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Daily Update - Day 12 - Sunday 24th May 2015 Highlights Show

24 May, 2015 - 2:05 PM by Josy
Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 12.

Shown Tonight, Sunday 24th May at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

· Aaron comes into the bedroom and tells the house there is a full banquet laid on the table but this time it is laid out for four people. Big Brother then calls all of the Housemates to the sofa and informs Jade she is allowed to invite one more Housemate to be allowed the luxury rations. The group discusses this and Jade chooses Joel.

· Big Brother informs the Housemates it is against the rules to discuss nominations and that last night these rules were broken. Big Brother then goes on to tell the group what Jade and Nick spoke about in terms of the Twins and Cristian not suiting the experience. Jade begins laughing. Big Brother then tells two Housemates to collect up all the beauty products in the house. The Housemates start reacting.

· Chloe says “Can I just say there is no one who doesn’t deserve to be here, we all got here the same way, Jade replies “It was just my opinion” Harriet snaps, “b****cks, ****** your opinion”.

· The Twins are angry in the bedroom “She is a two faced little b***h, of course I care what the public think, I am a human being” Joel comments “ she thinks because Nick is nominating publically first, people will follow him and vote the same” Eileen agrees “she has been working him since day one”

· Nick is in the kitchen and apologises to Danny “Mate I am sorry, I had a few drinks and I let myself down” Danny replies “mate it is what it is”

· Harriet talks to Jade in the garden, Jade said “at the end of the day it is just an opinion I had” Harriet admits she is more upset they could have eaten the food yesterday. Aaron tells Jade to go and get her beauty products “I don’t think they mean me as well” Harriet snaps “go and get your stuff it is you and all, its *******ing all of us!”

· Amy is in the bedroom and yells at Jade that the feeling is mutual and not to talk to her again, “at least I am not in here making a fake ********ing relationship up so I can stay longer” Jade responds by laughing.

· Chloe asks Sally if she is ok she replies “yeah sweet” Chloe continues, “are you shocked at that, I have never noticed any tension” Sally replied “some people you get along with some you don’t”

· Kieran and Eileen are talking on the sofa Kieran asks her “how much sleep do you usually have?” she replies “seven hours”, Kieran is surprised “I thought they say as you get older you sleep less, the older generation I speak to have a minimum of 3 to 4 hoursJade is in the Diary Room and Big Brother asks her does it bother you what Amy and other housemates think of you and Nick “no I am very close to Nick, it isn’t a sexual thing I am very aware Nick fancies me and I am trying to not lead him on but at the same time I get comfort from Nick “. Big Brother goes on to ask how do you think the punishment will affect house. “there will be a lot of bitching but guess what bitch I don’t care! I will be labelled the bitch of the house and I will play as I will never back down with people in this house”

· Nick is talking to Cristian in garden “at the end of the day mate I am really really sorry you do know I do like you Cristian” Cristian responds “I do know that, you don’t need to worry about that as I do know that” Nick goes on “I do know I am eating out of Jades palm and I need to stop that, that’s not her fault it is my fault. I am eating out of the palm of her hand I know it is not a relationship thing as I am very rational I enjoy her company but I need to nip that in the bud now”

· Sarah and Jade are talking in bedroom Jade confesses “I hope just because me and the Twins don’t like each other I hope other people don’t decide not to like me because of it.”

· Nick is in the Diary Room feeling remorseful “if I go because of it I deserve it, everyone is being so nice about it. It isn’t my place to say someone doesn’t suit this place and we all are here and it’s a special place and I am judging someone I like and it’s vindictive and rude. I am sorry.”

· Kieran and Sarah are talking about relationships Kieran asks “you like Danny though” Sarah replies “Danny is sweet I think he is a nice guy” Kieran tells her “you have a chance to be happy.” Sarah responds “I don’t think Danny really likes me I think it has been made out. One of the things I have said is the beauty of being in here is meeting new people you wouldn’t meet and different people’s way of life. I have never come across anyone like Danny. It was so nice the way he spoke about me that day and I have never had anyone speak about me like that before.”

· Nick confides to Joel, “She is dealing with this all wrong Jade you know” Joel asks “do you think she is risking a whole lot?” Nick admits “I think we are both in trouble Joel. I hope it doesn’t affect our friendship as I like you a lot and I feel tension from you” Joel admits no its disappointment”.

· Sarah and Danny are having a private chat in the garden about Jade Sarah says “she’s being ostracized” Danny interrupts “ no she is doing it to herself”

· Eileen has a score to settle with Kieran “you are an educated man why do you think that because I am fifty I need more sleep it’s kind of insulting and it offended me.” Kieran replies “If I have offended you I am sorry it’s just my older friend’s do. It was a silly thing to insinuate did you take it personal? Eileen replied “Yeah I did.”

· The Housemates compete against each other in head to head tasks in the garden. They are competing for the chance to share Jade’s luxury privileges.


· Chloe vs Harriett – first to drink a dirty pint


Kieran vs Cristian - armwrestle


Sarah vs Eileen – first to crack two dozen eggs on head


Danny vs Jack – first to tear off 10 wax strips


Amy & Sally – answer majority of questions with the same answer

They were working together and completed their task successfully

· Harriett, Kieran, Sarah, Jack, Amy and Sally all successfully completed their tasks and are the winners. However, Jade can only pick 3 of the winners to join her in the luxury privileges.

· Jade selects Harriett, Sarah and Jack as the Housemates she would like to receive luxury privileges. Making Jade, Nick, Aaron, Joel, Harriett, Sarah and Jack as the Housemates who are now eligible for luxuries.

· Cristian and Jade are intertwined on the sofa Cristian tells her as she tries to hold his hand “you are a very touchy feely person” Jade replies , I know if I don’t have physical affection I get depressed it’s a weird one I am just very touchy feely.”

· Nick has been talking to Big Brother for 20 minutes questions. I have a close friendship with Jade and now I am questioning it. For my own safety I am just backing off a bit as I don’t want to look stupid, I don’t know what to do. I just look stupid.”

· Nick comes out of the Diary Room and see’s Jade sat alone on the sofa “Nick I waited for you” I haven’t seen you all day”. Nick looks nervous and says “I am starting to feel I don’t know how genuine you are as a person. I am very impressionable and I want to keep my distance for a little bit. I felt I was questioning you today. Jade replied “Don’t feel bad. I don’t blame you. I have been acting like a diva bitch and I will be like that when I am being attached.”

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 12.

Shown Tonight, Sunday 24th May at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

· Aaron comes into the bedroom and tells the house there is a full banquet laid on.....
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