER BANKERS.jpgAll the Banker BuildersDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Den the Builder.jpg
Den the Builder.jpgDennis at workDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
builder barry.jpg
builder barry.jpgBarry the Builder - Can He Fix It?Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
bankers task.jpg
bankers task.jpgTask Read by PrestonDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
chnt dir.jpg
chnt dir.jpgChantelle listens to Preston's planDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
suite4-oo7.jpgPreston back after task 1Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task1 comments
plasma day 1_.jpg
plasma day 1_.jpgExposed - Plasma reveals SuiteDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
I Know your lies.jpg
I Know your lies.jpgI know you're lying!Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
unhappy banker.jpg
unhappy banker.jpgTraci is not a happy counterDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Galloway bank.jpg
Galloway bank.jpgMP works for penniesDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
counters~0.jpgBankers countDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
count pete.jpg
count pete.jpgConcentrate Pete!Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Banker Barrymore.jpg
Banker Barrymore.jpgCount those penniesDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
real rules.jpg
real rules.jpgThe "Real" while watching Directors in suite on plasma
Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
shock.jpgWhat is that! (plasma)Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
2 bankers~0.jpg
2 bankers~0.jpg2 more Bankers
banker den.jpg
banker den.jpgTime out before rulesDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
pete the banker.jpg
pete the banker.jpgPete ReadyDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
break.jpgDennis chillsDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
2 bankers.jpg
2 bankers.jpgTwo BankersDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
bankerpete.jpgPete gets dressedDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
board meet.jpg
board meet.jpgBefore Board MeetingDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
bankes task.jpg
bankes task.jpgB.B. Bank task rulesDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
to directors suite.jpg
to directors suite.jpgOut door back to houseDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
suite2.jpgPreston "lords it"Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
suite_.jpgQuick Cigar & Pink Champagne
Image50.jpgReadyDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Director Chantelle~0.jpg
Director Chantelle~0.jpgI ain't wearing this!Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
pres tea.jpg
pres tea.jpgAfternoon Tea - PrestonDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Image_0~0.jpgTie - How??
oh my god~0.jpg
oh my god~0.jpgOh My GodDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
high tea.jpg
high tea.jpgAfternoon TeaDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Image8_~0.jpgLooking Good!Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Image88~0.jpgPreston Suited upDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Director Chantelle.jpg
Director Chantelle.jpgChantelle Dressed upDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
direct room.jpg
direct room.jpgInsiden Dirctors SuiteDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
prestonphone.jpgInstructions by phoneDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Image_0.jpgA Tie ?????Days 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
Image_1~0.jpgIn the suite Chant & Preston Change to suitsDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
secret door-bank.jpg
secret door-bank.jpgSecret Door to Directors SuiteDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task
wicked.jpgChantelle & Preston are DirectorsDays 18-19 B.B. Bank Task2 comments
Image115.jpg"What do we look like?!Day 17 -Dance Charades Task
tight fit.jpg
tight fit.jpgTight fit !!!!Day 17 -Dance Charades Task
peterblu.jpgBring it onDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
mpimage.jpgI'm an MP -My Image!!Day 17 -Dance Charades Task
70-s disco.jpg
70-s disco.jpgStrut that stuffDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
yes we did it.jpg
yes we did it.jpgSuccess for Irish Rage!
somebody had to.jpg
somebody had to.jpgWhat??? We're readyDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
pete-mike.jpgMike asks Pete for adviceDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
Prest-magg.jpgMaggot & Preston practice 70's discoDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
memory loss.jpg
memory loss.jpgPreston does Memory lossDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
maggpreston.jpgMaggot points it outDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
m-cready.jpg"Brother-dance"Day 17 -Dance Charades Task
M- CH.jpg
M- CH.jpgChantelle & Michael perform
george-pete.jpgGeorge gets RoboticDay 17 -Dance Charades Task
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